Construction crews spent most of Friday hauling large sheets of plywood and boarding up windows at the Royal Suite Apartments on Minnesota Drive.

The apartments were damaged in February, leaving three people dead and much more injured.

Michael Karmun, a resident who has lived there for about a year, says it’s an added layer of security.

“They don’t want all walks of life going through there before they take it down,” Karmun said.

Right now, there is a fence securing the building with “do not enter” signs posted on it, but, that hasn’t stopped trespassers. A spokesperson for Anchorage Fire Department confirms there was a small fire there late Thursday evening, that they believe was caused by trespassers.

“We found some pretty nasty things; drug paraphernalia,” Cleo Hill with the Anchorage Fire Department said. “So, just for the property owner’s sake and for the sake of the people in the area, it’s best to keep as many people out as possible.”

An attorney for the property confirms the plan is to have the building torn down, and he says the owner is working on finalizing demolition plans. He says there is no timeline yet, but, expects it will be in the next few months.

Reported by KTVA 11’s Steffi Lee

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