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Campaign 2016

U.S. Politics

2016 November election: When, where and how to cast your ballot

Alaska Politics

Interactive map: 2016 Alaska General Election

Alaska Politics

Thinking of writing in a candidate? How to make sure it counts

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5 things to do while you wait in line on Election Day

Alaska Politics

Are Youth Vote 2016 Mock Election results an indicator of real election outcome?


  • U.S. Politics

    Petraeus out of the running for national security adviser

    by Major Garrett / CBS News on Feb 19, 18:50

    Sources close to retired Gen. David Petraeus say the White House eliminated the former CIA director from consideration for the open national security adviser post after he weighed in on the job during a conference in Germany this week. ‎”Whoever it is that would agree to take that position certainly should do so with some very, […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Push for ride-share companies in Alaska hits speed bumps

    by Associated Press on Feb 19, 12:09

    The drive to allow ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in Alaska has hit speed bumps. The bill, from Anchorage Republican Sen. Mia Costello, faces opposition from taxi operators worried the entrance of ride-share groups will drive down wages for their drivers and from municipalities that don’t want to cede regulation to the […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Economist: Proposed state income tax will raise millions, but take away jobs

    by Lauren Maxwell on Feb 17, 20:08

    Alaskans got a chance to weigh in on a statewide income tax proposal Friday. Members of the House Finance Committee held a public hearing in Juneau on House Bill 115. Alaskans The bill would do several things, including restructuring the Permanent Fund in an effort to balance the state budget. But most of the talk […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Scott Pruitt confirmed by Senate to serve as EPA administrator, gets both Alaska Senator votes

    by KTVA / AP on Feb 17, 9:36

    Last updated at 11:35 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 17 The Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Scott Pruitt was approved on Friday by a vote of 52-46, including favorable votes from both Alaska Republican Senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. In a releases from both of their offices, Murkowski and […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Gov. Walker signs administrative order to address Alaska’s opioid epidemic

    by Liz Raines on Feb 16, 21:57

    Gov. Bill Walker signed an administrative order Thursday requiring all state departments to join the search for federal funding to help fight heroin and prescription drug abuse in Alaska. On Tuesday, Walker declared the state’s opioid crisis a public health disaster. According to the declaration, the number of deaths associated with heroin in Alaska more […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Freshman legislator introduces bill to end ‘introduction of frivolous bills’ in Juneau

    by Liz Raines on Feb 16, 19:40

    Stop introducing frivolous bills — that’s one representative’s proposal to colleagues in the Alaska House. Lawmakers have been in session for nearly a month, but the House took up a long-term budget fix for the first time this week. After hearing bills to allow selfies in voting booths, as well as a measure on wolf […]

  • Alaska Politics

    House votes to lift Obama limits on Alaska hunting, trapping

    by Associated Press on Feb 16, 12:31

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The House has approved a bill to lift some Obama administration restrictions on hunting and trapping of bears, wolves and other predators on federal lands in Alaska. The Fish and Wildlife Service said last year the rule will help maintain sustainable populations of bears, wolves and coyotes on national wildlife refuges across […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Budget amendments include money for fires, caseloads

    by Associated Press on Feb 15, 19:58

    Gov. Bill Walker’s administration is seeking another $15 million for firefighting costs this year and additional funding for a state agency representing defendants charged in connection with a high-profile murder case. The Office of Public Advocacy is seeking $120,000 for an increased caseload. It is representing defendants who face charges in connection with the killing […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Bill to bring Uber to Alaska runs into roadblocks in Alaska Senate

    by Liz Raines on Feb 15, 19:27

    Uber and other ride-sharing networks are showing an interest in Alaska — and people in Juneau, in them. “I think it would be great, I’ve got to use it before and I think it’s really nice,” said Larry Walsh, a traveler at the Juneau International Airport. “It seems like a good, quick experience. I just […]

  • Alaska Politics

    State gas pipeline agency spends $50,000 on Iditarod sponsorship

    by Liz Raines on Feb 15, 8:23

    What does the state’s proposed natural gas pipeline have to do with the Iditarod? That’s one of the questions members of the Senate Finance Committee had Tuesday for the agency marketing the mega-billion dollar project. Lawmakers are demanding more transparency from the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC), which now leads the Alaska liquefied natural gasline […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Permanent fund restructure, income tax combo gets first hearing in Alaska House

    by Liz Raines on Feb 13, 18:45

    Lawmakers are looking to the permanent fund as a long-term solution to Alaska’s $3 billion budget shortfall. But they have different opinions on how to use it. Three proposals are up for debate. The newest one is House Bill 115, which got a first hearing in the House Finance Committee Monday. The hybrid bill, backed […]

  • U.S. Politics

    US senators propose bill to improve volcano monitoring

    by Associated Press on Feb 13, 11:18

    U.S. senators in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii have proposed legislation intended to improve volcano monitoring efforts and early warning capabilities. The measure would put the Alaska, Cascades and Hawaiian volcano observatories into a connected system and create a 24-hour Volcano Watch Office to provide ongoing situational awareness of active volcanoes in the U.S. and its […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Can estates include digital property? Lawmakers weigh in

    by Associated Press on Feb 12, 11:24

    In estate planning, people take stock of their possessions: houses, money, heirlooms. But what about their email accounts, social media pages and family pictures on their smartphones? Bills are pending in more than a dozen states, including Alaska, aimed at modernizing that area of law, using legislation proposed by the national Uniform Law Commission. Ben […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Studded tire tax increase proposed, sponsor says funds will go toward roads

    by Eric Ruble on Feb 11, 18:13

    Buying new studded tires is a winter ritual many Alaskans perform every few years. If Senate Bill 50 becomes law, that process could become significantly more expensive. Sen. Cathy Giessel introduced the bill Monday. It would raise the tax on each studded tire from the current $5 to $75. The senator described the increase as […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Borough may scrap religious invocations before meetings

    by Associated Press on Feb 11, 12:05

    An Alaska borough will consider scrapping invocations before meetings as a case challenging the policy moves through court. The Peninsula Clarion reports the third such ordinance in a year is expected to be introduced in the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly on Tuesday. Policy currently allows invocations from members of religious organizations that have established local […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Trump transition team limits EPA at environmental forum

    by Associated Press on Feb 11, 11:36

    The Environmental Protection Agency halved the number of staffers attending an annual Anchorage forum on issues like climate change in response to a request from President Donald Trump’s transition team. Trump transition official Doug Ericksen told Alaska’s Energy Desk in an email that the EPA was directed to limit staff at the conference to save […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Alaska House bill pitches income tax, using oil-wealth fund

    by Becky Bohrer / AP on Feb 10, 11:13

    A fiscal plan proposed by Alaska House leaders would reinstitute a personal state income tax for the first time in decades and use earnings from Alaska’s oil-wealth fund to help pay for government. The measure would annually draw from fund earnings 4.75 percent of an average of the fund’s market value. One-third of the draw […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Bill requiring police training on disabilities advances

    by Associated Press on Feb 10, 9:44

    Alaska lawmakers have passed a bill aimed at improving interactions between law enforcement and people with disabilities. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that the House passed the legislation in a unanimous vote on Wednesday. It now goes to the Senate. Fairbanks Republican Rep. Steve Thompson drafted the bill with help from disability advocacy groups. Under […]

  • U.S. Politics

    US court refuses to reinstate Trump’s travel ban

    by KTVA / AP on Feb 09, 14:18

    Last updated at 3:25 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 9 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A federal appeals court in San Francisco has refused to reinstate President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim nations. The panel of three judges noted that Washington state and Minnesota had raised serious allegations about religious discrimination. Their decision […]

  • Alaska Politics

    In annual address to lawmakers, Alaska chief justice urges caution with budget cuts

    by Liz Raines on Feb 08, 21:08

    Alaska’s Supreme Court is warning lawmakers that cutting too deep this session could have drastic and harmful consequences on the state’s court system. In his annual State of the Judiciary address, Chief Justice Craig Stowers urged lawmakers to take swift action on a long-term budget plan this year. Stowers said cuts made in the last […]