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  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: 5 ways to celebrate the return of daylight

    by Megan Edge on Dec 13, 16:19

    Whenever I complain about darkness to people from Outside, many of them — especially the 20-somethings — respond with a smirk that lets the world know that person is about to make what they think is a first-of-its-kind joke. However it’s so old, the last time I heard it, I fell off of my dinosaur. “But Megan, you […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Ullr — we beg you — bring snow

    by Megan Edge on Nov 29, 16:14

    Dear Ullr, I imagine as the Norse God of skiing, snow and archery, climate change is your Kryptonite. How strong you must have to be to fight that ugly beast. I’m sympathetic to your battle, but — get it together. Please bring snow. These cold, dry, icy, snowless winters are making me as bitter as […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Activities to help you survive — and enjoy — a long winter

    by Megan Edge on Oct 26, 17:38

    If you’re one of those people who says “I love Alaska; I just hate the winters,” stop. Please. That’s like saying you love apple pie, you just hate apples. Winter is more than half of the year here; you have to find a way to appreciate it. And isn’t true love in any form supposed […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: 5 big city signs you’re an Alaskan

    by Megan Edge on Oct 06, 16:35

    One of my earliest memories is when I learned to drive a four-wheeler; my dad taught me. I also remember the time he explained how bear spray worked — I was little and imagined myself running through the woods carrying it like Pocahontas but with Alaska swag. Once, I did more than half of a […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Expect the unexpected, even when hiking Flattop

    by Megan Edge on Sep 07, 13:44

    I almost forgot my bear spray. For a moment, I thought I’d be fine without it, as I’ve been trekking up Flattop Mountain more times than I can count. When a little nagging voice inside of my head told me not to be a dummy, I turned back home to grab it. Two minutes later, […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: In bike polo, players ‘wear a helmet, bring beer and a really good attitude’

    by Megan Edge on Sep 01, 9:09

    Spencer Mitchell corrected me when I said bike polo was a hobby. “It’s a lifestyle,” he said. He explained bike polo simply: Three versus three for a timed match or the first team to five points. Typically, teams play with two forwards and a defenseman, who protects the goal, and games last about 15 minutes. […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Fungus, festivals and a foraging movement

    by Megan Edge on Aug 26, 16:15

    It felt like I was walking through the pages of a children’s book. Vibrant green moss blanketed parts of Moose Meadow in Girdwood. Rain fell in a mist; leaving the fresh aroma of nature in the air and turning the hair sticking out from under my ball cap into curlicues. I was mushroom hunting, as […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: A good ol’ fashioned fish bake, it’s the Alaska way

    by Megan Edge on Aug 11, 20:26

    The rain held off just long enough to let us do it right; outside and around a campfire. Another Spenard fish bake left the lingering aroma of campfire smoke on our clothes and our stomachs comfortably stuffed with sockeye caught less than a month ago on the Kenai River. Fish bakes, or fish frys, are […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Teaching your dog to enjoy — or tolerate — water sports

    by Megan Edge on Jul 14, 16:14

    Brodie shook as he walked into my kayak. He sort of squinted at me as he laid down. Then he let out a groan. I gave him a treat, called him a good boy and pet him. He pressed his head against my neck and nuzzled. For the first couple of years of his life, […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Dip netting, a 20-something’s key to survival

    by Megan Edge on Jul 06, 15:41

    Living in a world that is constantly changing is exhausting. Sometimes it leaves me yearning for consistencies; the kind that keep you grounded and give you a sense of security in a time of your life when everything from your career to the dollar amount in your bank account is uncertain. Lucky for me, I […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: How to make a redneck swimming pool

    by Megan Edge on Jun 22, 18:57

    My pale Alaska body was not prepared for this summer heat. A sunburn and a few intense, detoxifying sweats later and I was wishing my little Spenard neighborhood had a community pool. What’s my remedy? A redneck swimming pool. My driveway swimming pool is constructed with three things; an oversized blue tarp, the bed of […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: A fear of Alaska’s high giardia rate

    by Megan Edge on Jun 17, 7:30

    My fear of giardia has probably reached an irrational level. A couple weeks ago, a beaver swam right next to my kayak as I paddled around Little Campbell Lake in West Anchorage. All of two seconds passed before my inner hypochondriac came bursting to the surface. I thought about all of things that could have […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Life without a campfire

    by Megan Edge on May 23, 22:35

    Sometimes we sat on wooden stumps, the tailgates of our pickup trucks or cheap polyester camping chairs. We’d situate seats in a circle and move from spot to spot, trying to avoid the moving cloud of smoke that plumed from the fire. In those seats, I watched my grandpa stoke a fire in the rain […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: Forget-Me-Not Nursery, not just another greenhouse

    by Megan Edge on May 09, 22:30

    Visiting the Forget-Me-Not Nursery is more of an experience than just a shopping trip. It begins long before you walk through the front doors and walk out with a cardboard flat of flowers. Courtney Ruckel, who owns the Indian nursery with her husband Brandon, has a few ideas about what makes their greenhouse so different […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: A 360-degree view on Bodenburg Butte

    by Megan Edge on Apr 28, 18:34

    I just needed one minute, after I summitted, to take in every angle of the 360-degree view from atop Bodenburg Butte: the Matanuska River valley, the Talkeetna Mountains, the Knik River valley, Pioneer Peak and the Knik Glacier. I could see it all after an hour-long drive and a 1.5-mile traverse from the West Butte […]

  • Living Alaska

    Living Alaska: City pet etiquette

    by Megan Edge on Apr 15, 1:05

    Springtime in Spenard has it perks. The sidewalks are swept, the neighborhood farmer’s market is expected to open soon and area musicians can sometimes be heard strumming a tune on their guitars beneath the west Anchorage sun. But it also means the pack of four-legged escape artists is growing. Because of the high number of […]