Whether you’re a skinny, no-sugar, half-caff vanilla latte kind of person or someone who just likes a cup of joe, there’s not shortage of places to get a caffeine fix in Anchorage.

“My thing is more the people,” said barista Haylee Bizaillon. “They could have really good coffee as well, but it’s the people that drive me to go there.”

Bizaillon has been working at Cup on the Run, on Ingra Street, for more than a year. She said there’s almost never a shortage of customers looking for a jolt, even during her afternoon shift.

That could be because Anchorage leads the nation in the number of coffee shops per capita. The NPD Research Group found there are almost three coffee shops for every 10,000 people in Anchorage; Seattle is second with 2.5 shops per 10,000 residents.

“I think it’s because people always say how dark it is here, so coffee really helps them wake up,” Bazaillon said. “Every corner, everyone has a coffee stand.”

At Black Cup, on Northern Lights, customers can slow down a bit and enjoy a latte that’s a work of art. Many of the baristas have a steady hand to make fancy foam designs like tulips and hearts.

Assistant manager Kevin Rosenkranz said the cool, fall weather keeps people coming in, especially on National Coffee Day.

“It’s never hot here, so it’s always coffee drinking weather, so that’s why people are drinking coffee all the time,” Rosekranz said.

Many coffee drinkers stick to the basics.

“I ordered an Americano because I like to put cream in it,” said Black Cup customer Sharon Swieter.

Bizaillon said she’s seen some unique flavor combinations during her stint at Cup on the Run.

“I made one that had blue raspberry, green apple and vanilla. Just random vanilla. The color did not look good. In coffee,” she laughed. “In coffee! It was weird.”

While she doesn’t drink coffee that often, even she gets captivated by the caffeine sometimes.

“A white chocolate mocha, when it’s made perfectly with a perfect shot, is so good,” she smiled.

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