One local group wants women to know their priceless value, regardless of their past.

On Monday, about 200 volunteers with Priceless Alaska put together care packages for victims of sex trafficking and abuse.

“They all have handwritten notes from the people, so each box will get a note that just is an encouragement over the holiday,” said Gwen Adams, the executive director of Priceless Alaska. “I was just trying to help our community become aware of how much need there really is.”

The boxes also included scarves, personal hygiene items and other necessities. Most of the packages will be delivered to clients and shelters, where they’ll be handed out, but some will go home with the volunteers who helped pack them. The idea is that the volunteers will have one with them if they come across someone in need.

Priceless Alaska said the program has made a difference in some women’s lives, and wants to continue that mission.

For more information on resources or volunteering opportunities, visit the Priceless Alaska website.

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