From tent camping to hotel stays, it’s a travel resource even the most knowledgeable Alaskans might want to tap into. Daybreak’s James Gaddis and family fun expert Erin Kirkland met on location at the Public Lands Information Center to learn more about Anchorage’s hidden travel secret.


“The Public Lands Information Center is kind of a clearing house for all of Alaska’s public spaces,” Kirkland said. “So between campgrounds, recreation areas, places to go view wildlife, all kinds of stuff, Forest Service, Park Service, state parks — this is a place to come if you want to go visit Alaska’s public lands.”


Many people have seen the building but have not looked inside. It’s almost like a national park visitor center. Helen Fields with the National Park Service helps visitors get the best out of their Alaskan experience.


“They want trip planning,” said Fields of some of the people she sees. “They want to know how can I get out and see this wonderful state. They think they can see it all in a week or maybe just a couple days, and so we have to really hone their experience, and give them information so that they can truly get out and experience Alaska.”


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