It appears to be a rather ominous warning — stay off the streets because they’re not safe. Those words from the Executive Director of Bean’s Café after another deadly stabbing near campus, the second one this month. No one has been caught in either stabbing

Lisa Sauder with Bean’s told KTVA 11 Thursday night that clients can be preyed on and wants them to come to Bean’s during the day and sleep at the Brother Francis Shelter next door at night. Sauder says bed space is available at Brother Francis.

Rose Stone told KTVA Thursday night that she’s worried about the stabbings, but can’t stay at Brother Francis because of some rules she broke.

“Well, they tell us to stay here and then they kick us off their property to go there,” Stone said. “And now we’re back here, and then the police will kick us off there, to come back here. Then they’ll kick us off their property and now we’re stuck in the middle.”

Sauder says when people violate the rules, they can appeal and be readmitted to campus. Sauder later gave Stone and a friend of hers some information where they can spend the night.

Regarding the deadly stabbings, Sauder says police are looking at surveillance video from Bean’s and their administrative office nearby. She also says police have been more active in the area since the first deadly stabbing.

Police say 24-year-old Kyle Rea was killed. He was stabbed on a sidewalk then walked to Bean’s for help where staff started first aid and called 911.

The identity of the second person stabbed to death has not been identified.

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