Daybreak travel guru Scott McMurren offered some resolution recommendations for frequent flyers in 2015.


He broke them down into two categories: Give and Take.

    • GIVE thanks to flight attendants, agents, etc.


    • GIVE assistance to fellow travelers


    • GIVE tips and information to friends and relatives


    • GIVE up about half of your luggage (you won’t need it)

    • TAKE the night before to get a good night’s sleep


    • TAKE an extra day or two to get back into your normal sleep pattern


    • TAKE a moment before going through TSA (breathe)


    • TAKE a trip in your home state (Alaska)

McMurren also announced new, potential service from Anchorage to Changsha, China on Dynamic Airways. The airline currently has charter service between Changsha and Los Angeles, with an intermediate stop in Anchorage. According to McMurren, Alaskans may soon be able to board those flights and head to China and Los Angeles, nonstop.



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