Last updated at 4:44 p.m. on Monday, June 13

The man who was once thought to have been stabbed, then possibly attacked by a black bear, may have actually been attacked by a moose, according to the latest update from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. He has been identified as 50-year-old Fred Mayac, of Anchorage.

At 9:11 p.m. Wednesday, Mayac was discovered in a private driveway near Selkirk Drive, by Campbell Creek in the Jewell Lake area. He couldn’t be interviewed because of the severity of his injuries, Fish and Game said. Mayac was hospitalized.

Staff at the hospital told police his wounds appeared to be more likely the result of a bear mauling than a stabbing, according to Fish and Game spokesman Ken Marsh.

After learning the attack was not caused by a human, police notified Fish and Game Thursday morning. The agency’s investigation began in the Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area. While biologists examined where the attack occurred, a person close by reported they’d just encountered a black bear that was not afraid of humans, Fish and Game wrote in a release.

A short time later, a black bear appeared near the scene of the attack.

“Concerned for public safety based on information suggesting a bear mauling had likely occurred, and because the bear showed no natural fear of humans and had appeared within close proximity of the attack scene, biologists made the decision to kill the animal,” the release stated.

Biologists eventually returned to the scene of the attack and found tracks and hair that suggested a moose had actually been involved, Marsh said. There was no evidence a bear had been at the scene. Biologists have also learned Mayac’s injuries were consistent of that of a moose attack.

“Conversations with Anchorage police later confirmed that a moose had been seen in the vicinity of the attack on the night the man was injured,” Fish and Game wrote. “Officers said the animal had appeared agitated.”

Fish and Game has also determined DNA testing is “not needed.”

As of Monday evening, Mayac was still unable to speak with the Fish and Game investigators, according to Marsh.