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Sierra Starks

Stories by Sierra Starks

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Honey-Please Cake

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 28, 13:18

    In this week’s Recipe Box, Amanda Cash uses Alaska-made honey to create a sweet treat — Honey-Please Cake, which is new to The Magpie food truck. The light and fluffy cake be found at The Magpie’s Spenard nest and throughout the summer in Downtown Anchorage.  

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Former employee alleges neglect, abuse at Anchorage assisted living home

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 21, 17:46

    Elana Drager spends most of her time as a hair stylist, but a deeper passion was revealed almost 15 years ago when her grandfather needed help. “He was living in a care home, and I witnessed just some things where he was neglected and abused, essentially just not cared for properly,” said Drager. “And it […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Veteran shares life lessons from WWII before boarding Honor Flight

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 18, 17:48

    Nearly everyone who met Bob Smay on the way to his flight Tuesday morning was greeted with “God bless you.” Smay was one of 22 veterans aboard Tuesday’s Honor Flight departure. The men and women, who served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, are headed to Washington, D.C. where they will […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Spring breakup exposes used needles around Anchorage

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 17, 20:52

    As the snow and ice melts around Anchorage, litter that’s been kept hidden under a long winter is now coming to the surface. The good news is crews have gotten an early start to spring cleanup, says Anchorage Chamber of Commerce president Bruce Bustamante. But the bad news is they’re finding more than just trash beneath the […]

  • Crime

    Anchorage sexual assault case highlights dangers of online dating

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 14, 18:51

    Before Jim Persey, accused of sexually assaulting 10 women, was arrested a year ago, Anchorage police say he was on MeetMe, an online dating app, talking to a woman who later turned him into police for sexual assault. Charging documents show their offline relationship began with consensual sex, but then Persey’s behavior turned violent. The woman told […]

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Salmon Jalapeño Poppers

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 11, 11:05

    This week, Daybreak’s Recipe Box teams up with another KTVA series “Harvesting Alaska,” which dives into the Last Frontier’s unique state of food security. From hobby farms to homesteads and everything in-between, Harvesting Alaska is about living off the land, something Megan Edge has a lot of experience in. Edge, KTVA web editor/reporter, plans to share a […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage Fire, public transit departments look to plan B after Prop 2 fails

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 06, 19:38

    Just after 2 p.m. Thursday, every ambulance except the one in Eagle River was responding to 911 calls. It’s illustrative of the Anchorage Fire Department’s need for more ambulances, says Chief Denis LeBlanc. “The demand for ambulance services has grown tremendously,” he said. “Twenty-seven percent increase over the past five years.” LeBlanc says he was disappointed by […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Neighbors say abandoned house in Spenard is a safety concern

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 05, 19:48

    Pesky neighbors are the least of Amber Glasser’s problems. The property next to hers in Spenard has sat abandoned for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s been empty. “Lots of homeless camps, lots of drug use, lots of stolen vehicles being dropped off,” she listed as concerns, adding that she’s had to call the police more […]

  • Business/Economy

    Let it snow: As Alyeska extends ski season, local shops report boost in business

    by Sierra Starks on Apr 03, 6:27

    A slew of skiers and snowboarders took advantage of the fresh powder falling Saturday morning atop Mount Alyeska. The resorts ski area general manager Brian Burnett says it may be spring, but “everybody is looking out their window every day and seeing that it’s winter.” And winter, he says, means it’s time to grab the skis. This season, the […]

  • Health

    Doctors say Alaska’s rural communities better prepared to fight flu outbreak

    by Sierra Starks on Mar 31, 19:52

    Two Southwest communities were hit hard by the flu this month, says State of Alaska epidemiologist Joe McLaughlin. He says the outbreaks in both Kokhanok and Iliamna are reminders that even though the state has seen a decrease in influenza cases, the season is still not over. Ed Lester, the principal of Newhalen School in Iliamna says it went […]

  • Alaska News

    Alaska advocacy group reacts to US not counting LGBT people in 2020 Census

    by Sierra Starks on Mar 31, 8:00

    Identity Alaska, located in downtown Anchorage, is considered a safe space for the state’s LGBT population. But executive director Billy Farrell says he can’t give a definitive answer on just how many people identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender in Alaska. “We don’t know even really how large our community is,” said Farrell. “We […]

  • Health

    Iliamna fights several flu cases

    by Sierra Starks on Mar 30, 17:28

    Fifteen people in the rural Alaska community of Iliamna have tested positive for influenza, according to state epidemiologist Dr. Joe McLaughlin. He said that’s a substantial number, considering the village is home to only about 100 people. McLaughlin said some of those affected were students at the Newhalen School. Two elderly people who tested positive, […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Petition circling to stop Mat-Su school district from outsourcing custodial, cafeteria positions

    by Sierra Starks on Mar 27, 21:00

    Faced with a $10 million budget deficit, cuts sometimes have to be made beyond the classroom, says Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District (MSBSD) assistant superintendent Luke Fulp. As a “viable option to help reduce ongoing expenses and financial obligations,” the district is looking to outsource its custodian and nutrition service workers. In February, the MSBSD voted 4 to 3 […]

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Biscuits and lamb gravy

    by Sierra Starks on Mar 15, 8:37

    Amanda Cash says her customers have been asking for biscuits and gravy — a sign of the season. The Magpie food truck owner calls the breakfast combo the cure to the winter blues. In this week’s Recipe Box, Cash serves up Irish soda bread biscuits with gravy. “This isn’t my normal recipe. This is a springtime recipe […]

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Salmon Chowder

    by Sierra Starks on Mar 07, 12:06

    While the Lower 48 is gearing up for spring, Anchorage just recorded the coldest March morning since 1999. Needless to say, it’s still soup season in Alaska, notes Michelle Baxter. In this week’s Recipe Box, she whips up her version of salmon chowder, a hearty soup full of vegetables and protein. This isn’t the first […]

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box: Fennel meatballs with red sauce

    by Sierra Starks on Feb 28, 14:59

    Meatballs are usually the complementary part of the dish, their indispensable qualities made famous by the children’s song “On Top of Spaghetti.” But we’re making meatballs the main course in this week’s Recipe Box! Dave Thorne, aka Delicious Dave, shares his recipe for fennel meatballs with homemade red sauce. “Every week, my kid wants meatballs,” he said. “They love it, so […]

  • Crime

    Body cam shows use of deadly force by Fairbanks officer, no criminal charges filed

    by Sierra Starks on Feb 24, 18:40

    In an unprecedented move, the Fairbanks Police Department have released body camera footage of an August 2016 incident during which a sergeant shot and killed an armed man. James Robert Richards, 28, was shot twice in the head after assaulting two people at the Alaska Motel and leading police on a chase through downtown Fairbanks, according to the […]

  • Alaska News

    After open-heart surgery, Alaska babies try to lead ‘normal’ lives

    by Sierra Starks on Feb 22, 22:21

    Hearing their 3-year-old son splashing in the pool is a harmonious sound to Adriana Fischer and Damon Hampel. “The pool was really a lifesaver for him,” says Fischer. Malachi Hampel was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which simply means he’s missing the left side of his heart. “The left ventricle is the workhorse of […]

  • Crime

    Frank Woodford’s mom faces son’s suspected killer in court for the first time

    by Sierra Starks on Feb 21, 19:37

    Michelle Woodford admits she didn’t get much sleep Monday night as she prepared to come face to face with the man accused of killing her son. “It got harder knowing that this court date was today,” she said. “I mean, I knew it was coming, but it just got harder.” Damien Peterson was arraigned in […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage Fire Department says help from feds was ‘much needed’ in Royal Suite Lodge investigation

    by Sierra Starks on Feb 20, 18:27

    Still visible on the fence surrounding the building scorched by last week’s fire at the Royal Suite Lodge apartments is a memorial for Teu Nua, who was killed in the blaze. Visible beyond the fence Monday afternoon was a team of federal agents investigating the fire that ultimately took her life and the life of […]