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    Storm that brought strong winds to Anchorage heads toward Southeast

    by Rachael Penton on Sep 21, 11:38

    The storm that brought hurricane force wind gusts to southcentral Alaska, knocking out power for thousands, is now on its way to Southeast Alaska. The storm will begin to affect portions of the northern panhandle Wednesday afternoon, before spreading rain and wind to the rest of the panhandle on Thursday. The storm is expected to […]

  • Weather News

    Are you a Denali Park road lottery winner? Be prepared for winter weather.

    by Rachael Penton on Sep 16, 8:45

    Starting Friday and going through Tuesday, 400 permit holders selected by lottery will be allowed to drive the 92-mile Denali Park road. If you’re among the lucky few and are headed to the park this weekend — be prepared for winter weather. A cold front is forecast to move in Saturday, bringing the potential for accumulating snow […]

  • Weather News

    High winds, heavy rain cause power outages across Anchorage

    by Melissa Frey on Sep 12, 3:55

    Last updated at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 12 High winds and heavy rain hit Anchorage Sunday night as a the first major fall-like storm moves across Southcentral. The wind picked up across Anchorage early Sunday, with the highest winds gusting at the end of the day. As of midnight, a wind gust of 47 […]

  • Weather News

    First major fall-like storm headed for Southcentral Alaska

    by Melissa Frey on Sep 10, 18:45

    High winds and heavy rain are likely to impact Southcentral Alaska Sunday and Monday. An area of low pressure, currently in the central Aleutians, is tracking east. A warm front, followed by a cold front, will move through Southcentral Sunday afternoon and evening, delivering first high winds and showers, followed by heavy rain. The National […]

  • Weather News

    Storm delivers high winds and heavy rain to Southeast Alaska

    by Melissa Frey on Sep 09, 15:26

    A storm system moving across Southeast Alaska Friday is bringing high winds and heavy rain to the area. Most of Southeast Alaska has already seen 1 to 3 inches of rain, with more on the way Friday night. A total of 2 to 5 inches of rain is likely by early Saturday. Winds have already […]

  • Weather News

    Heavy rain, wind expected to hit Southeast Alaska

    by KTVA Weather on Sep 08, 19:25

    Heavy rain, high winds and dangerous seas are expected across the eastern Gulf of Alaska and throughout Southeast Alaska Thursday night and Friday, as a strong storm system moves in from the west. A High Wind Watch was issued by the National Weather Service for Friday afternoon for Cape Decision to the Salisbury Sound coast […]

  • Weather News

    Fairbanks gets its first frost of the season

    by Melissa Frey on Sep 08, 15:56

    Much of Interior Alaska dipped below freezing for the first time this season Thursday. The areas shaded in blue on the graphic above indicate the locations at or below freezing. Fairbanks International Airport dropped to 30 degrees at about 6:30 a.m. Thursday and stayed there for about an hour. This is the first frost Fairbanks […]

  • Weather News

    Fairgoers in Alaska were treated to both warmer, sunnier weather

    by Rachael Penton on Sep 06, 12:55

    The Alaska State Fair is known for its usual wet weather, but Alaskans were spoiled this year — and it wasn’t because of the abundance of food or entertainment. This year’s weather was nearly ideal during the week-and-a-half stretch. It was overall warmer, drier and sunnier in comparison to last year. The first day of […]

  • Weather News

    Hermine threatens East Coast after slamming Florida

    by CBS News on Sep 02, 21:18

    Last Updated Sep 2, 2016 11:35 PM EDT DEKLE BEACH, Fla. - The first hurricane to hit Florida in more than a decade wiped away beachside buildings and toppled trees onto homes Friday before plowing inland on a path that could send it rolling up the densely populated East Coast with heavy rain, high winds and […]

  • Weather News

    August in Anchorage both extra wet and warm

    by Rachael Penton on Sep 02, 12:54

    When it comes to weather, August in Anchorage was anything but ordinary. If you thought it rained a lot — you’re right. August recorded 5.45 inches of rain, making it the fourth wettest August on record. Anchorage usually receives about 3.25 inches of rain in August. In fact, three days broke record rainfall amounts during […]

  • Weather News

    Garden Report: Flower contest judges search for perfection

    by Rachael Penton on Sep 01, 11:13

    If you’ve been to the Alaska State Fair, then you’ve seen the beautiful flowers on display. Every year local gardeners hand select their brightest, most impressive plants to submit for the annual flower contest. The judges await the flowers in the agricultural building, where each flower will be inspected for perfection. You’ll find everything from […]

  • Weather News

    It’s never been so hot, so late in Anchorage — until Sunday

    by Rachael Penton on Aug 29, 10:58

    The weather across Southcentral Alaska didn’t disappoint for the final weekend of August, with warm and sunny conditions throughout the region. Anchorage recorded a high temperature of 77 degrees on Sunday, Aug. 28 — something that’s never been done so late in the season. Previously, the latest a temperature of 77 degrees was recorded in Anchorage […]

  • Weather News

    Garden Report: The art of bonsai at the Alaska State Fair

    by Rachael Penton on Aug 25, 17:13

    If you’ve ever been to the Alaska State Fair, then you’ve probably seen the exhibit a time or two. The Cook Inlet Bonsai Study Group has been displaying their bonsai trees at the fair for more than 20 years. Paul Marmora, a long time member of the group, has an extensive collection of his own. […]

  • Weather News

    Storm causing high seas, strong winds and possible flooding

    by Melissa Frey on Aug 21, 22:10

    Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected across Southcentral Alaska Sunday night through Tuesday as a storm system moves through. This storm first moved over the Bering Sea and across Western Alaska, where it delivered heavy rainfall from Bethel through the western Brooks Range where flood advisories are in effect for the western Brooks Range. Nine- […]

  • Weather News

    Garden Report: Growing a berry harvest in your backyard

    by Rachael Penton on Aug 18, 12:48

    Berry picking is a summer tradition in Alaska. From blueberries in Arctic Valley to salmonberries on the Kenai Peninsula, the native berries are bountiful in July and August. But did you know, there are actually a variety of berry bushes that you can grow in your garden here in Alaska? “What you can have up […]

  • Weather News

    NOAA: July was Earth’s hottest month in recorded history

    by KTVA / AP on Aug 17, 11:12

    More federal scientists have confirmed we just sweated through Earth’s hottest month on record. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calculates that last month’s average global temperature was 62.01 degrees (16.67 degrees Celsius). That beats the old record set in July 2015 by a ninth of a degree and is 1.57 degrees above the 20th-century […]

  • Weather News

    Heavy rain continues across Southcentral Alaska

    by Melissa Frey on Aug 13, 11:55

    Storm after storm continues to ride the jet stream into Southcentral Alaska, bringing rain totals for the month to well above average. Rain has fallen on all but two of the first 12 days of the month at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The rain bucket is now sitting at over 3.30 inches of rain […]

  • Weather News

    Garden Report: Recreating mountain flora in ground level gardens

    by Rachael Penton on Aug 11, 13:16

    If you’ve ever been on a hike up one of Alaska’s many peaks, you’ve probably noticed the tiny colorful plants growing up there. These alpine plants — plants that grow above the tree line — come in shades of pinks, blues, and yellows. They thrive under the extreme cold, and often windy conditions at the […]

  • Weather News

    Garden Report: Alaska Botanical Garden building new space for niche plants

    by Rachael Penton on Aug 04, 11:27

    The Alaska Botanical Garden is a living museum. “Gardens, they are this mix of art and science. They’re an individual’s interpretation of their experience in the natural world,” says executive director Robin Dublin. One might consider the artifacts to be the 1,100 varieties of plants found within the 110-acre garden in East Anchorage. Dublin says […]

  • Weather News

    Study offers possible futures for polar bears in changing climate

    by Melissa Frey on Aug 03, 21:03

    Polar bears have been the poster animal for climate change for a long time, but recently, researchers were able to show what likely affects their survival most and what their fate could be, given different climate scenarios. The very environment that is hostile and severe to most creatures is the same environment that allows these […]