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  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Economic opportunities

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 15, 12:58

    In the face of an economic downturn in Alaska, some may be wondering if there are jobs to be had. Wednesday, state labor economist Neal Fried said “fear not.” While the state is still losing jobs at a rate currently higher than the national average, turnover rate works to its advantage. Many who have lost […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Geospatial Science

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 08, 14:29

    There are more than 2 million images of Alaska dating back to the 1930s, all used to monitor changes due to climate, earthquakes, volcanoes and coastal erosion, according to Stephen Sparks, an imaging specialist with Quantum Spatial. “We can look at things like how Turnagain neighborhood changed after the 1964 earthquake or how a community […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: MAPTS trains workers for Alaska’s resource industries

    by Daybreak Staff on Mar 01, 15:54

    Careers in construction and oil and gas have to start somewhere. The University of Alaska system has an affiliated training school for those industries in Juneau, Anchorage and Soldotna. The program is called the mining and petroleum training service, or MAPTS. According to the program’s website, MAPTS started in 1979 to train workers in Alaska’s […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Engineering in Alaska

    by Daybreak Staff on Feb 22, 16:11

    Alaska is home to dozens of engineering specialties, ranging from civil to mechanical, aerospace to ship building. If there’s a big infrastructure project, chances are there was an engineer involved. Engineers also make a broad salary, averaging anywhere from $46 to $73 per hour, according to Cassie Ostrander, a spokesperson for the Alaska Process Industry […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Looking to the past to understand future careers

    by Daybreak Staff on Feb 15, 15:18

    University of Alaska Fairbanks professor Terence Cole has been looking to Alaska’s past to gain insight into the future of careers in our state. What he found was that most jobs that were available more than a century ago don’t exist anymore, and that people need to be instilled with a willingness to adapt change. “Life is […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Miner Training

    by Daybreak Staff on Feb 08, 13:19

    People looking for a career in mining and wanting to get hands on training can now get their hands dirty, and learn soft skills like employability. The Mining and Petroleum Training Service, which is a part of the University of Alaska, has a 50 mile training facility 30 miles outside of Delta Junction. According to […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Maritime careers through a new training program

    by Daybreak Staff on Feb 01, 13:05

    Including various islands, Alaska has nearly 34,000 miles of shoreline, according to Fly Alaska. That means there are a lot of opportunities for employment in the maritime sector. Now a joint program with Vigor Alaska, Maritime Works, and the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium (APICC) can help Alaskans start what could be a lifelong career in […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Becoming a veterinarian

    by Daybreak Staff on Jan 25, 12:44

    From sled dogs and house cats to seals and bears, veterinarians in Alaska have a wide variety of animals to care for. The pay isn’t bad either. According to Martha Peck with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium, veterinarians make roughly $7,800 a month. Vet technicians make roughly $3,500 and assistants pull in $2,400. Erin Earhart, a […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Millwrights

    by Daybreak Staff on Jan 18, 13:18

    Millwrights are precision industrial mechanics that work on compressors, turbines and other heavy equipment. This field includes high paying jobs servicing equipment that keeps Alaska’s major industries, like fishing and mining, afloat. Interested? The only place in Alaska to get trained is the Prince William Sound College in Valdez. The nationally accredited program is comprised […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Air Traffic Controllers

    by Daybreak Staff on Jan 11, 13:31

    A career as an air traffic controller comes with high stakes and potentially high wages. According to the Alaska Department of Labor it is one of the top jobs in the state, and is projected to grow. “The FAA is trying, nationwide, to hire between 1,300 and 1,700 controllers a year,” said Duane McQuillin, a […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Opportunities within the Municipality of Anchorage

    by Daybreak Staff on Jan 04, 11:58

    The Municipality of Anchorage is hosting a free “job shop” aimed at supporting residents looking for employment. The program started in Mountain View and has expanded to the Z.J. Loussac Public Library. The job shops are parts of Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s goal to create employment opportunities and be innovative in Alaska’s uncertain economic times. […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Becoming a pyrotechnician

    by Daybreak Staff on Dec 28, 13:22

    Becoming a pyrotechnician involves math and physics, according to Ashleigh Russell with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium. It’s not just lighting fuses. “You need to know where to put your fireworks, primary fireworks as well as fallout zone where it’s safe for the crowd,” said Russell. Another aspect of the job includes many long days, according […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: 2 ways to make it easier to land the job

    by Daybreak Staff on Dec 21, 8:04

    Getting an interview for a new job can be stressful — what to put on the resume, how to tailor that cover letter, etc. Luckily, there are some things that a job seeker can do to make the process easier. Martha Peck with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium (APICC) said before someone starts applying somewhere, they should do […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Fire Island Bakery and the keys to community business

    by Daybreak Staff on Dec 14, 12:16

    Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop does more than just worry about the bottom line. The family-owned artisan bakery organizes outreach programs with communities in Anchorage. According to Rachel Pennington, a co-owner and head baker, they give sugar cookies to hospitals or sports teams to get them into the holiday spirit. It’s just one of the ways they […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Careers in mining

    by Daybreak Staff on Dec 07, 13:29

    One of the consistently highest paying careers in Alaska is the mining industry. Currently, there are six active mines producing gold, silver, zinc, lead and coal. According to the Alaska Department of Labor, an average salary is in the six figure range. Meg Day, a resource manager for Donlin Gold, said there’s currently 8,700 direct […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Cargo careers at FedEx

    by Daybreak Staff on Nov 30, 13:33

    Careers in corralling cargo is what FedEx is all about — especially at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, which was the fourth-largest airport in terms of cargo in 2015, according to the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. The freight and transportation industry is essential in Alaska because of how many goods come through either the port or […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Employers, businesses thankful for workers, customers

    by Daybreak Staff on Nov 23, 12:30

    In honor of Thanksgiving this week, Workforce Wednesday showcased employers and let them spread their messages of gratitude. Cari-Ann Carty with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium (APICC) was thankful for working with a fantastic and supportive team. From big to small, business owners expressed their thanks. “I am personally am extra thankful for our staff,” said Rachel […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Apprenticeships in Alaska

    by Daybreak Staff on Nov 16, 11:42

    Did you know there are over 300 apprenticeship programs right here in Alaska? If you’re looking to earn while you learn, an apprenticeship could be right up your alley. You’ll need to know exactly which career or industry you want to work in. There are careers in mining, gas, oil, healthcare and more. “You just don’t just […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Getting veterans ‘job ready’

    by Daybreak Staff on Nov 09, 9:15

    Veterans searching for a career in the civilian world can run into difficulties transitioning. A job fair scheduled to take place at the University Center Mall is intended to get veterans “job ready.” According to event organizer and Army veteran Delma Chapa, job ready means getting out of the military world and into the civilian […]

  • Workforce Wednesday

    Workforce Wednesday: Considering a career in public safety

    by Daybreak Staff on Nov 02, 13:08

    Careers in public safety consist on much more than a badge and gun, as Daybreak learned Wednesday. Jobs include criminal justice technicians, police dispatchers, officers with the Department of Corrections and crime scene investigators, just to name a few. If you’re looking at a career in public safety, you’ll need to be flexible, open-minded and take […]