For many people, the Fourth of July isn’t complete without fireworks.

“I’ve got Roman candles and some sparklers,” said Kelly Mulford from Trapper Creek.

He was at Gorilla Fireworks in Houston on Monday buying a small haul to enjoy with his relatives from Minnesota.

“We’re going to maybe, to some golfing in the morning, then we’re going back to the cabin, grill out and maybe do a bit of firework,” said John McDonald, Mulford’s brother-in-law.

Mulford bought a few packs of firecrackers too, but those aren’t for the Fourth festivities.

“There’s some bears in the neighborhood and I thought it was a good way to scare them off, as long as they’re not too close,” he explained.

While the weather may be soggy, Gorilla Fireworks manager Samantha Parsons said sales are anything but. The Houston stand is getting up to 1,000 customers a day.

“I think having a wet summer puts some people at ease, knowing it’s been raining and damp out. I think it helps a bit,” Parsons said.

Mulford said even with his few flammables, he’ll still be cautious.

“I’m still concerned because we have beetle kill, which is just like tinder,” Mulford said, adding they’ll probably light theirs off in a gravel pit.

Fireworks are only legal in Houston, on private property with the owner’s permission. In Anchorage and the Mat-Su Borough, the fine for setting off fireworks is $500.

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