If you’re feeling overwhelmed wrapping all your holiday gifts, a group of gift-wrappers is here to help.

Volunteers with the Parachutes Teen Club and Resource Center are raising money at their charity gift-wrap booth in the Mall at Sears. The group has held the booth for the past several years and for a donation, they’ll wrap your presents for you.

The center is a drop-in facility for at-risk teens. All the proceeds from the booth go to keeping the center up and running.

“You can come in, there’s a cafe, there’s computers, you can get homework help. There’s games to play and video games, just a cool place to hang out,” said volunteer Katie Walter. “It gives them a place to talk to adults or to just hang out and be themselves, to be with friends, to meet new people. It gives them a place for resources.”

The booth will be open Saturdays and Sundays through the month of December as well as every day the week leading up to Christmas.

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