Going on a “bleisure” trip is becoming more and more common. Bleisure is a new term in the travel industry, and blends business with leisure time. The public affairs manager with Visit Anchorage, Anita Nelson, said taking a few days during that business trip to soak up the culture with another person could actually be good for your career.


“For business travelers, they find it often eases their guilt or maybe demands from home if they’re able to combine both,” Nelson added.


About half of all business travelers take either their spouse or a family member. An employer with this type of travel policy benefits them, too. Nelson said a study found that their employees work harder and are less stressed when traveling to the location.


Nelson mentioned a study done by Harvard Business Review found that people who are able to combine the two are spend more money at the destination. That’s a good thing for Alaska, which is seen as a long haul destination.


“Folks that come for just business only spend about $1,300 and those that add on a leisure trip spend about $1,500,” she said. Nelson added that a lot of meeting planners in the state are working to capitalize on that, by making spouse friendly programs for year-round tourism.


For more information, check out Visit Anchorage’s website.



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