Some people who live in a Fairview neighborhood said they were shocked by what happened in the middle of Nelchina Street on Monday afternoon. A stolen car was shot-up and set on fire.

Chris Luiz said he was sitting in his truck when he noticed two vehicles parked in the middle of the street. He watched as one man got out of the car he'd just been driving and fired six shots into the passenger side of the vehicle. Police say the man then threw something like a Molotov cocktail inside and sped away with the second man.

"I assumed there was a gang related shooting going on and I waited for them to leave," said Luiz. "I was going to run up to the truck to see if anybody was in it, but then it started to catch fire."

Police say the bullets also hit a nearby home. Fortunately, no one was injured.

"There's a lot of concerns when you have rampant shooting at a vehicle," said investigating officer, Sgt. Michael Kerke. "There's an innocent house that has two bullet holes in it, there's a lot of children in the area, there's a school a block away from here. There's always a concern when the criminals are this brazen, without any concern about the citizens."

The incident is similar to one that happened on July 3 in Mountain View. Police responded to a call of shots fired to find a stolen vehicle that had been shot up and burned.

Police said there have been no arrests in either case.