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Live race coverage on KTVA 11, KTVA.com & GCI Ch. 907 begins at 11 a.m. on July 4th


  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Photos: Scenes from 2017 Mount Marathon

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jul 04, 10:36

    Hundreds of people from around the world lined up to take on Mount Marathon. Here’s a look at some of the scenes from the juniors, men’s and women’s races. Click here to view full results from all three races.

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    2017 Mount Marathon Race results: Alaskans sweep again

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jul 04, 9:52

    Watch – Full video of 2017 Mt. Marathon Races   The winners of the 2017 Mount Marathon Race are decided– and for the second year in a row, Alaskans have swept first place in all three races. Scott Patterson, the Alaskan who finished fourth in 2016, won the 2017 Men’s Mount Marathon Race. In second […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Watch: 2017 Mount Marathon Races

    by KTVA Web Staff on Jul 04, 5:00

        Live coverage of the Mount Marathon Race July 4, 2017 Junior’s Race — 9 a.m. on Facebook Women’s Race – 11 a.m. Men’s Race – 2 p.m. ___________________________________ Live coverage will be available in the video player above and KTVA Channel 11 & GCI Channel 907 beginning at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Complete coverage […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Skiing and mountain running go hand in hand for Scott Patterson

    by John Thain on Jul 03, 15:53

    Scott Patterson is from Anchorage — graduated from South High School in 2010, and earned a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Vermont. He works for Coffman Engineers in Anchorage and a skier at Alaska Pacific University (APU). He recently took first place at the 50k skate ski in Fairbanks U.S. National Championships. […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Allie Ostrander returns to Mount Marathon

    by John Thain on Jul 02, 17:29

    At just 20 years old, Allie Ostrander is already a familiar face on Mount Marathon. “It’s a tradition now, the summer doesn’t feel complete without a race up and down this mountain,” she said. The Soldotna native first ran the Junior race in 2007 and kept coming back year after year — winning it eight […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Running Mount Marathon with limited vision

    by John Thain on Jul 01, 14:24

    Running up and down Mount Marathon has become a yearly event for 12-year-old Rennick Heatwole. He first ran the Junior race in 2014. “It was hard because I was working to do my best and not fall off the trail,” he said. Rennick is significantly visually impaired. “When I stick my arm out everything behind […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    81 years old and competing on Mount Marathon

    by John Thain on Jun 30, 17:34

    What does it take to compete in Mount Marathon? Not youth. Chad Resari is hitting the mountain at the seasoned age of 81. “I feel like staying in shape is very important,” he says while trekking up the trail to Flat Top in his hometown of Anchorage. Resari makes good time — passing hikers less […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    An expert’s guide to Mount Marathon

    by John Thain on Jun 29, 16:25

    Looking up from downtown Seward, Mount Marathon looks pretty daunting, and the people who run up this mountain will tell you — it is. Flip Foldager knows the mountain about as well as anyone can. The 60-year-old Seward resident has climbed it since he was a kid. “Hundreds of times,” he said. “Maybe even approaching […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Mount Marathon race field shaping up

    by Dave Goldman on Apr 05, 8:40

    The 3,022 foot rock awaits. There’s still snow on the ground, but July Fourth doesn’t seem that far away. Mount Marathon race organizers brought us closer to that summer classic — making the entries public for the 2017 competition in Seward. Last year’s men’s winner, David Norris, will be back to defend his title. As a 25-year-old […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Interview: Palmer’s Christy Marvin on competition at Mount Marathon

    by Dave Goldman on Jul 12, 0:08

    Monday, July 4, 2016 would be Christy Marvin’s day. She picked up her second Mount Marathon championship in four years. After winning, she, her husband Ben and their kids escaped for a family excursion. When they returned, she stopped by the KTVA studio to discuss the victory over the field, including 21-year-old Norwegian sensation Yngvild […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Photos: Moments of celebration at Mount Marathon’s ‘Victory Rock’

    by Jason Sear on Jul 05, 13:44

    Anyone who’s summited Mount Marathon knows: reaching the base, no matter how fast, is an accomplishment. After climbing 3,022 vertical feet, runners descended down through snow, rocks, roots and mud, finally reaching ‘Victory Rock’ at the base of the mountain. Under perfect weather conditions Monday, hundreds of runners completed the grueling feat. Here’s a collection […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Results: Alaskans sweep Mount Marathon events

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jul 04, 10:29

    Last updated at 5:35 p.m. on Monday, July 4 Christy Marvin, 35, of Palmer, won the women’s race — making it a clean Alaska sweep in every category for the annual race. Marvin sprinted across the finish line in 51 minutes, 2 seconds surrounded by cheers from spectators in Seward. She was followed by Yngvild […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Photos: Mount Marathon, as it happened

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jul 04, 9:32

    The annual Fourth of July Mount Marathon race kicked off at 9 a.m. Monday in Seward with the junior racers. Although the clouds hung low over the mountain, the rain held off and temperatures stuck in the 60s — the perfect weather for runners. The men were next on the mountain with the first wave […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Watch Live: 2016 Mount Marathon Race

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jul 03, 19:55

        Live coverage of the Mount Marathon Race July 4, 2016 Men’s Race – 10:30 a.m. Women’s Race – 2:00 p.m. ___________________________________ View Mount Marathon Race Results ___________________________________ Live coverage will be available in the video player above and KTVA Channel 11 & GCI Channel 1. Complete coverage of the 2016 Mount Marathon Race

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Snow on Mount Marathon peak could prove tricky for runners

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 03, 11:43

    In Seward, it was rainy the day before the Mount Marathon race, but there’s another weather condition that’s worrying many competitors. At the peak of the mountain, 3,022 feet above Seward, there’s a large snow field. Racers say they haven’t seen these conditions in at least 5 years. A lot of people were practicing the […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Women in the prime time: The advantages of racing last

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 02, 17:53

    You could say it takes a certain craziness to hurl your body down a very steep mountain littered with hazards and unforgiving to mistakes. But 35-time Mount Marathon finishers Patti Foldager and Ellyn Brown say they’re not crazy, they’re in love. “I signed up like an hour before the race and I had no idea […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    The Birdman: The man, the myth, the crowd favorite at Mount Marathon

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 01, 21:52

    There’s a lot of characters that run the grueling, punishing and sometimes bloody slog up and down Mount Marathon. Some would say, you have to be a touch crazy to endure the 3,033 foot climb. However, the most popular racer may be the creature known as “The Birdman.” “Birdman is the guy who has his […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    From mushing to Mount Marathon: The Seavey family rivalry

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 01, 8:25

    Any time the Seavey family gathers, it somehow turns into a competition. They’re known for mushing, but this weekend, their focus is on Mount Marathon — and the youngest brother has been scheming for months. “I have a plan to take Dallas out of the race. He should recover from it within a few months. […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Friendly rivalry fuels women to attempt to break Mount Marathon record

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 29, 22:45

    In Alaska, the mountain racing community is small. So when powerhouse Najeeby Quinn felt an unfamiliar stride creeping up on her during a race a few years ago, she was immediately intrigued. “She almost passed me and I held her off by a second and I was like, ‘who are you?’” she said. That was […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Mount Marathon goes global, lottery entries double from 2015

    by Megan Edge on Mar 29, 19:24

    The number of runners trying to make it into the annual Mount Marathon race by lottery is nearly double compared to 2015. By late Tuesday afternoon, 1,020 men, women and juniors had entered the lottery, according to the Seward Chamber of Commerce’s events coordinator GeNeil Flaherty. That number will likely change before the lottery submission […]