During a two-week span earlier this year, the Anchorage Police Department issued more than 2,400 seat belt citations.

According to a release from APD, the citations were part of the national Click It or Ticket campaign, which took place May 23 through June 4. Officers worked in groups at eight locations throughout the municipality, police said. Some officers were spotters looking for people not wearing seat belts that would then be pulled over by “chase cars.”

APD said their efforts resulted in 1,867 traffic stops and 2,432 citations. Of those tickets, 920 were driver seat belt violations, 144 passenger seat belt violations and 4 child seat citations. Police also made 56 arrests and impounded 37 vehicles.

The municipality’s website explains the seat belt law and provides a document that lists the fines for traffic offenses. A driver can be fined $60 for not wearing a seat belt. Driving with a passenger under the age of 16 who is not wearing a seat belt or failing to properly secure a child under 4 years old could yield fines of $200.

“Overall, the results of this enforcement campaign are disappointing,” APD stated in the release.

During the 2015 seat belt campaign, APD wrote 1.12 seat belt citations per hour. That number has increased to 1.24 seat belt citations per hour this year.

“Many Alaskans are still failing to buckle up, as a result they continue to be injured and killed in motor vehicle collisions,” APD wrote.

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