Temperatures dropped to 10 degrees below zero early Tuesday morning, hardly spring-like, but that didn’t slow down the Trailside Discovery spring break campers at the Campbell Creek Science Center.

The counselors took advantage of the deep powdery snow to teach the students about winter survival. Part of the lesson was building snow shelters.

“So it’s like a couple day process. The first few days we build it up and make it pretty big and then the counselors come out after camp to make it hard and then the next day we cut it out,” said Cassidy Burke, Trailside Counselor.

Burke has been a counselor for the past 3 years, but before that she was a camper herself for over 10 years. She teaches the younger students at the camp who don’t always enjoy being in the cold, but are learning valuable lessons.

“I think it’s just important for them to always be active, and that’s kind of Trailside’s philosophy, even during the winter, get out and play outside,” said Burke.

The kids found it was hard work, but could keep them warm.

“You put the snow in a pile and then you dig it out,” said Kindergartner Ahvell Walsh.

The students learned building the shelter also takes skill. “You always need to pat it down so it doesn’t collapse on you,” said Zander Johnson.

Trailside has been running their spring break program at the Campbell Creek Science Center for 21 years. This summer they’ll celebrate their 35th anniversary of their summer camp where they expect over 5,000 students to attend.

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