Last updated at 3:37 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 30

A pilot made a safe but sudden landing in South Anchorage Sunday afternoon.

The pilot, John Kagerer, reported that his engine quit shortly after taking off from Flying Crown Airport, a private runway near the Seward Highway. He was able to find some clear space and landed on some train tracks. Kagerer said his plane was not damaged.

One passenger was on board the plane during the incident, Kagerer said. Neither he nor his passenger was injured.

Kagerer said he has been flying for 35 years. He said that while he has never had an engine quit on him before, he is trained to handle engine failure.

The challenge now is getting a truck or trailer large enough to tow his plane from the scene. Kagerer’s son said he stores his plane, a Cessna 185, at Flying Crown.

KTVA 11’s Daniella Rivera contributed to this report.

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