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Sierra Starks

Stories by Sierra Starks

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Neighbors in Anchorage react to Assemblyman Flynn kneeling during Pledge of Allegiance

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 28, 19:50

    Tuesday’s Anchorage Assembly meeting wasn’t a packed one in terms of attendance, but it was a meeting that left an impact on the people there. Assemblyman Patrick Flynn took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance, something he wrote about on his blog a few days before in a post titled, “To kneel or not […]

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Pumpkin muffins

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 28, 11:03

    To celebrate the fall season, KTVA 11′s Daybreak is adding a new flavor to its Recipe Box, inspired by the Pumpkin Spice Latte, one of autumn’s signature beverages. Anchorage mom and blogger Lesleigh Frank shares her version of pumpkin muffins and gives tips on how to get the kiddos involved in the kitchen. She says […]

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Barley pancakes and poached eggs

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 20, 11:12

    September is National Better Breakfast Month, so why not mix up your meal plans tonight and have breakfast for dinner? In this week’s Recipe Box, Amanda Cash whips up barley pancakes topped with poached eggs. Cash is an Anchorage mom who does double duty as head chef of The Magpie food truck. In true Magpie fashion, […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage invited to weigh in on how to memorialize John S. Parks

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 19, 11:30

    There’s a home in Fairview that Cal Williams holds in high regard. It’s a charming house on Latouche Street crafted by the hands of his late mentor, John S. Parks. A carpenter by trade, Parks was a public servant by nature, says Williams. “I remember one time the city honored him with a plaque of some […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    After heart transplant, Anchorage’s ‘Warrior Lincoln’ returns home

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 17, 23:28

    It was a homecoming fit for a warrior Saturday evening as 14-month-old Lincoln Seay and his family pulled into their driveway in Rabbit Creek. “It feels like a dream because we sat and just imagined this day for months, 465 days,” said Lincoln’s dad, Rob Seay. “It’s a dream come true. It’s a miracle that […]

  • Only in Alaska

    Anchorage man’s cow call ignites bull moose brawl at Powerline Pass

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 15, 14:17

    The call of the wild is what keeps Brian Watkins coming back to Powerline Pass, year after year, especially during rut season. “I usually come out two to three nights a week,” says Watkins. “Come out, call all of them in, try to get as close as you can to them.” Watkins, a pro at […]

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Grilled cheese and roasted tomato soup

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 15, 10:55

    They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. But sometimes, daily home-cooked meals can be a strain on working parents. So KTVA 11′s Daybreak is rolling out a new segment to help moms and dads cook up quick and healthy meals. In this week’s Recipe Box, Amanda Cash grills up a grilled cheese […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    After nearby shooting closes schools, Kaladi Brothers welcomes students back with free hot chocolate

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 14, 11:17

    Students at Chugach Optional Elementary School were welcomed back to classes with messages of encouragement and free hot chocolate. Neighbors spent Tuesday evening chalking the sidewalks along both schools with encouraging messages after Chugach Optional and Central Middle School were both were closed for the day, following a deadly shooting nearby. Luree Audrey Crumley, a fourth-grader […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage firefighters climb to honor first responders killed on 9/11

    by Sierra Starks on Sep 11, 20:51

    Sunday, 14 firefighters tested their endurance to honor the lives lost 15 years ago on Sept. 11, 2001. In its sixth year, the Step Mill Challenge brings together local firefighters to climb as many stairs as they can in 11 minutes. The stair masters at the Alaska Club West were closed to gym-goers for a […]

  • DayBreak

    Ask Alaska: Which unique eats would you try at the Alaska State Fair?

    by Sierra Starks on Aug 31, 10:39

    This year at the Alaska State Fair, there are more reasons than ever for fairgoers to bring their appetite. From the donut burger to chocolate-dipped bacon, vendors at the fair are serving up some pretty unique eats. [Related: The Hungry Chum: An eater’s guide to the Alaska State Fair] One of those is The Boardwalk, co-owned […]

  • DayBreak

    Alaskans line up by the dozens for first taste of Krispy Kreme

    by Sierra Starks on Aug 30, 13:31

    Alaskans lined up by the dozens for their first taste of Krispy Kreme Tuesday. Doors opened at 5 a.m., but eager customers camped out overnight in anticipation of the “Hot Now” light to be turned on. “There were so many people here,” said Krispy Kreme Alaska franchise owner Jack Lewis of the crowd that gathered […]

  • DayBreak

    Lost Lake Run more than just a foot race to Gov. Walker’s family

    by Sierra Starks on Aug 29, 6:00

    The finish line at Saturday’s Lost Lake Run in Seward was marked with a number of touching moments — couples crossing hand-in-hand, children holding handmade signs in support of their parents, hugs and kisses shared to celebrate the completion of the 16-mile race. Sabrina Walker was greeted by her 1-year-old son Leo, whom she calls […]

  • DayBreak

    Young Alaskan blazing the trail for diversity in the great outdoors

    by Sierra Starks on Aug 25, 14:02

    A short climb from Rendezvous Peak, where the trail plateaus into ridgeline, 21-year-old Reth Duir’s reaction to Arctic Valley’s mountainous views is one of awe. “I feel like I’m on top of the world,” Duir says, gazing at the town of Eagle River below. It’s his first hike up the Rendezvous Peak Trail, which is […]

  • Alaska News

    #FirstSevenJobs hashtag began as Alaska musician’s cure to writer’s block

    by Sierra Starks on Aug 12, 9:21

    Be it baby-sitting or launching a lemonade stand on the corner, landing a first job is perhaps something all humans have in common. Or at least that’s what Marian Call was hoping when she tweeted the question, “What were your first 7 jobs?” What were your first 7 jobs? Babysitting, janitorial, slinging coffee, yard work, […]

  • Alaska News

    Alaska midwives fear for their future after state proposes licensing fee increase

    by Sierra Starks on Aug 10, 11:20

    Kyleigh Webb knows the pains of labor pretty well. Three years ago, she felt those pains for the fourth time on the top floor of Heritage Birth Center in downtown Anchorage, while her friends and family celebrated downstairs with a Moose’s Tooth pizza party. Webb delivered her youngest son, Halston, in the comfort of a home […]

  • Harvesting Alaska

    Harvesting Alaska: From farm to fiber art in Mat-Su Valley

    by Sierra Starks on Aug 01, 13:48

    Every day, Michelle Olsen comes home to the soothing sound of bleating sheep. “This is my therapy,” Olsen said of her wooly companions. “When I come home from work, I come out here and I play with my babies and just love them.” Olsen’s Palmer farm is one of many in the Mat-Su Valley contributing […]

  • Alaska News

    A new way to measure quality of early child care programs in Alaska

    by Sierra Starks on Jul 26, 8:12

    Choosing the right fit when it comes to early child care just got easier for parents in Alaska. The state now has a way to measure the quality of early child care and learning programs, called Learn and Grow. Child care centers and programs who sign up are evaluated on numerous standards, like health and safety, […]

  • DayBreak

    Fashion Friday: Stock up & save at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in Anchorage

    by Sierra Starks on Jul 22, 14:40

    The much-anticipated Nordstrom anniversary sale begins Friday, July 22. Shoppers can anticipate major discounts through the sale’s end on Aug. 8, says Kari Skinner with Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will offer more than just marked-down merchandise from last season; there’s also new merchandise up for grabs at a fraction of the price, Skinner […]

  • DayBreak

    Alaska child care experts call updated parental leave policies ‘smart business’

    by Sierra Starks on Jul 20, 8:38

    The squeal of a happy baby is a sound almost as familiar as fingers typing on a computer keyboard at Thompson & Co. “There is no better stress reliever when you work in an agency life, where you have a lot of clients and a lot of stress, to be able to grab a baby […]

  • Money

    Report: Cost of groceries in rural Alaska double the national average

    by Sierra Starks on Jul 12, 16:27

    One week of groceries in Cordova is almost two times the national average, according to a new economic trends report released by the Department of Labor. The survey, conducted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service, includes about 20 communities around the state. Sandpoint, Alaska – a remote island community in the Aleutians — topped […]