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  • Local

    Ethan Berkowitz sworn in as Anchorage mayor

    by Kate McPherson on Jul 01, 23:10

    Hundreds of people watched on as former Greater Anchorage Borough Mayor Jack Roderick administered the oath to Mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz. Anchorage Assembly members, state legislators and former mayors were in the crowd at Town Square Park on Wednesday afternoon. “With his natural energy, integrity and sincerity, my dad is the kind of guy who can […]

  • State

    Governor urges lawmakers to revisit oil tax credits

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jul 01, 21:07

    Alaska’s governor says the state has a fiscal problem, and it’s partly because of oil tax credits. Gov. Bill Walker vetoed $200 million in oil tax credits on Monday from the state budget. The credits will be applied, but delayed by a couple of months. “We need a solution to the situation we’re in. Business […]

  • State

    Walker signs budget, vetoes $200M in oil tax credits

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 30, 23:24

    Gov. Bill Walker vetoed $200 million in tax credits from the 2016 operating budget. The credits are owed to oil and gas companies that work in Alaska and are designed to encourage production. “The governor was right to do what he did,” said Anchorage Democrat Rep. Les Gara. “We had to cut the budget and […]

  • Local

    Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan reflects on his legacy

    by Alexis Fernandez on Jun 29, 20:08

    A cleaner, safer and stronger city — that’s the legacy Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan says he hopes to leave behind as he prepares to hand over the keys to the next mayor this week. Sullivan updated the public on the state of the city at the Make it Monday forum. He told the crowd he’s most […]

  • Local

    Multi-sport pavilion at East High delayed

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 23, 23:47

    A plan to build a pavilion over tennis courts at East High School has been delayed. A proposal was made to grant $800,000 to the Alliance for the Support of American Legion Baseball to complete the project within 16 months. But Assemblyman Bill Starr says this idea doesn’t have the full support of the Anchorage […]

  • National

    Rubio names Alaska team as part of presidential bid

    by Associated Press on Jun 22, 16:58

    Political consultants Art and April Hackney will serve as Alaska co-chairs of Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s campaign. The state Republican party sent out a news release announcing Rubio’s Alaska team on Sunday. Rubio’s campaign confirmed the release Monday. Rubio is a U.S. senator from Florida. Regional chairs of Rubio’s campaign in Alaska are Elizabeth […]

  • State

    More responsibility for Alaskan teachers and school volunteers

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 13, 0:50

    Alaska’s Legislature passed the Alaska Safe Children’s Act, which contains Erin’s Law and Bree’s Law, but there was also other legislation attached. It includes the addition of school volunteers to the list of people who legally must report suspected child abuse, and requirements for all teachers — no matter what class they teach — to […]

  • State

    Alaska Legislature passes Erin’s Law

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jun 11, 23:33

    The Legislature passed the Alaska Safe Children’s Act on Thursday. The Senate passed it unanimously and the House of Representatives passed it with a vote of 37 – 1, with dissent from Rep. Tammie Wilson. Also known as “Erin’s Law,” House Bill 44 requires schools to teach all students how to recognize sexual assault and […]

  • State

    Legislature passes 2016 budget, adjourns special session

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 11, 18:55

    The Alaska Legislature passed and funded the $5.2 billion 2016 operating budget Thursday and adjourned the second special session. “A budget is a moral document, it shows what you stand for, it shows what you believe in,” said Rep. Les Gara during a speech on the House floor. Gara says he’s happy $15 million was […]

  • State

    Alaska Legislature passes 2016 operating budget

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 11, 10:49

    Update – 12:15 p.m.: The Alaska Senate has passed the 2016 operating budget by a vote of 16-3 with senators Bill Wielechowski, Johnny Ellis and Berta Gardner voting in opposition. The Senate voted unanimously in favor of using the Constitutional Budget Reserve to fund the budget. Gardner and Wielechowski said they can’t support the budget because it […]

  • State

    Alaska lawmakers reach budget deal

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jun 11, 6:10

    Originally Published on June 10, 2015 at 6:37 p.m. Alaska lawmakers have made a deal on the state’s operating budget, and it’s ready for a vote in the House and Senate on Thursday. “Right now we are optimistic, and I think we’ve got the votes on the floor,” said Rep. Mark Neuman. A conference committee […]

  • State

    Erin’s Law ‘close to passing’ in Legislature

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jun 10, 21:53

    Lawmakers are closer to passing Erin’s Law, which requires schools to teach their students about sexual assault awareness. On Wednesday, dozens of people gave emotional testimony in support of the bill. The bill is currently in the hands of the Senate Finance Committee. There was concern among supporters that this bill would not pass this special […]

  • National

    Murkowski gains ground in efforts to change Mount McKinley’s name to Denali

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jun 10, 15:50

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski is gaining ground in her efforts to change North America’s tallest peak from Mount McKinley to Denali. Wednesday, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee received testimony on Senate Bill 319, a bill that would designate Denali as the 20,237-foot peak’s official name. As the energy subcommittee advances the bill, there is no objection from the […]

  • State

    Gov. Walker: 2 Labor Department agencies to merge

    by Associated Press on Jun 10, 15:44

    Gov. Bill Walker will take a modest step toward streamlining state government by combining two divisions within the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Walker at a press conference Wednesday announced the Employment Security Division would be combined with the Division of Business Partnerships. The combined agency will be the Division of Employment and […]

  • National

    Congress moving to block EPA regulation of streams, wetlands

    by Associated Press on Jun 10, 8:12

    Congressional Republicans are pushing to block an Obama administration rule designed to protect water quality in small streams, tributaries and wetlands before it goes into effect later this year. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved legislation Wednesday to force the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to withdraw and […]

  • State

    Alaska lawmakers say progress made toward finalizing budget

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 09, 21:12

    Lawmakers took a step Tuesday afternoon toward finalizing the 2016 operating budget. The Conference Committee approved adding $16.5 million to the Base Student Allocation, bringing the per-student funding formula up to a level schools were planning on. “It is big progress, obviously the school systems are very happy with this, I would imagine,” said Rep. […]

  • State

    State leaders discuss new revenue options for Alaska

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 08, 22:22

    How will Alaska pay for its future? All weekend leaders from across the state got together to try to answer that very question. The governor put out a list of 50 ideas. They ranged from a Powerball lottery and casinos to fishing and fuel taxes. But the options with the most traction were the ones that will bring […]

  • State

    State workers rally for wage increase, Republicans not budging

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 08, 20:25

    Dozens of state employees rallied at the Legislative Information Office in Anchorage Monday morning in support of contractual wage increases that some Republican lawmakers are threatening to void. Workers who are part of the Alaska State Employees Association (ASEA) are expecting a 2.5 percent cost of living increase in 2016. It’s the third and final […]

  • Local

    Abbott named municipal manager under Berkowitz

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jun 05, 21:34

    Mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz has announced the man he wants to help him steer Anchorage into the future — Mike Abbott will be the next municipal manager. Abbott has been the chief operating officer for the Anchorage School District since 2009, but has had experience in city politics — Abbott served as former Mayor Mark Begich’s […]

  • State

    Conference committee adjourned until Monday, still no budget

    by Kate McPherson on Jun 05, 18:45

    Another day closer to a partial government shutdown, another day thousands of state workers question whether they will have a job come July, all because state lawmakers are fighting over $30 million worth of state employee wage increases. The fight is holding up a vote to pass, and fully fund, the 2016 operating budget. “We’ve […]