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Campaign 2016

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2016 November election: When, where and how to cast your ballot

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Interactive map: 2016 Alaska General Election

Alaska Politics

Thinking of writing in a candidate? How to make sure it counts

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5 things to do while you wait in line on Election Day

Alaska Politics

Are Youth Vote 2016 Mock Election results an indicator of real election outcome?


  • U.S. Politics

    Sen. Bernie Sanders sounds alarm on GOP health care bill

    by CBS News on Jun 18, 14:34

    Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that as the House GOP-passed health care bill is debated behind closed doors in the Senate, Democrats should do “everything they can” to oppose the legislation in “any way” they can. “Throwing 23 million people off of health insurance is beyond belief. Now, […]

  • Politics

    Proposed ballot measure would set age limits on smartphone sales

    by CBS News on Jun 18, 14:21

    DENVER — Colorado officials have cleared the language of a proposed ballot measure that would establish the nation’s first legal limits on buying smartphones for children. Backers of the move to forbid the sale of smartphones to children younger than 13 would now need about 300,000 voter signatures for the proposal to make the 2018 […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Don Young supports Puerto Rico statehood

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jun 18, 13:41

    Alaska Congressman Don Young is supporting the addition of a new State of the Union. Alaska’s representative observed a statehood vote on Puerto Rico last week. Approximately 97 percent of voters cast ballots in favor of Puerto Rico becoming a state. It’s currently a U.S. territory whose congressional representative can’t vote on issues. Young says […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Fireworks in the legislature as second special session called

    by Rhonda McBride on Jun 17, 10:28

    The end of the legislative session in Juneau turned into a political roller coaster, and the wild ride probably is far from over. After the Senate gaveled out on Friday, the governor called a second special session. The fireworks started in the House on Thursday night, one day before the end of the first special […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Trump financial disclosure details income and finances

    by CBS News on Jun 16, 17:11

    The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) released President Trump’s financial disclosure form Friday, revealing assets of his trust and details of post-election finances. The 98-page release, which covers the period from January 2016 through this spring, came shortly after 5 p.m. In the release, Mr. Trump outlines the financial health of the business assets he […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Trump announces rollback of some Cuba policies

    by CBS News on Jun 16, 13:52

    President Trump took a hard line against the Castro regime, criticized his predecessor’s approach to Cuba, and praised the courage of Cuban dissidents in a Friday speech in Miami’s Little Havana that marked the beginning of sweeping changes to U.S.-Cuba relations. Mr. Trump — fulfilling a campaign promise to roll back Obama-era policies that had […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Walker calls for second special session

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jun 16, 11:52

    Late-Friday morning, the Alaska Senate gaveled out, bringing an end to the special session. However, mere minutes later, Governor Bill Walker called legislators into a second special session due to the looming government shutdown and the legislature’s failure to pass a budget. Walker issued the proclamation around 11:15 Friday, with one item on the agenda: […]

  • Alaska Politics

    House passes budget, adjourns in dramatic vote

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jun 16, 9:18

    The House Majority Caucus pushed through a budget in a surprising vote Thursday night. The feud started with a surprise 89-page amendment directly before the vote. Minority Leader Charisse Millett was one of several lawmakers who asked to be excused from voting for the budget bill. Representative Millett said it was because she said she […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Alaska lawmakers unlikely to pass budget before special session ends

    by Liz Raines on Jun 15, 18:00

    Friday is the end of a special session in Juneau, and lawmakers have not passed an operating budget to keep state services running past July 1. At this point, passage of a budget is possible, but procedurally difficult because lawmakers must have the bill on their desks for 24 hours before taking a vote — and that […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Alaska House votes to approve $2200 PFD

    by Liz Raines on Jun 14, 14:20

    The Alaska House has added hundreds of millions of dollars to the state capital budget to bump up this year’s permanent fund dividend to around $2,200 a person– a sharp increase from last year’s check of $1,022. Across party lines, the House on Wednesday voted 26-14 to add $700 million to allow for full payment […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Homer recall vote unsettled as 850 votes unaccounted for

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jun 14, 11:16

    Three Homer City Council members in a recall election have retained their seats– for now– as hundreds of votes have yet to be counted. Catriona Reynolds, David Lewis and Donna Aderhold sponsored a resolution that promoted inclusivity after President Donald Trump was elected. The resolution stated its opposition to actions targeting specific minority groups based on […]

  • Alaska Politics

    AGDC urges lawmakers not to cut funding, as AKLNG piques Trump’s interest

    by Liz Raines on Jun 13, 19:23

    The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) is lobbying legislators to keep funding for the state’s natural gas project, Alaska LNG. As lawmakers struggle to reach agreement on a budget this week, $50 million for the project has become a controversial component. In a last ditch effort to persuade lawmakers, members of AGDC’s Board of Directors […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Unemployment services threatened by potential government shutdown

    by Daniella Rivera on Jun 13, 9:13

    As Alaska nears what could be the first ever state government shut down on July 1, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development is encouraging people who’ve already received pink slips to file for unemployment now if they’re going to, while the office is still able to process applications. “Who the hell is gonna process […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Alaska lawmakers optimistic about passing budget by Friday

    by Liz Raines on Jun 12, 18:58

    It’s crunch time for the Alaska legislature to pass a budget. This is the last week of a special session and if they can’t reach an agreement, the state could face its first-ever government shutdown. For lawmakers in Juneau, getting to a budget deal this week will be like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Right now, all […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Alaskans rally in midtown against government shutdown

    by KTVA 11 News on Jun 12, 9:14

    State workers, educators and others rallied in Midtown Sunday afternoon, upset about the looming government shutdown. Thousands of state employees have received pink slips warning they could be laid off July 1. Speakers at the rally said if there is a government shut down, not one legislative seat will be safe in Alaska. Every seat […]

  • U.S. Politics

    DOJ argues Trump can accept foreign money

    by CBS News on Jun 10, 13:35

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) claims President Trump can accept goods and services from foreign governments without congressional approval, despite the constitutional prohibition against U.S. officials’ acceptance of foreign payments or gifts without congressional approval. In response to a lawsuit filed by watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW), attorneys for the group claim […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Government shutdown would cost state hundreds of millions

    by Liz Raines on Jun 09, 18:25

    Alaska is just three weeks away from a government shutdown if lawmakers don’t pass a budget. And if government does shut down, it would cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars to do it — because of interruptions to revenue-generating departments, as well as unemployment and other benefits for state employees. With each day […]

  • Politics

    Biking, trail funds returned to feds

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jun 09, 18:19

    A nonprofit group wanting to bring more sustainable trails to Alaska is asking state officials to act quickly on the federal funding it’s been given for biking and pedestrian projects. The organization Alaska Trails wrote a letter to Governor Bill Walker urging him to use all funds available from the Transportation Alternatives program. According to […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Trump breaks silence on Comey testimony

    by CBS News on Jun 09, 8:06

    President Donald Trump is asserting that fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress represents “total and complete vindication” in the Russia case. Mr. Trump, who did not post on his Twitter account as Comey appeared before the Senate intelligence committee Thursday, sent a tweet at daybreak Friday. In the post, the president said: “Despite […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Gov. Walker prepares for government shutdown

    by Liz Raines on Jun 08, 20:31

    Governor Bill Walker is responding to a looming government shutdown just as he would a natural disaster. On Thursday afternoon, Walker told reporters he’s set up an incident command structure, the type of organization used to respond to disasters — with periodic meetings between departments. Walker said he doesn’t believe the threat of a shutdown […]