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  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Vest uses sense of touch to replace sound, help people hear

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 11, 11:25

    HOUSTON, Texas (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Using the sense of touch to replace the sense of hearing sounds like science fiction, but it’s very much a reality and it could be a game-changer for the profoundly deaf. It started out as the doctorate project of Scott Novich in the lab of neuroscientist and best-selling author David […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Meet the ‘Birth Guy,’ a male doula helping expectant mothers and fathers

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 09, 16:53

    When you hear the terms “birthing expert” or “doula,” you might picture a woman. But what would you think if “she” was a “he?” Ivanhoe introduces you to a male doula who helps not just the mom-to-be, but the dad-to-be as well. Welcome to the Rocking Dads class, an introduction to the birthing experience, taught […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    People diagnosed with anorexia are not always who you think

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 05, 12:07

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Anorexia: It’s an eating disorder that can ruin lives and even kill. Usually it affects women. But male anorexia is real … and more prevalent than you might think. Up to seven million boys and men will suffer from eating disorders in their lifetimes. Most males don’t seek […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Fixing lazy eye: It’s not too late for adults

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 24, 13:10

    CHICAGO (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Doctors call it strabismus, but most of us know it as lazy eye or wandering eye. Special glasses, eye patches and exercises are used to train the eyes to stay straight. But very few patients realize there’s a surgery that can permanently fix misaligned eyes in adults. Sixty-two-year-old Joe Ennesser loves […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    New approach helps knee replacement patients recover sooner

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 23, 12:13

    NEW YORK CITY (Ivanhoe Newswire) — More than 700,000 Americans have knee replacement surgery every year to eliminate chronic pain from worn out joints, and doctors say that number will skyrocket over the next decade. Now, a new two-pronged approach is helping patients get back on their feet faster than ever before. Fifty-six year old […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Pencil beam protons zap cancer

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 22, 11:47

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Radiation treatment for cancer has become as precise as the tip of a pencil. With pencil beam proton therapy, doctors can pinpoint tumors more accurately than ever before, while greatly reducing the number of treatments and the risk of damaging healthy cells. Donald Dolan is just a few weeks out […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Using Video to Kill Lung Cancer

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 17, 11:02

    NEW YORK CITY. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — At one time, treatment for lung cancer meant major surgery. Doctors would have to crack a patient’s ribs and remove a portion, or whole lobe of a lung. Now, a minimally invasive procedure is leaving more lung in place, making recovery a whole lot easier. For New York attorney […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Fixing chest deformities

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 14, 11:31

    NEW YORK CITY. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — A condition that you’ve probably never heard of can wreck a child’s health and self-esteem. Pectus, or chest wall deformities, are fairly common. As many as one in 500 kids are born with pectus, which either causes the chest wall to appear sunken in or to protrude. When corrective […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Holding your heart in your hand

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 14, 11:30

    DALLAS. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Five million Americans have heart failure, which can lead to heart attacks. It is also the cause of death for one out of nine people. Now, a one-of-a-kind program is motivating people to engage in heart-healthy activities and helping them cherish a second chance at life. Kenneth Arnentrout could never run […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Virtual reality testing for brain fitness

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 27, 10:08

    About 17 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury every year. It can be caused by a bump, blow or jolt. But the brain can also suffer when it’s not being used effectively, and now doctors are using technology that’s behind 3-D movies and video games to find out what is going on inside the […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Cancer-Detecting Microscope: Medicine’s Next Big Thing?

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 26, 11:15

    What if doctors could diagnose suspected cancer cells without having to take a biopsy from a patient? A new project being funded by the National Institutes of Health is making that possible. As the inventor of tumor paint, a chemical that illuminates tumors during surgery, Jim Olson, M.D., an oncologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Fibromuscular dysplasia: Mysterious disease in women

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 24, 7:30

    Fibromuscular dysplasia, or FMD for short, is up to ten times more common in women than in men. But it’s often overlooked because patients and their doctors have a hard time identifying the symptoms. Here’s what you need to know about this rare and mysterious disease. Nurse Mary Lou Lucas has spent her career helping […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Live liver donation: A solution to organ shortage gains momentum

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 16, 15:49

    Last year, 359 liver transplants were made possible by live liver donation. It’s a number that has grown over the past three years, and experts say it may be evidence that more people are learning about what can be, for some, the only life-saving option. Ashley Ray, 21, suffered from liver disease from the age […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Subtle signs of bladder cancer

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Sep 07, 20:25

    Seventy-four thousand men and women are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year in the United States. It remains the sixth most common cancer overall and in men, it’s even more common. That’s why experts say it’s crucial to know the signs and symptoms, some of which can be subtle. Richard Clendaniel is a retired Maryland […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Telemental health at your fingertips

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 28, 18:06

    It’s likely that all of us, sometime in our lives will either know someone coping with a mental illness or we’ll experience it ourselves. But 60 percent of adults and 50 percent of youth ages 8 to 15 who have a mental illness got no help last year. What can we do to get help […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Dancing through Marfan Syndrome

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 20, 20:17

    Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue; these tissues hold all the body’s cells and organs together. One in 5,000 people have it, but some may not even know it until there’s a tear in their aorta or their valves pull apart. Until recently, a Marfan patient wasn’t expected to […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Acupuncture for the pain

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 13, 19:58

    When it comes to using acupuncture to treat pain, some folks swear by it and others dismiss it. But a Chicago medical center thinks a “new” form of acupuncture could very well be the hope that many women are looking for — a way to end chronic pelvic pain. Rachael Fellers can now enjoy the […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    ‘Smart’ insulin

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 07, 21:21

    Imagine how tough it is for new parents to find out their baby has diabetes and then have to learn as they go how to regulate blood sugar and dose insulin. A mistake could bring coma or death. But now, a researcher in Utah’s “smart” insulin could someday eliminate guesswork and more. Seven-year-old Foster Dunstan […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    New treatment for breast cancer

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 29, 20:10

    A breast cancer diagnosis is scary enough by itself, and for many patients, making endless trips back to the hospital for radiation therapy adds to the misery. But a new radiation treatment offers convenience and peace of mind to a lot of women. In her twenties, Beverly Treat was a dancer and physically fit. A […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Best bet for back pain

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 25, 16:37

    An estimated 400,000 Americans over the age of 60 struggle with back pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal. For many patients, surgery is not the only option, and a new study shows other treatments may be just as effective for long-term relief of chronic pain. Seventy-five-year-old Stephanie Paul is […]