An excess of icicles hanging from your roof could be a sign you need to weatherize your home.

Jimmy Ord, information manager with the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, explained that ice buildup means heat from your house is likely leaking into your attic. The warm air melts the snow and the water can freeze and clog gutters, causing massive icicles to form.

The ice buildup can also make ice dams and cause water to leak back under the shingles on your roof.

Ord said there are a few things homeowners can do to prevent the ice from damming up in the first place.

“Caulk and foam you can use to fill up any of the cracks and gaps in the house,” he explained. “Insulation is important to make sure you’re not losing heat through the ceiling.”

Heavy ice buildup on your home could be a sign that you’re spending money on lost energy.

“Think of it this way: For every $100 you spend in heating your home, if your home has an efficiency level of 50 percent that means you’re spending $50 to heat the home and $50 is going right out through the leaks and cracks in the house,” Ord said.

The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation offers an income-based weatherization program and home energy loans for people looking to make their homes more efficient.

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