The warehouse attached to a Fairview home is now a pile of burned wood. It’s part of a property Johnathan Reeves’ grandmother, Jean Reeves, purchased in the early 1980s. The warehouse was destroyed during a large fire Friday that took firefighters hours to extinguish.

“I was a little overwhelmed at first, just thinking of all the memories I have growing up in that house,” Johnathan Reeves said.

Johnathan Reeves described the property as a home attached to a warehouse. The latter served many purposes over the years. Reeves said it may have originally been a cookie factory. He said it also once housed a punk rock band. During another instance, a couple that lost their home to a fire lived there.

Johnathan Reeves shows KTVA’s Eric Ruble the remains of his family’s Fairview warehouse destroyed in a recent fire

He said his grandmother was happy to give people shelter in their time of need.

“She kind of always had it as a house for everybody,” he said. “Anybody that had hard times, they could come stay here.”

When Jean Reeves died several years ago, she passed the property on to Johnathan Reeves’ brother. He was living at the home with his father until Friday. After the fire, neighbors described the building as a “flophouse.” Johnathan Reeves said he had seen the remnants of fires left by “vagrants” in the building before.

“That’s probably what might have started the fire – somebody was trying to stay warm, started a fire and it got out of control,” Johnathan Reeves explained.

He said both his brother and father are currently unemployed, and he does not believe the property is insured.

“I don’t know how we’re going to move forward,” he said. “It’s going to take a lot of money to clear all this out and get it back to being safe again.”

No one was hurt during the fire. The American Red Cross of Alaska is helping house Johnathan Reeves’ father and his two dogs until Tuesday. Johnathan Reeves said the house was not as severely damaged as the warehouse. On Friday, however, Anchorage Fire Department Chief Dennis LeBlanc said the building was a “total loss.”

After the fire, Anchorage police arrested one man living on the property who had an outstanding warrant. Several stolen vehicles were also found near the property in recent weeks, according to Anchorage Police Department Capt. Bill Miller.

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