Alaska’s greatest 10-day get-together has come to an end. While the numbers are still being compiled for this year, it’s estimated around 300,000 people attended the Alaska State fair to enjoy food, fun and entertainment.

But there is one area most people didn’t see.

Tucked in a back parking lot stands a small recycling center, where more than 350 volunteers pitched in to sort recyclable material collected from 220 green barrels throughout the fairgrounds.

You may have seen the crews out and around, pulling green wagons and wearing bright colored vests. They call themselves the recycle team and their goal was to recycle everything they possibly could during the fair.

“I believe it’s important to reuse or recycle as much as possible to protect the environment,” said Richard Clinch, the team’s lead supervisor.

He said last year, crews were able to recycle 17.5 tons of material that otherwise would have gone to the landfill.

As vendors pack up their booths are prepare to leave the fairgrounds, the recycle team will keep working. They said the next few days will be the busiest for the sorting area.

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