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  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Fibromuscular dysplasia: Mysterious disease in women

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 24, 7:30

    Fibromuscular dysplasia, or FMD for short, is up to ten times more common in women than in men. But it’s often overlooked because patients and their doctors have a hard time identifying the symptoms. Here’s what you need to know about this rare and mysterious disease. Nurse Mary Lou Lucas has spent her career helping […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Live liver donation: A solution to organ shortage gains momentum

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 16, 15:49

    Last year, 359 liver transplants were made possible by live liver donation. It’s a number that has grown over the past three years, and experts say it may be evidence that more people are learning about what can be, for some, the only life-saving option. Ashley Ray, 21, suffered from liver disease from the age […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Subtle signs of bladder cancer

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Sep 07, 20:25

    Seventy-four thousand men and women are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year in the United States. It remains the sixth most common cancer overall and in men, it’s even more common. That’s why experts say it’s crucial to know the signs and symptoms, some of which can be subtle. Richard Clendaniel is a retired Maryland […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Telemental health at your fingertips

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 28, 18:06

    It’s likely that all of us, sometime in our lives will either know someone coping with a mental illness or we’ll experience it ourselves. But 60 percent of adults and 50 percent of youth ages 8 to 15 who have a mental illness got no help last year. What can we do to get help […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Dancing through Marfan Syndrome

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 20, 20:17

    Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue; these tissues hold all the body’s cells and organs together. One in 5,000 people have it, but some may not even know it until there’s a tear in their aorta or their valves pull apart. Until recently, a Marfan patient wasn’t expected to […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Acupuncture for the pain

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 13, 19:58

    When it comes to using acupuncture to treat pain, some folks swear by it and others dismiss it. But a Chicago medical center thinks a “new” form of acupuncture could very well be the hope that many women are looking for — a way to end chronic pelvic pain. Rachael Fellers can now enjoy the […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    ‘Smart’ insulin

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jul 07, 21:21

    Imagine how tough it is for new parents to find out their baby has diabetes and then have to learn as they go how to regulate blood sugar and dose insulin. A mistake could bring coma or death. But now, a researcher in Utah’s “smart” insulin could someday eliminate guesswork and more. Seven-year-old Foster Dunstan […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    New treatment for breast cancer

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 29, 20:10

    A breast cancer diagnosis is scary enough by itself, and for many patients, making endless trips back to the hospital for radiation therapy adds to the misery. But a new radiation treatment offers convenience and peace of mind to a lot of women. In her twenties, Beverly Treat was a dancer and physically fit. A […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Best bet for back pain

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 25, 16:37

    An estimated 400,000 Americans over the age of 60 struggle with back pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal. For many patients, surgery is not the only option, and a new study shows other treatments may be just as effective for long-term relief of chronic pain. Seventy-five-year-old Stephanie Paul is […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Coping with cutting

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 15, 23:32

    Numbers are hard to come by, but about 2 million cases of self-injury are reported in the U.S. every year. It can be highly addictive behavior for those who choose to harm themselves. “Liz” isn’t her real name. She has scars where she used to cut herself with a razor blade, as many as three […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    To vegan or not to vegan

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 08, 23:17

    Studies show more than 7 million Americans are vegetarians. Veganism is one of the strictest forms of plant-based dieting, but is it right for you? No meat, no fish, no dairy, no eggs, no honey! Could you be a vegan? Clinical Dietician at the University of Washington, Judy Simon, MS, RD, CD, CHES, says a […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    6 heart healthy tips

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Jun 02, 20:38

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country. More than 600,000 Americans die from the condition each year. But there are ways to lower your risk including maintaining a healthy body weight. Obesity adds strain to the heart and increases the risk for diabetes. It happens without warning. Every 43 seconds, someone […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    The Science of Sugar: What sugar may be doing to our bodies

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 25, 21:34

    Americans are consuming more sugar than ever before. But what effect is this sweet trend having on our health? Laura Schmidt, a professor at University of California San Francisco, says Americans consume nearly three times more sugar than is recommended. “Currently we’re consuming about twice as much as we did say in 1970,” she said. […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Pitch Perfect: Saving athletes’ arms

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 18, 22:07

    Since 2000, there’s been a five-fold increase in the number of serious shoulder and elbow injuries among youth baseball and softball players. Now, doctors have a new way to predict whether an injury is likely to happen. With every pitch, Matt Schultz is closer to his dream of playing in the big leagues. “I don’t […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Evaheart: Heart assist device designed to eliminate blood clots

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 12, 7:04

    When someone’s heart is severely damaged, doctors may be able to implant a mechanical pump — sometimes as a permanent assist to the heart, or as a temporary measure until transplant. Now, for the first time in the United States, experts are testing a new device designed to eliminate one of the bigger risks. George […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Kids & sushi: Healthy eating

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 05, 10:01

    There are almost 4,000 sushi restaurants in the U.S., and the Japanese dish continues to gain popularity, even with kids. If your child is one who does like sushi, it’s important to be safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that children under 5 don’t consume raw fish or shellfish, and Susan Mitchell, PhD, […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    The meat you eat: Antibiotics in our food

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Apr 28, 8:50

    Each year, 23,000 Americans die and eight million are hospitalized as a result of antibiotic-resistant infections, and it has nothing to do with prescription medication. Here are some reasons why you may want to take a closer look at what is on your plate. It might look good, but what is added to beef, pork […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Lasers help acne and rosacea

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Apr 21, 7:46

    Skins conditions such as acne and rosacea can damage confidence and destroy self-esteem, but now a cutting-edge treatment is providing results faster than ever before. For actress Shanae Harris, her face is her calling card. “I’ll feel like I’m there, I’m performing, and they’re not looking at me,” said Harris. “They’re looking at that one […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Melanoma drug: Lifesaver and game changer

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Apr 13, 21:32

    More than 76,000 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed this year, and about 10,000 people in the U.S. will die from this form of skin cancer. Until now, there was no hope for melanoma that spread to other areas of the body. But for the first time, a new drug is changing the game […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Limb transplant gel: Saving hands, feet and faces

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on Apr 08, 8:05

    When a person loses an arm or a leg and prepares for a transplant, rejection is always a concern. Patients must take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their lives to fight rejection, but the drugs can wreak havoc on the rest of the body. Now scientists have developed a new way to deliver the […]