Chief Meteorologist

I've been an active outdoorsman all my life sailing, surfing, skiing, fishing, windsurfing, scuba diving, hiking (you get the picture.) Weather has always fascinated me, however I never thought I would become a meteorologist . About 25 years ago I realized that we spend so much of our lives at work that it's a probably a good idea to do what you love. Not only will you like going to work every day, but you have a better chance of being really good.

All those outdoor activities I do have a common thread running through them. Understanding the weather. That was it! I knew I found what I wanted to do. So I went back to college and became a Meteorologist through Mississippi State University.  After that I received the AMS seal from the American Meteorological Society.  Having forecasted from Yuma, AZ  to Reno, NV.  San Diego, CA to Portland, OR .

Years ago I had visited Alaska for a summer and it was only a matter of time before I came back.  Big. Majestic. Wild. And great fishing! That's why I'm here at KTVA. Life is one big adventure and that is what every day in Alaska is. Whether it's forecasting the next big storm headed our way, or fly fishing on some remote stream. I'm all in.  See you this evening!