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  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Virtual reality testing for brain fitness

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 27, 10:08

    About 17 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury every year. It can be caused by a bump, blow or jolt. But the brain can also suffer when it’s not being used effectively, and now doctors are using technology that’s behind 3-D movies and video games to find out what is going on inside the […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: The real reason to observe Memorial Day

    by John Tracy on May 26, 16:48

    I don’t know what you’re doing this Memorial Day, but chances are it will bear little resemblance to the reason we observe it. Whether you consider it the official start of summer, or the time to get a great deal on an appliance, the origins of the holiday can be traced to one of the […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Cancer-Detecting Microscope: Medicine’s Next Big Thing?

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 26, 11:15

    What if doctors could diagnose suspected cancer cells without having to take a biopsy from a patient? A new project being funded by the National Institutes of Health is making that possible. As the inventor of tumor paint, a chemical that illuminates tumors during surgery, Jim Olson, M.D., an oncologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Fibromuscular dysplasia: Mysterious disease in women

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 24, 7:30

    Fibromuscular dysplasia, or FMD for short, is up to ten times more common in women than in men. But it’s often overlooked because patients and their doctors have a hard time identifying the symptoms. Here’s what you need to know about this rare and mysterious disease. Nurse Mary Lou Lucas has spent her career helping […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Why the Alaska State Fair is going smoke-free

    by John Tracy on May 19, 20:46

    Recently, the Alaska State Fair announced that this year the event is going smoke-free. No tobacco, pot or e-cigarettes will be allowed at the Palmer Fairgrounds. The policy was adopted by fair management with the approval of the Board of Directors. In the interest of total disclosure, I have been on the board for more […]

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Live liver donation: A solution to organ shortage gains momentum

    by Ivanhoe Newswire on May 16, 15:49

    Last year, 359 liver transplants were made possible by live liver donation. It’s a number that has grown over the past three years, and experts say it may be evidence that more people are learning about what can be, for some, the only life-saving option. Ashley Ray, 21, suffered from liver disease from the age […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Jennifer Derks

    by Megan Mazurek on May 16, 11:04

    Jennifer Derks has her students end the school day with the same lesson, every day. “We end by doing appreciation,” she said. “The kids don’t know who they have to appreciate. We just randomly draw names and they have to find something to compliment that person on.” The purpose of the exercise is to build […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: A message to the Class of 2016

    by John Tracy on May 12, 19:38

    My daughter Taylor is graduating from college this weekend. Like any proud parent, I will be there with my box of Kleenex. While others will see a confident young woman, ready to take on the world, I will see my little girl — in those halcyon days, before she discovered pop-culture, the internet and boys. […]

  • DayBreak

    Teacher of the Week: Agnes Bowers

    by James Gaddis on May 09, 11:09

    Redington Junior/Senior High School English teacher Agnes Bowers got a jump-start on her teaching career when she was only in second grade. “I would actually come home and have a classroom of stuffed animals and I would teach whatever I learned that day,” said Bowers. KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week now teaches living, breathing […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Who does the new ASD superintendent remind you of?

    by John Tracy on May 05, 18:50

    As Alaskans, we pride ourselves on shopping local, but let’s be honest — we don’t always do it. That¹s why I¹d like to congratulate the Anchorage School District for shopping local and hiring Dr. Deena Paramo as the next superintendent. I’ve met Paramo many times. Not enough time to develop an understanding of her professional […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Julia Withers

    by Megan Mazurek on May 02, 12:54

    Julia Withers is all about the numbers. “Math was probably always one of my stronger subjects,” Withers said. She teaches math and physical education at Highland Tech Charter School in Anchorage. The school has small class sizes, something that makes Withers feel right at home. “I like that it’s small. I really like that the […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Why the fiscal gap should be fixed now

    by John Tracy on Apr 28, 16:56

    Back in October, when I first began these commentaries, I said that lawmakers would be unlikely to levy an income tax, or use earnings from the Permanent Fund to help balance the budget. It didn’t take much of a crystal ball to make that prediction going into an election year, even though it was possible […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Rachael Scott

    by James Gaddis on Apr 25, 11:50

    ANCHORAGE – A kindergarten teacher at Ocean View Elementary School says her goal is to develop little minds into “awesome citizens of society.” “My passion is to see those minds grow and develop and watch those little light bulbs go on,” said KTVA 11 Teacher of the Week Rachael Scott. Scott has been teaching elementary […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: How an Alaska lawmaker killed a popular health initiative

    by John Tracy on Apr 21, 17:38

    Figuring out what goes on in Juneau is like trying to determine the size of an iceberg based on what you see above the surface. Consider the life and death of Senate Bill 1, the so-called statewide smoke-free workplace ban. It would prohibit smoking in public buildings, workplaces and businesses, including bars much like the […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Rodney Wild

    by Megan Mazurek on Apr 19, 8:43

    Rodney Wild isn’t one to shy away from competition. “When you get knocked down, you get back up. Not literally but figuratively.” Wild explained from his classroom. “When things don’t go well, you have options you have choices. You can quit or you can get back up, get back in the game and compete.” Wild […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: The Campbell Lake neighborhood dog slaying

    by John Tracy on Apr 14, 18:28

    Nothing seems to generate more passion in people than pets — with the possible exception of guns. This week, the story of the shooting of a dog in a Campbell Lake neighborhood has generated a robust public debate. The facts are not in dispute. Jason Mellerstig was in the process of moving his family into a […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Ann Cherrier

    by James Gaddis on Apr 11, 11:43

    Wendler Middle School math teacher Ann Cherrier admits she wasn’t always a fan of math. “I needed to see the pictures of mathematics,” said Cherrier. ”I couldn’t just be told that, this is the rule you need to follow, do a couple of problems and understand it.” KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week won’t let history […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Hulk Hogan, Gawker and the future of online news

    by John Tracy on Apr 07, 12:23

    When does a celebrity stop being a celebrity? That question was answered for a New York-based website recently — An answer that came with a $140 million price tag. You’re probably familiar with the story: Former pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan sued the website Gawker for posting a video clip of Hogan having sex with the wife of […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Angi Alexander

    by Megan Mazurek on Apr 04, 12:41

    ANCHORAGE — This is Angi Alexander’s first full year of teaching, and she’s already being recognized for her ability to bring out the best in her second-grade students. She’s been teaching them on how to implement small acts of kindness with people in their community in a program they call, World Changers. “This week, they […]

  • Reality Check w/ John Tracy

    Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Inconsistency in the guns on campus debate

    by John Tracy on Mar 31, 19:14

    There are two kinds of people in America: those who believe that more guns make us safer, and those who believe the exact opposite. You won’t find a lot of people on the fence. Alaska is one of the gun-friendliest states in the country. So gun-friendly that lawmakers are now considering Senate Bill 174, a […]