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  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Marissa Evans

    by James Gaddis on Feb 13, 12:32

    Although relatively new to Anchorage, Marissa Evans is already making a significant impact on students at Holy Rosary Academy in Anchorage. “It’s not about me and my perfect plans, but it is very much about them and the journey that we’re taking and if I keep that in mind it really helps me to push […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Let’s talk about climate change

    by John Tracy on Feb 09, 18:19

    Imagine what it must have been like to have been a dinosaur. Lords of their universe. Top of the food chain. They were going to live forever, only to be taken out by a glitch in the system called global climate change. It’s little more than hubris to think that we humans will be around […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Rebecca Julian

    by Megan Mazurek on Feb 06, 11:48

    Rebecca Julian says she may be strict, but her students know she cares about them “They [students] know the expectations and we get a lot done that way,” said  Julian, a third and fourth grade teacher at Nunaka Valley Elementary School. Julian has been teaching at Nunaka for 18 years, and says the school feels like one big […]

  • Inside the Gates

    Inside the Gates: Arctic gear to stay in the field and in the fight

    by Bonney Bowman on Feb 04, 12:16

    Alaska’s Arctic warriors have to be ready to fight in any weather, no matter the cold. They get special gear, issued only here. When they’re in the field, the soldiers are often outside in the snow for hours. “There’s certain points where the cold just kind of gets you,” said combat medic Spc. Tyler Steane. […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Will Congress meet Trump’s promises on Obamacare?

    by John Tracy on Feb 02, 17:36

    You can always tell where people stand, depending on if they refer to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare. Thousands of Alaskans are insured for the first time thanks to the ACA. Thousands of others hate Obamacare. Individual health plans are the most expensive in the country and Alaska is down to just one […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Will the refugee ban make us safer?

    by John Tracy on Jan 30, 20:39

    Consider the iPhone. Who could imagine a computer for your pocket? Mine started blowing up on Friday with news of President Donald Trump’s executive order to halt the U.S Refugee Resettlement program until our country’s vetting process is improved. We witnessed the protests across America as we detained refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, as well as […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Mischell Anderson

    by James Gaddis on Jan 30, 10:54

    Whether teaching AP Psychology or AP World History, KTVA’s Teacher of the Week wants her students to take away some valuable life lessons. “I hope they have the ability to critically look at their world and question the things that they see,” said Mischell Anderson. “I hope they believe in themselves as lifelong learners, as […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Lawmakers will get serious this session

    by John Tracy on Jan 26, 17:13

    I’m an optimist by nature and a cynic by experience. But this year, I’m optimistic the Alaska Legislature will finally take steps to put the state on a sustainable path; optimistic because after blowing through $13 billion of our savings in the last 4 years, there are only two years of funding left in the […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Kaity Williamson

    by Megan Mazurek on Jan 23, 13:42

    For Kaity Williamson, teaching is her dream job. “Every day is different,” she explained. “The kids are awesome.” Williamson is a biology teacher at Service High School and is helping her students explore careers in biomedical sciences. “Health care is definitely an up and coming need in this nation and our kids are hopefully going […]

  • Inside the Gates

    Inside the Gates: Businesses off-limits to service members

    by Bonney Bowman on Jan 21, 11:43

    It may surprise you to learn, but there are some businesses in Anchorage where members of our military community are not allowed to go. The Armed Forces Disciplinary Review Board can make a business “off-limits,” making it a crime for a service member to go there. Col. Seth Deam, staff judge advocate for the 673rd […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: The legitimacy of Donald Trump

    by John Tracy on Jan 19, 16:38

    America will swear in a new commander in chief Friday. The ceremony in Washington, D.C. is intended to demonstrate, once again, that a peaceful transition of power is central to our democracy. However, many members of Congress now say they will boycott the inauguration. When Georgia Rep., and civil rights icon, John Lewis said he […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Dee McKee

    by James Gaddis on Jan 16, 12:54

    The day after Dee McKee learned her big brother Mike Kelly died in a plane crash, she went to school as usual. “I just felt that this was a place that I would be buoyed up, and that’s exactly what happened,” said McKee. KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week was flooded with cards and condolences […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: The audacity of Obama

    by John Tracy on Jan 13, 10:23

    If Tuesday night’s address was his last to the American people, President Barack Obama left on a high note. It was a speech that was as notable for the ideas it expressed, as much for what was left unsaid. What could have been a litany of victories won and excuses for battles lost — surely […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Marsha Williams

    by Megan Mazurek on Jan 09, 14:08

    Marsha Williams has always been a music person. She says there’s something about it that brings people together. “Anything we can do together to build community through music is my passion,” said Williams. She began teaching music at Williwaw Elementary after spending most of her career in special education. When a position opened up at the […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: That was so 2016

    by John Tracy on Dec 29, 17:35

    I thought hard about what to talk about this week. A look back at the top stories of 2016 would be a little depressing in my opinion. We lost icons like Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer and John Glenn. We witnessed the worst mass shooting in the history of America, in the name of Islamic terrorism. […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Is Santa from Siberia?

    by John Tracy on Dec 22, 15:54

    In 1897, 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon wrote the New York Sun a letter, asking simply, “Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?” Almost a hundred years after Virginia’s letter, I had the privilege as a journalist to travel around the Arctic Circle as part of a circumpolar outreach. We visited 14 Arctic cities […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Randy Harrison

    by James Gaddis on Dec 19, 11:40

    As a student, Randy Harrison struggled through high school. He says he knows how difficult the experience can be without the right support. “High school’s tough,” said Harrison. “It’s not easy walking the halls for these kiddos, so they need someone in their corner. They need someone to go to bat for them.” Harrison, KTVA 11’s […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Tennys Owens made Anchorage her canvas

    by John Tracy on Dec 15, 17:37

    Thursday, Anchorage’s premier art gallery Artique closed it’s doors for the last time, after 45 years in business. Artique is the love child of owner Tennys Owens. If the modern history of Anchorage could be painted on canvas, Tennys Owens and her husband, Tom, would be primary colors. The Air Force sent the young couple […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Randy Marsh

    by Megan Mazurek on Dec 12, 11:24

    He’s a math teacher by trade and aviator at heart. “It’s my hobby,” said Randy Marsh. “So you don’t say no to teaching your hobby.” Marsh is a math and aviation teacher at Clark Middle School. He uses model airplanes to go over math lessons and has students work on flight simulators during in-class exercises. […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Will you get the remainder of your PFD?

    by John Tracy on Dec 08, 17:11

    What are the chances you’ll be seeing the other half of this year’s Alaska Permanent Fund dividend? Recently, an Anchorage superior court judge upheld Gov. Bill Walker’s authority to cut this year’s dividend in half by exercising his veto power. The lawsuit, challenging Walker’s authority, was filed by Democratic Sen. Bill Wielechowski. The case is being […]