Dozens of Anchorage bouncers and event security guards are participating in national certification training program through Nightclub Security Consultants that focuses on how they can stop terrorism locally.

CEO and President Robert Smith said bouncers are on the front lines of the violent attacks across the nation, but are often overlooked as a group providing safety to the public, while risking their own.

“This is a serious job. As we know from the day before yesterday, 29 hours ago, people die doing this job,” Smith said to a gymnasium of about 50 participants. “Four bouncers, at least, were killed in Orlando.”

It’s a reality he spends his days trying to prevent by traveling across the country training bouncers and security guards, using hands-on practice scenarios.

“I physically get worked up about this. I’m passionate about this,” he said. “These people are in charge of keeping people safe, and it’s unfortunate that Paris didn’t wake anyone up in November of last year.”

He said he wants people to understand that any event, any club and any city can be a target.

“Anchorage is a tourist town. Orlando is a tourist town,” Smith said. “Anchorage is seasonal. Orlando’s seasonal. Anchorage has a diverse community. Orlando has a diverse community.”

Bouncers, like Jeff Brooks, who has more than a decade of experience, said they know Alaska is no exception to the danger states in the Lower 48 face.

“Alaska’s a right to carry state,” Brooks said. “We do want to make sure that people are responsible with that and that they’re not abusing that privilege.”

Whether they’re faced with a threat to one person, or hundreds, Smith said he hopes his training will help them keep Alaskans safe.

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