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  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Heavy diesel technology

    by Daybreak Staff on Jul 19, 11:42

    Heavy diesel technology is a profession that keeps boats, bulldozers, semi trucks and cranes running year-round. Diesel mechanics begin earning $18 to $30 an hour to well over $100,000 a year, depending on experience. Mechanics should have clean driving records, be able to pass a drug test and be willing to learn as technology continues […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Marine coating

    by Daybreak Staff on Jul 12, 10:53

      Marine coating is a profession that protects Alaska’s ships from corrosion, marine growth and more. Mike Ritz, a co-owner of Alaska Marine Coatings, says there is a lot of surface preparation which means it’s a very physical occupation. He added that includes sandblasting, spraying, brushing, painting numbers and other job duties. Because of Alaska’s […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Working on soft skills

    by Daybreak Staff on Jul 05, 11:03

      Before job seekers get to show their hard skills, like working with their hands, they have to have soft skills — work ethic, attitude and timeliness. Speaking and listening skills will show in the interview. Before that, a person’s writing skills will show in their cover letter. Enthusiasm and communication skills will tell an […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Careers as a crane operator

    by Daybreak Staff on Jun 28, 11:28

    Cranes are used all across the construction industry, according to David Myers with STG Incorporated, who joined Daybreak on the couch Wednesday morning. “Crane operating, you need to be patient, methodical, predictable, great leadership skills,” Myers said. “They’re responsible for the safety of that crane and those around them. They need to be able to […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Careers in water and wastewater treatment

    by Daybreak Staff on Jun 21, 11:11

    Alaskans looking for a job with transferable skills to Lower 48 can look no further than a career in water and wastewater treatment. The Alaska Job Corps offers free training that often takes around two years. According to Greg Howard, the program is self-directed, so, it might take students less than that. Typically, he added, […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Helmets to Hardhats

    by Daybreak Staff on Jun 14, 14:37

    Alaska Helmets to Hardhats is a program by Alaska Works Partnership along with Alaska Department of Labor that connects veterans or people exiting the military to free classes and training for careers in construction. Rene Eliste, an apprentice with Alcan Electrical and Engineering says it helped him land his career in telecommunications engineering. Helmets to […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Healthcare apprenticeships

    by Daybreak Staff on Jun 07, 11:14

    Four new health care apprenticeships are now available through the Alaska Primary Care Association. They include: Certified Community Health Worker – 1-year program or 6 months with experience Certified Billing and Coding Specialist – 1-year program or 6 months with experience Certified Clinical Medical Assistant- 2-year program or 1 year with experience Certified Medical Admin […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Careers in fabrication

    by Daybreak Staff on May 31, 15:54

    Careers in fabrication involve taking raw materials and making something useful out of them. One example is making control systems for the oil and gas industry. Alaskans who are interested can also expect a decent salary. Lynn Johnson, a director with Dowland Bach, says entry level welders start out at around $44,000 a year and […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Keeping employees fit for work

    by Daybreak Staff on May 24, 11:07

    Sometimes landing the job is just the start of the process. Employees often need need to prove they are fit to work before starting the job. That’s where Beacon Occupational Health and Safety Services comes in. Mark Hylen, Beacon’s vice president, says the company provides medical safety and training services for employers and employees. He […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Medical Science Academy at Bartlett High School

    by Daybreak Staff on May 10, 14:56

    For the past eight years, Bartlett High School has been getting the next wave of medical professionals interested in the industry. The program is called the Medical Science Academy, and is open to most students in the Anchorage School District. Sean Prince, Bartlett’s principal, says it has on primary teacher who teaches a wide range of […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Software development

    by Daybreak Staff on May 03, 13:24

    Software developers can solve all sorts of real world problems — from timing the Iron Dog race, to how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game collects data. Geoff Wright, president of Pango Technology in Anchorage, says developers help build software that impacts how oil moves through our pipeline, or to the maintenance of cell […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: The National Center for Construction Education and Research

    by Daybreak Staff on Apr 26, 13:01

    The Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium (APICC) has become a sponsor for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). The NCCER is a nonprofit that helps people build skills and earn credentials across the oil and gas, construction and mining industries. Mandy Beaulieu who is with both APICC and NCCER, says it can […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Maritime industry apprenticeships

    by Daybreak Staff on Apr 19, 11:59

    The Calista Corporation has partnered with AVTEC in Seward for an entry-level apprenticeship program aimed at high school students and graduates. Cari-Ann Carty with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium says students will learn nautical and shoreside skills, how to navigate in the waters of Alaska as well as get certifications and on-the-job training. Students will […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Careers in the maritime industry

    by Daybreak Staff on Apr 12, 11:46

    Careers in Alaska’s maritime industry are high paying, and have a huge impact on the economy. Jobs can be varied from seafood harvesting, offshore oil and gas to arctic research. Cari-Ann Carty with Alaska Process Industry Consortium (APICC) called the career “high-dollar, blue-collar” work, as a starting wage is around $60,000 a year. She added […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Careers in behavioral health for rural Alaskans

    by Daybreak Staff on Apr 05, 15:27

    The Rural Human Services program connects rural Alaskans to careers in healthcare and behavioral health. It’s a 32-credit program that is a part of the the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Rural Academic Pipeline. The program is offered in Anchorage, Bethel and the Kuskokwim campuses. Annie Hopper, the program’s manager, said one aspect that’s unique to the […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Becoming a power dispatcher

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 29, 12:22

    Power dispatchers are the people who help keep the lights on for Alaskans from Anchorage to Cooper Landing. According to Mike Miller, a power dispatcher with Chugach Electric Association, they even forecast energy usage for customers during special events like the Super Bowl. A power dispatcher makes sure there is a stable power grid so […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: SkillsUSA Alaska

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 22, 8:00

    SkillsUSA Alaska holds a competition every year aimed at getting Alaska high school students ready for a well-paying career early. Competitors can win a myriad of scholarships totaling more than $200,000. According to its website, SkillsUSA is an organization that strives to provide trade and industrial education to students. Not only that, but it also encourages leadership. […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Economic opportunities

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 15, 12:58

    In the face of an economic downturn in Alaska, some may be wondering if there are jobs to be had. Wednesday, state labor economist Neal Fried said “fear not.” While the state is still losing jobs at a rate currently higher than the national average, turnover rate works to its advantage. Many who have lost […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Geospatial Science

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 08, 14:29

    There are more than 2 million images of Alaska dating back to the 1930s, all used to monitor changes due to climate, earthquakes, volcanoes and coastal erosion, according to Stephen Sparks, an imaging specialist with Quantum Spatial. “We can look at things like how Turnagain neighborhood changed after the 1964 earthquake or how a community […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: MAPTS trains workers for Alaska’s resource industries

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 01, 15:54

    Careers in construction and oil and gas have to start somewhere. The University of Alaska system has an affiliated training school for those industries in Juneau, Anchorage and Soldotna. The program is called the mining and petroleum training service, or MAPTS. According to the program’s website, MAPTS started in 1979 to train workers in Alaska’s […]