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  • Photo Gallery

    Slideshow: 2015 Fur Rendezvous

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Mar 04, 12:12

  • Photo Gallery

    Slideshow: 2015 Fur Rondy on Ice

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Mar 04, 12:04


  • Sci/Tech

    Microsoft founder finds WWII Japanese warship

    by CBS News/Associated Press on Mar 04, 10:32

    Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen and his research team have found the wreckage of a massive Japanese World War II battleship off the Philippines near where it sank more than 70 years ago, he said Wednesday. The apparent discovery of the Musashi, one of the largest battleships in history, comes as the world marks the 70th […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Prehistoric tool found in Sitka landslide

    by Shannon Kemp on Mar 03, 11:56

    Two hydrologists taking geological samples from the site of a landslide in Sitka made an unexpected discovery — what appeared at first to be a “cool weathered rock” instead turned out to be a prehistoric hammer. Sitka Ranger District hydrologist Marty Becker and Tongass Forest Supervisors Office hydrologist K.K. Prussian were collecting rock samples in […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Would you buy a cellular plan from Google?

    by CBS News on Mar 02, 13:55

    Google will soon be offering cellular network plans in a bid to bridge the gap between the realms of Internet services and mobile device software it dominates. Vice President Sundar Pichai says Google, the leading Internet search engine and mobile software provider, is working with unnamed network operators on developing a cellular plan. “You will […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    High fashion meets Fur Rondy at Anchorage bar

    by Sierra Starks on Mar 01, 23:26

    There may be no sled dog races at this year’s Fur Rendezvous, but festival-goers can still see a few huskies at the Killjoy Tasting Room. Located in downtown Anchorage, near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and D Street, the fondue and wine bar is celebrating its first anniversary in the muni. And in that time, […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Fur Rondy kicks off in downtown Anchorage

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Feb 27, 18:35

    Friday marks the official start of the 80th annual Fur Rendezvous Festival in downtown Anchorage. The 10-day-long festival includes annual favorites, such as the snow sculpture competition, outhouse race and the Running of the Reindeer. The warm winter and lack of snow led to the cancellation of the Fur Rondy World Championship sled dog races this […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Facebook sets sights on suicide prevention with new feature

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Feb 26, 15:42

    Facebook has teamed up with Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention and the University of Washington’s School of Social Work to add a new feature to the popular social media site that is designed to prevent suicide by helping friends speak up. Starting Wednesday, Facebook users can get help for friends who post suicidal or self-harming […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Regulators approve tougher rules for Internet providers

    by CNN / AP on Feb 26, 10:24

    The Federal Communications Commission has agreed to impose strict new regulations on Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T. The regulatory agency voted 3-2 Thursday in favor of rules aimed at enforcing what’s called “net neutrality.” That’s the idea that service providers shouldn’t intentionally block or slow web traffic, creating paid fast lanes on […]

  • Health

    Alaska health officials warn against marijuana use during pregnancy

    by Lauren Maxwell on Feb 25, 21:15

    State health officials are warning women they should consider staying away from marijuana if they are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant. Kathy Perham-Hester with the state Department of Health and Social Services says more studies are needed to determine the long-term health risks to developing fetuses. Perham-Hester, who works in the Maternal Child Health Epidemiology unit, […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Hollywood hopefuls turn out for ‘Hunter Killer’ extras casting call

    by Jacquie Slater on Feb 22, 10:43

  • Arts & Entertainment

    New film shows decline in wild salmon and hope in Alaska

    by Kate McPherson on Feb 20, 14:30

    A film highlighting the decline of wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest and the hope found in Alaska’s fisheries played to a sold-out crowd at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub Thursday night. ‘The Breach” examines the destruction of salmon habitat, including Washington’s Elwha River and the fight to remove the dam. Bristol Bay’s fishery and the […]

  • Only in Alaska

    Reality of Reality Shows: ‘Ultimate Survival Alaska’

    by Megan Mazurek on Feb 20, 10:34

    Move over Hollywood, Alaska is quickly becoming the place to be in show business. With more than 20 reality shows on or in Alaska, the reality is if you live an extreme lifestyle, there’s a good chance you can make it onto one of these shows. “Ultimate Survival Alaska” features a team made up of […]

  • Only in Alaska

    Reality of Reality Shows: ‘Alaskan Women Looking for Love’

    by James Gaddis on Feb 19, 10:43

    Reality shows aren’t always flattering to the people or places they feature. Alaska is no exception. We found out that some people in Kodiak did not take too kindly to TLC’s “Alaskan Women Looking for Love.” The six-part series that aired on TLC in 2013 followed six women from Kodiak who traveled to Miami, Florida, […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Creative space opens to Anchorage needleworkers

    by Hope Miller on Feb 18, 19:51

    “Hacker wear” is a concept that fascinates Keren Lowell. It’s the act of taking a mishmash of clothing and repurposing it, she explained Sunday night as she made alterations to the waistband of a bright orange skirt, originally a puffy vest likely from a thrift shop. Hacker wear is one of many facets she hopes […]

  • Only in Alaska

    Reality of Reality Shows: ‘Deadliest Catch’

    by Megan Mazurek on Feb 18, 10:29

    One of the more notorious captains on the “Deadliest Catch” is learning what it’s like to live in the spotlight. Capt. Elliott Neese, 32, is the youngest and one of the most controversial captains on Discovery’s hit reality show that’s won 13 Emmys over the past 10 seasons. “It’s brought a lot of opportunity in […]

  • Only in Alaska

    Reality of Reality Shows: ‘Buying Alaska’

    by James Gaddis on Feb 17, 12:27

    Reality shows are not always what they seem, especially in Alaska. KTVA 11 News is looking into the “Reality of Reality Shows” this week, starting with the ever-popular “Buying Alaska.” The 30-minute episodes air on Destination America. The premise is simple — we are led to believe that couples featured on the show want to […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    ‘Coast Guard Alaska’ to begin final season

    by Associated Press on Feb 17, 8:52

    The Weather Channel’s “Coast Guard Alaska” is set to begin its final season next week. The Daily Sitka Sentinel (http://is.gd/vbejvB) reports the reality series is set to launch its final season next Monday after four seasons. Sitka resident Mary Goddard was a camera operator in the taping of the show, which was filmed in Sitka […]

  • Photo Gallery

    Anchorage Sweetheart Skate: Spending Valentine’s Day on the ice

    by KTVA CBS 11 News on Feb 15, 11:40

    ANCHORAGE – A weekend of mild weather in Anchorage prompted some residents to spend Valentine’s Day on the ice at Westchester Lagoon. ConocoPhillips partnered with Anchorage Parks and Recreation for a Sweetheart Skate event. Anchorage Sweetheart SkateA weekend of mild weather in Anchorage prompted some residents to spend Valentine’s Day on the ice at Westchester […]

  • Health

    New report raises concerns about smoking

    by Lauren Maxwell on Feb 13, 10:14

    Most Alaskans know smoking is bad for your health, but a new report from the U.S. Surgeon General says smoking may be far worse than most realize. Smoking has previously been blamed for a half-million deaths in the U.S. every year, but a new study that followed a million smokers over a 10-year period found […]