Do you know who sat in your seat last? The next time you board a plane you may want to bring some small-scale cleaning supplies.


KTVA’s Travel Guru Scott McMurren offered some tips to healthy traveling on Daybreak Tuesday morning.


He recommends you bring wet wipes to clean your armrests, headrest and tray table.


“Be sure and get that tray table — that petri dish in the sky, you don’t even want to know,” he said. “Don’t touch the envelope where the magazines are. You don’t want to look, don’t look in there.”


Bring those wet wipes with you if you have to go to the bathroom and make sure you have shoes on. Also, to help combat the dry air up there, saline solution and a bottle of water are great additions to your carry-on, McMurren says.


Planning in advance can also help keep you comfortable. According to McMurren:

    • Wear loose-fitting clothing

        • The exception: support hose to help keep your feet from swelling

    • Breathe: Can make a difference in a tense, crowded situation

    • Get some sleep before your flight

    • Stay away from alcohol during your flight


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