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    Should you buy a protection plan for your electronics?

    by Ray Martin / CBS News on Jul 17, 12:44

    Most of us have either lost or damaged a phone, or know someone who has. This can be more disruptive than ever given that we use our smartphones and tablets for email, social networking, banking, shopping and even to control home security systems and appliances. With so much of our lives connected through these electronic gadgets, […]

  • Money

    Remington to replace triggers on some rifles

    by Associated Press on Jul 10, 14:43

    The gun manufacturer Remington Arms Co. will replace trigger mechanisms on Model 700 bolt-action hunting rifles, or provide economic relief for purchasers, as part of a settlement of class-action lawsuits. Remington announced the agreement Thursday. Suits filed in Missouri and Washington state claimed the rifle has a defective trigger mechanism that can cause injury and […]

  • Money

    Could we benefit from a four-day workweek?

    by Kim Peterson / MoneyWatch on Jul 10, 10:44

    Why don’t more bosses implement a four-day workweek? Doctors, executives and human resource experts say it would be great for the American workforce. People would have more time to see the dentist, hang out with their children and get errands done. Workers would be happier, and morale would improve. Instead, much of America is still […]

  • Money

    Sunshine helps Anchorage farmers’ markets flourish

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 06, 10:28

    The sun was shining bright Saturday in Anchorage, making it a perfect day to get outside and attend the local farmers’ markets. Farming has always been in Kyla Dinkel’s roots. And the farmers’ market is where she has always spent her summers. “We do nine markets a week as a family,” Dinkel said. “I have […]

  • Money

    Don’t use your 401(k) as a piggy bank

    by Ray Martin / CBS News on Jun 30, 22:14

    During the housing boom earlier this century, when folks were strapped for cash they often borrowed against their homes. But since the financial crisis of 2008, it’s a lot harder to tap into the value of your home. Now many people are turning to another source of quick cash — their own 401(k) fund. According […]

  • Money

    The toughest places to live in America

    by Aimee Picchi/CBS News on Jun 28, 8:15

    Almost every county in the U.S. has its share of haves and have-nots. But there are some regions where it’s just plain harder for Americans to thrive, places where the poor far outnumber those living in middle-class comfort. Ten counties in America stand out as the most challenging places to live, based on a survey […]

  • Money

    BBB warns of rental scams

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jun 16, 9:25

    When it comes to rental properties, scams are an unfortunate but common reality. According to the Better Business Bureau, there are several things potential renters can do to avoid losing money. “You need to contact a legitimate agencies, ones that have been around,” said Michelle Tabler, the bureau’s Alaska Regional Manager. “You want to go […]

  • Money

    This town boasts the priciest real estate in U.S.

    by Aimee Picchi/CBS News on Jun 10, 12:45

    Chances are, if asked to name the most expensive real estate markets in the U.S., you might answer Beverly Hills, New York City’s Upper East Side or Palm Beach, Florida. While those markets remain among the country’s highest priced, there’s one small California town that’s now ranked above the tried-and-true outposts of America’s high earners. […]

  • Money

    Port wouldn’t reduce high costs in Western Alaska

    by Associated Press on Jun 10, 8:09

    A deep water port wouldn’t significantly reduce the high cost of living in Western Alaska or create jobs unless the oil and gas industry commits to the port as a main base. KNOM reports (http://is.gd/WbM26C) these are the findings of a study by the Bering Straits Native Corp. on a proposed deep water port at […]

  • Money

    H&M plans Dimond Center store

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Jun 07, 10:42

    Another major retail chain is coming to Alaska. Representatives from the Dimond Center announced H&M is making plans to set up shop on two floors in the southeast corner of the mall. The Municipality of Anchorage’s Planning and Zoning Commission is considering a $4.2 million renovation proposal at an upcoming meeting. If the plans are […]

  • Money

    Bass Pro Shop readies for opening day

    by Lauren Maxwell on Jun 04, 19:39

    One of Alaska’s newest retail giants is getting set to open its doors in the Mountain View neighborhood. Opening day was pushed back more than once for the Bass Pro Shop, but the store is finally set to open on July 9. The 80,000-square-foot store has a boating department as well as an emphasis on […]

  • Money

    Most Americans struggle to save for retirement

    by Alain Sherter/CBS News on Jun 04, 12:48

    The idea of retirement in the U.S. often conjures up images of fit seniors strolling along the beach, enjoying a leisurely round of golf or perhaps sharing a meal in an exotic locale. For most people, however, the reality is far less glamorous. Seven of 10 Americans who haven’t retired yet find it hard to […]

  • Money

    Summer crowds arrive in Anchorage

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on May 23, 8:09

    It’s almost that time of year again: Tourists are beginning to arrive en masse in the Land of the Midnight Sun. More than a million tourists will spend big money in Alaska this summer, according to Visit Anchorage President Julie Saupe. The Anchorage tourism bureau said the average visitor will spend $941 on their visit. Almost […]

  • Money

    GM recalls 2.4 million more vehicles

    by CBS News on May 20, 17:15

    General Motors (GM), which just last week recalled 2.7 million cars, announced further recalls Tuesday. The automaker issued four separate recalls covering more than 2.4 million vehicles, including Chevrolet Malibus, Cadillac Escalades and other models. Including Tuesday’s action, GM has recalled more than 13 million vehicles since January. The latest recalls cover a range of vehicles and model […]

  • Lifestyle

    During National Small Business Week, Alaska entrepreneurs thrive

    by Kirsten Swann on May 16, 14:30

    As communities around the country recognize National Small Business Week, numbers show Alaska entrepreneurs continue to rise to the top. In 2013, Alaskans created more businesses per capita than in any other state except Montana, according to data from the Kauffman Foundation. Statewide, the U.S. Census Bureau shows small businesses account for more than 50 […]

  • Lifestyle

    If U.S. taxes are so progressive, why the inequality gap?

    by Aimee Picchi/CBS News on May 13, 13:02

    In the debate over America’s increasing income inequality, some of the rhetoric has focused on the country’s tax system, with calls for heftier burdens placed on the country’s wealthiest. Heck, even millionaires say they and their cohorts should face higher taxes. That’s prompted some critics to point to a 2008 report from the Organisation for Economic […]

  • Lifestyle

    Colorado lawmakers approve plan for pot banking

    by Associated Press on May 07, 16:48

    Colorado lawmakers approved the world’s first financial system for the marijuana industry Wednesday, a network of uninsured cooperatives designed to give pot businesses a way to access basic banking services. The plan seeks to move the marijuana industry away from its cash-only roots. Banks routinely reject pot businesses for even basic services such as checking […]

  • Lifestyle

    Think twice before taking a loan from your 401(k)

    by Jonathan Berr / MoneyWatch on May 07, 12:27

    Last Updated May 7, 2014 2:15 PM EDT For people short of cash, borrowing against a 401(k) plan seems like an easy way to address a short-term fiscal crunch. However, experts such as Catherine Collinson of the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies argue that the risks of pursuing such a strategy outweigh the benefits. Most […]

  • Lifestyle

    Americans seek relief from student loan debt

    by Anthony Mason/CBS News on May 06, 16:26

    Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill Tuesday that for the first time would let Americans refinance student loans at lower interest rates. U.S. debt on student loans has become an albatross for millions. New bills aim to help indebted college graduates Student loans have become an economic albatross that has many Americans begging for […]

  • Lifestyle

    Why skipping college means losing $830,000 in income

    by Aimee Picchi/CBS News on May 06, 13:02

    Going to college is a pricey affair for many families, given that annual tuition and room and board now costs almost $23,000, or six times the outlay in 1980. That has prompted even the likes of billionaire and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to advise students to skip the quad in favor of a trade, like […]