“If your lunch got eaten by a bear yesterday raise your hand,” Camp Fire Alaska Manager Katie Adrian requested.

Ten young hands shot into the air.

A black bear and two cubs didn’t seem to care that there were dozens of children just yards away.

They went ahead and took a seat at the picnic table, hungry and ready to eat.

“The bear came out of the woods from over there with its cubs and was taking lunch boxes and bringing them back into the woods and eating them,” Adrian said.

Camp Fire Alaska officials say the bears are getting too comfortable around campers.

They’re working with the Department of Fish and Game, which says the bears aren’t aggressive.

The concern is someone might get too close.

“They’re creatures of habit and bad habits are hard to break,” said state biologist David Battle.

Keeping garbage locked up and food inside is the solution.

“Almost any bear that walks past a garbage can will get into it. Our garbage is like crack to them,” Battle said.

That same day a brown bear was spotted in a Hillside neighborhood, a much more dangerous situation than the black bears.

“The same way they’ll defend a moose carcass, they’ll defend a trash pile,” Battle said. “We actually killed that bear last night.

Fish and Game says when you leave food and trash unsecured you never know what kind of bear or danger you’ll attract.

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