Alaska-raised basketball powerhouse Carlos Boozer's first season of professional play in China ended this year with a loss in the title round. It's a disappointment, but Boozer remains upbeat -- and has plans that will bring him back to the state's capital.

"The league is extremely competitive, very good teams, a lot of NBA players go over there," Boozer told KTVA Sports by phone.

Boozer made his way to the Far East after the NBA passed on him, but he is focused on bringing his game Stateside once more.

"I have about 10-11 teams that are looking for a veteran power forward, like myself, with my experience to help their young guys out," Boozer said from his home in Miami.

Although Boozer is looking forward, for the moment he's giving back. He is about to return to his childhood hometown of Juneau, where he will host his basketball clinic for local children for the first time in seven years.

"I just remember all the camps I used to go to, Coach Houston, George Houston Camp in the summertime, it just struck a chord with me, I wanted to help, and I wanted to give back to the community that helped me get to where I was at," recalled Boozer, who graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School before he won a national title at Duke in 2001.

Boozer admits he sneaks back into Alaska about once a year. It's been home since he was 8, when his parents moved there from Washington, D.C.

"It was safe -- I love D.C., that's where my mom and dad are from, but it's very violent there," Boozer said. "I came to Juneau, there was no crime -- everybody knew everybody, everybody was so close in that town, everybody knew each other's dog's names, everybody's pets' names. It's just a very beautiful place."

After his Juneau visit, Boozer will return to Miami as he makes another run at rejoining the NBA.

"There's so much excitement going on in the NBA right now, obviously, with the Golden State Warriors winning two championships in three years," Boozer said.