The state Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT) says this year could set a new record for road construction projects in Southcentral Alaska.

DOT spokeswoman Shannon McCarthy said 2015 set a record, with more than $300 million spent on projects. This year, she said, spending could be even higher.

McCarthy said the biggest ongoing project in Anchorage right now is the new interchange that’s going in at Muldoon Road and the Glenn Highway. It’s expected to cost $41 million by the time it’s finished in 2018. McCarthy said crews will be doing work over the winter and drivers shouldn’t see any more delays than they are experiencing right now.

Another project will add a new way to get on and off the New Seward Highway. Crews are putting in new on and off ramps at 92nd Avenue, between Dimond Boulevard and O’Malley Road.

“Dimond Boulevard is very congested, especially on weekends and after work hours as people go shopping. Ninety-second will actually provide a second way in and out of that Old Seward near the Dimond [area] so it will help relieve some of that congestion on Dimond,” said McCarthy, who also stated the $10 million project should be finished this fall.

Just up the road at Abbot Road and Lake Otis Parkway, crews are working on improvements to the intersection, McCarthy said. Abbot Road is also being widened, with plans to add a second lane heading east toward Service High School. She said the deeply rutted road will be repaired and repaved.

At Minnesota Drive and Raspberry Road, drivers said a new traffic light is already making a difference. The light makes it easier to get off Minnesota Drive and merge onto Raspberry Road to take a left on Northwood Street. Raspberry Road will also be repaved up to Jewel Lake Road.

McCarthy said that project should also be completed by fall.

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