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Father speaks out following toddler’s death

By KTVA CBS 11 News 8:42 AM April 8, 2014

A father is speaking out against the man accused of murdering his son in Wasilla last month.

According to charging documents, 40-year-old Jyzyk Sharpe was babysitting three of his girlfriend’s children when 23-month-old Ezekiel Bear Dockery died from “blunt force trauma.”

While Sharpe claimed the boy had slipped in the bathtub, Brian Dockery isn’t buying it.

He’s now fighting for custody of his two girls and wants to bring them to Oklahoma, where he’s currently living.

“I think they’ve endured enough and I’m ready for them to come home,” Dockery said. “Their home is here with me and my family.”

Sharpe faces second-degree murder and manslaughter charges.

He’s scheduled to appear in court next week.


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