Students heading back to class at Bartlett High School will have to battle the road construction at the Glenn Highway and Muldoon Road interchange Monday.

“Crews are working double shifts to try to get this done,” said Department of Transportation (DOT) spokesperson Shannon McCarthy. “The first couple days, no matter what it’s going to be different for drivers who haven’t been through the area.”

Northbound traffic over the bridge to Golden Bear Drive is down to one lane. It will stay that way through the first few days of school.

DOT installed large orange barriers for pedestrians to follow around the construction zone. The tunnel connecting the pathways will be opened next week.

“It’s great for pedestrians because it really delineates where the pathway is, where they can walk give the signal to the driver to stay out of the area,” McCarthy said.

Bartlett principal Sean Prince said his school has a little more than 1,500 students this year; about half of them drive to school.

DOT is working with the municipality to get the stop lights timed to accommodate the heavier traffic volume in the morning and afternoon.

“Start early, be on time,” Prince advised. “Be excited to come to school again but also be excited to start a little early. Take a deep breath if you’re in traffic and remember to persevere and get here.”

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