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  • Marijuana News

    Where’s the weed? Anchorage pot shops cope with cannabis shortage

    by Shannon Ballard on Jan 19, 19:30

    If you’re hoping to pick up some legal marijuana in Anchorage, you may be out of luck. Currently, there are three stores open locally. Budtenders at Alaska Fireweed say they still have some flower on their shelves, but Dankorage and Artic Herbery say they’re sold out. It didn’t take long for Anchorage’s first pot shop to […]

  • Marijuana News

    DHSS wants consumers to be informed about marijuana edibles

    by Liz Raines on Dec 31, 10:00

    By the time its doors open at noon on Monday, Anchorage’s Arctic Herbery will be stocked with roughly 1,000 packages of marijuana edibles. If you haven’t tried an edible before, there are a few things the state’s chief medical officer says you should know. “It’s absorbed through the gut, so it’s a much slower process […]

  • Marijuana News

    Alaska made $81k in marijuana taxes from first full month of sales

    by Shannon Ballard on Dec 30, 19:42

    Taxes from Alaska’s first full month of marijuana sales are in, and the tax director for the Alaska Department of Revenue, Ken Alper, says the state collected just over $81,000 in November. The state saw only $10,400 in pot taxes in October. At the moment, marijuana in Alaska is only taxed at the cultivation level. Buds […]

  • Marijuana News

    2 businesses applying for YK Delta’s first marijuana store licenses

    by Anna Rose MacArthur/KYUK on Dec 22, 14:42

    Two businesses in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta are applying for the region’s first marijuana store licenses — the Green Tree LLC in Bethel, located at 260 C Osage Avenue, and Kuskokwim Enterprises, LLC in Aniak, located at 3 Slough View Drive, according to a report by KYUK Public Media. Both businesses are in the first […]

  • Marijuana News

    More US women using pot during pregnancy

    by CBS/AP on Dec 19, 10:40

    CHICAGO — U.S. women are increasingly using marijuana during pregnancy, sometimes to treat morning sickness, new reports suggest. Though the actual numbers are small, the trend raises concerns because of evidence linking the drug with low birth weights and other problems. In 2014, almost 4 percent of pregnant women said they’d recently used marijuana, up […]

  • Marijuana News

    Celebrating cannabis: Anchorage’s first pot shop is open for business

    by Shannon Ballard on Dec 15, 16:38

    Anchorage hit a marijuana milestone on Thursday. Arctic Herbery is officially the first pot shop in the city to start selling cannabis over the counter. It’s something folks have been waiting for since Alaska legalized weed two years ago. While the first shop in the state opened in Valdez back in October, customers who lined up outside […]

  • Marijuana News

    Anchorage pot shop gets a call from state officials on opening day

    by Shannon Ballard on Dec 08, 17:18

    Last Updated at 4:37 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 9 Anchorage’s first marijuana retailer hit a bit of a snag minutes after opening Friday. Butch Tilmer was the first customer to purchase six clone plants from Arctic Herbery. Then the state called the store and asked owner Bryant Thorp to hold off additional sales. After a lengthy […]

  • Marijuana News

    Weed is legal in Alaska, but when will it go on sale in Anchorage?

    by Shannon Ballard on Dec 07, 17:27

    From Southeast to Fairbanks, marijuana shops have started opening their doors across the state. But Alaska’s biggest city is trudging behind, leaving many to ask: When will Anchorage’s pot shops finally open? The municipality has a list of about 100 or so proposed marijuana businesses, according to Erika McConnell, marijuana coordinator with the Municipality of Anchorage. So far […]

  • Marijuana News

    Southcentral’s first marijuana retail shop opens in Kenai

    by Heather Hintze on Nov 21, 18:26

    Southcentral Alaska now has its first recreational marijuana retail store. Red Run Cannabis Company opened its new shop at 5455 Kenai Spur Road at noon on Monday. Owner Eric Derleth said the shop had more than 200 people come through in the first couple hours. Red Run is approved to grow and sell marijuana. Derleth […]

  • Marijuana News

    Oregon cities setting rules after opting in to legal pot

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Nov 18, 15:51

    SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Some 30 counties and cities in Oregon approved some type of marijuana businesses in last week’s election. When voters legalized recreational marijuana two years ago, the communities opted out. But many switched it up this month, voting to allow at least some form of the pot industry, including medical marijuana. Now […]

  • Marijuana News

    Cannabis cocktails? Constellation is mulling it

    by Jonathan Berr / MoneyWatch on Nov 11, 12:36

    The company behind Corona beer, Robert Mondavi wine and Casa Noble Tequila is considering moving into the market for legal marijuana by selling alcoholic beverages infused with cannabis. “Why wouldn’t big business, so to speak, be acutely interested in a category of that magnitude?” Constellation Brands (STZ) CEO Rob Sands told Bloomberg News, as he […]

  • Marijuana News

    Big victories for legal pot, but path ahead is uncertain

    by Paul Elias / AP on Nov 09, 12:01

    The number of Americans living in states with recreational marijuana more than tripled after at least three more states voted to fully legalize the drug. But the election of Republican Donald Trump and GOP majorities in the Senate and House tempered advocates’ excitement about an anticipated federal easing of restrictions. Ethan Nadelmann is founder of […]

  • Marijuana News

    Voters approve: California joins states with legal recreational pot

    by Associated Press on Nov 08, 19:33

    California voters passed a ballot measure to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, giving a big boost to the campaign to end the drug’s national prohibition. Adults older than 21 can legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow six plants. California was one of five states where votes were considering the legalization […]

  • Marijuana News

    Municipality of Anchorage works to clarify marijuana zoning rules

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 04, 20:19

    The Anchorage Assembly is considering changing the way it measures the distance between marijuana businesses and protected land uses, such as schools, playgrounds and churches. At the corner of Spenard Road and 34th Avenue, Babette Miller wants to turn her current business into a pot shop called Doobie Depot. “We went through the whole process […]

  • Marijuana News

    Marijuana Control Board will not take further action against Arctic Herbery

    by Lauren Maxwell on Nov 02, 18:56

    Last updated on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 4:31 p.m. The Alaska Marijuana Control Board will not take action regarding Arctic Herbery’s violations. Bryant Thorp wrote a letter to the board explaining what happened.  According to Thorp, he gave joints of personal use marijuana to friends, in an effort to get rid of it before an inspection. […]

  • Marijuana News

    Celebrating cannabis: Alaskans line up to take part in historic pot shop opening

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 29, 16:34

    VALDEZ — Reisdents of Valdez are calling their community the “highest little town at sea level.” Saturday, the first pot shop in all of Alaska opened in the center of town. People from all over Southcentral Alaska lined up hours before Herbal Outfitters’ official opening to be a part of history. “It lets people know if […]

  • Marijuana News

    Alaska’s first marijuana shop opens Saturday, more to follow

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 28, 18:57

    It’s a historic swirl of commerce and cannabis, and if all goes as planned, Saturday is the day Alaskans will be able to buy marijuana from a store. Herbal Outfitters, in Valdez, says it will open at “high noon.” General manager Derek Morris says the store’s owners didn’t realize until just a few days ago […]

  • Marijuana News

    Marijuana Control Board meeting in Nome canceled, rescheduled for Friday at UAA

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 26, 16:16

    Thursday’s Marijuana Control Board meeting in Nome has been canceled because of bad weather. Members will instead meet Friday at the University of Alaska Anchorage, the board announced Wednesday. Two hot-topic issues expected to be discussed are on-site consumption and requirements for so-called “bud tenders,” those who will handle marijuana in retail stores. Some argue the […]

  • Marijuana News

    With testing underway, marijuana shops prepare to open in Alaska

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 24, 16:23

    It’s been almost two years since Alaskans voted to legalize marijuana, but it wasn’t until Monday morning that the industry took a crucial step forward. The first cannabis testing facility is now up and running. CannTest, LLC is nestled in Ship Creek. For its three-man staff, breaking in their instruments feels like a milestone. By 10:30 a.m., […]

  • Marijuana News

    Gourmet ganja? Marijuana dining is a growing industry

    by Kristen Wyatt / AP on Oct 13, 8:12

    Marijuana legalization has chefs trying out pot pairings, and pot growers seeking new aromas and flavors. Colorado now has a few private dinners where guests can try different flavors of marijuana and see how they match with food. But legal obstacles remain for businesses that want to combine marijuana and dining, even in legal weed […]