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Campaign 2014


  • Campaign 2014

    Senate, gubernatorial candidates use different strategies to win election

    by Dave Leval on Sep 30, 21:30

    The U.S. Senate race is one of the biggest on Alaska’s November ballot. KTVA 11 News tried to give voters a chance to hear from the candidates. However, the debate scheduled for later this month will not take place after Republican candidate Dan Sullivan turned down KTVA’s invitation. However, this isn’t the first time Sullivan has […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Plaintiff won’t challenge Walker-Mallott lawsuit ruling

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Sep 29, 14:36

    The plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the Walker-Mallott unity ticket says he won’t appeal a judge’s ruling that an emergency order permitting the merged campaigns can stand. Steve Strait, District 21 chairman for the Alaska Republican Party, filed the lawsuit against Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai, saying that an emergency order […]

  • Campaign 2014

    New Begich ad features Murkowski

    by Associated Press on Sep 28, 15:33

    Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich is again running an ad touting his work with Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski. It comes after Murkowski earlier in the campaign called on Begich to stop running a similar ad. And it comes days after Murkowski was featured in an ad endorsing Begich’s GOP rival, Dan Sullivan. The Begich ad […]

  • Campaign 2014

    US Chamber of Commerce endorses Dan Sullivan for Senate

    by Rhonda McBride on Sep 25, 22:26

    Thursday’s earthquake nearly overshadowed an announcement from U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign about a major endorsement. The national political director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce came to Alaska to make the announcement personally. Rob Engstrom is also a vice president of the organization, which supported Sullivan in the GOP primary and funded attack […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Earthquake interrupts Sullivan campaign news conference

    by Rhonda McBride on Sep 25, 20:22

      You might say it was a campaign shake-up but not of the political kind. Dan Sullivan’s U.S. Senate campaign was poised to make an announcement about a major endorsement when a sign in the backdrop started shaking – and a rumbling emanated from the floor. The news conference was held at Beacon Occupational Health […]

  • Campaign 2014

    State, plaintiffs prepare ballot-lawsuit arguments

    by Associated Press on Sep 25, 15:30

    The state says a lawsuit challenging the mechanism that allowed two Alaska gubernatorial candidates to merge their campaigns would derail the November election and potentially disenfranchise voters if it succeeds. The state’s position is detailed in court documents filed this week ahead of oral arguments set for Friday in the lawsuit against Lt. Gov. Mead […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Murkowski shows support for Sullivan as senator

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Sep 23, 23:01

    With less than six weeks before the general election, the U.S. Senate race is heating up. Today, Sen. Lisa Murkowski made it known who she is backing to work with her in Washington, D.C. Murkowski appeared in a new ad expressing support for Alaska GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Sullivan is challenging Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Alaskans hit the streets for National Voter Registration Day

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 23, 18:22

    Today is National Voter Registration Day, a campaign to prepare citizens to get out and vote. But residents can’t vote for candidates or propositions if they aren’t registered to vote. In 2008, 6 million Americans failed to vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register, according to the National Voter […]

  • Campaign 2014

    NRA political arm endorses Parnell for governor

    by Associated Press on Sep 23, 15:15

    The political arm of the National Rifle Association has endorsed Republican Gov. Sean Parnell for re-election. The NRA Political Victory Fund gave Parnell an A-plus rating, which it says denotes an “excellent public record on critical NRA issues” and efforts to promote and defend the constitutional right to bear arms. In a release, the group’s […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Anchorage man to spend big bucks on local elections

    by Dave Leval on Sep 20, 13:30

    House Majority Leader Lance Pruitt is back on the campaign trail. On a Friday in September, less than two months before the general election, rain doesn’t stop Pruitt from making his rounds as he goes door to door in an East Anchorage neighborhood. Pruitt says campaigning gives him a chance to reconnect with voters. “I love […]

  • National

    Obama: Vote shows U.S. is united against ISIS

    by Rebecca Kaplan / CBS News on Sep 18, 18:13

    Last Updated Sep 18, 2014 7:15 PM EDT With a bipartisan vote, the Senate on Thursday approved a request from President Obama to arm and train Syrian rebels in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also known as ISIL), sending a bill to Mr. Obama for a final signature. The president said […]

  • Campaign 2014

    More Alaskan voters identify as independents

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 16, 7:29

    A growing number of Alaskans identify as politically independent, according to a recent Gallup poll. Almost 60 percent of those surveyed consider themselves independents, up 12 percent from 47 in 2013. Alaska has traditionally been among the states with the highest percentages of residents who identify as independents, Gallup says. The current Alaskan independent percentage […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Sullivan says he backs state minimum wage measure

    by Associated Press on Sep 15, 17:47

    Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan says he doesn’t support raising the federal minimum wage but supports a state initiative to raise Alaska’s minimum wage. Sullivan, in a statement, said he believes Alaskans know best when it comes to strengthening the state’s economy and supporting its workers and businesses. Sullivan said he also backs efforts […]

  • Local

    Unions launch new “Vote No on 1″ campaign

    by Lauren Maxwell on Sep 12, 20:06

    As the November election approaches, Anchorage residents may begin to notice new political signs with a familiar slogan. But this latest “Vote No on 1” campaign has nothing to do with oil taxes, as it did in the primary election. The Proposition 1 that Anchorage voters will see on the ballot in November refers to Mayor […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Conservatives form new coalition to support Ballot Measure 2

    by Alexis Fernandez on Sep 11, 23:07

    The general election is less than two months away, and the issue of legalizing pot is lighting up. The debate has become heated among members of the Alaska Republican Party, with people on both sides of the aisle. Three Alaska Republicans joined the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol at a press conference Wednesday to […]

  • National

    Begich votes to advance campaign finance measure

    by Associated Press on Sep 11, 13:54

    A proposed constitutional amendment aimed at big spending in campaigns has failed in the U.S. Senate. Democratic Sen. Mark Begich voted to advance the measure Thursday. He also was a co-sponsor. Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski did not vote. A spokesman says she was returning from the Conference of Arctic Parliamentarians. The measure was considered a […]

  • Campaign 2014

    AO-37 added on November ballot

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Sep 08, 23:13

    The effort to repeal Anchorage’s new labor law will officially be decided on general election day. The Municipality of Anchorage announced Monday that it reached an agreement with the Alaska Division of Elections to add AO-37 onto the November ballot. Mayor Dan Sullivan introduced the labor law 18 months ago, saying it makes the contract process […]

  • State

    Gov. Parnell wraps up hard week in politics

    by Associated Press on Sep 05, 17:03

    Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell has had far better weeks than this one. First, Parnell’s two main opponents in a three-way gubernatorial race joined campaigns, a move expected to present a more formidable challenge to the Republican governor’s re-election bid. Then, Parnell’s campaign inadvertently sent out an election flier to state employees, a campaign violation. Parnell’s […]

  • Campaign 2014

    State labor organization endorses Walker-Mallott ticket

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Sep 04, 14:31

    A state labor organization that represents more than Alaskan 60,000 workers has voted to endorse Bill Walker and Byron Mallott in the November election. Thursday, affiliates of the Alaska AFL-CIO voted to support Mallott and Walker, a coalition formed this week. Walker is running for governor with Mallott as lieutenant governor. “With our endorsement, we […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Parnell campaign blames vendor for email flap

    by Associated Press on Sep 04, 13:37

    Republican Gov. Sean Parnell’s re-election campaign says a vendor mistake resulted in a political fundraising appeal being sent to state government email addresses. Spokesman Luke Miller said this happened after the campaign had requested, and been assured, that any governmental email addresses would be suppressed from the mailing list. Democrats seized on the incident, with […]