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William Harwood / CBS News

Stories by William Harwood / CBS News

  • Sci/Tech

    Orion capsule returns to Earth after dramatic test flight

    by William Harwood / CBS News on Dec 05, 8:49

    Boosted to an altitude of 3,604 miles by a powerful Delta 4 rocket, NASA’s Orion deep space exploration vehicle fell back to Earth Friday in the program’s maiden voyage, slamming into the atmosphere at nearly 20,000 mph, enduring a hellish 4,000-degree re-entry and settling to a Pacific Ocean splashdown to wrap up a critical unmanned […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Hope fades for comet lander as batteries near depletion

    by William Harwood / CBS News on Nov 14, 8:49

    Trapped in rough, forbidding terrain with its solar panels draped in shadow, the Philae comet lander raced the clock Friday to carry out high-priority science operations, including an attempt to drill into the surface of the nucleus, before exhausting its on-board batteries and effectively losing consciousness. The lander was dutifully executing commands uplinked earlier in the day […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Kepler space telescope discovers most Earth-like planet yet

    by William Harwood / CBS News on Apr 17, 15:15

    Scientists analyzing data from the Kepler space telescope have discovered a first: an Earth-size planet orbiting in the habitable zone of its parent star, researchers announced Thursday. The planet is one of five worlds orbiting a dwarf star known as Kepler-186 some 500 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. The other four worlds were discovered earlier […]