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Shannon Ballard

I’ve always daydreamed about living here, so I jumped at the chance to be part of the new KTVA. Change is exciting and I feel so lucky to get to learn all about this community. Alaska is sure to be an adventure.

Stories by Shannon Ballard

  • Campaign 2014

    Yes on 1 reveals new signage

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 12, 11:28

    For those driving through Anchorage, campaign signs that line the streets may have them seeing double. This week, the Yes on 1 campaign, which advocates keeping Anchorage’s municipal labor law, revealed its new logo, and it looks almost identical to its opponent’s signage. The No on 1 campaign worries the similar AO-37 signs will confuse voters and […]

  • Local

    Palmer clothing line fundraises for cancer patients

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 10, 21:57

    Motivation doesn’t happen on its own. Sarah Pelenske has worked hard to become the runner she is today, and she started the group “We run AK” to encourage everyone to get active. A run around Palmer is her chance to feel free for a little while. She is alone in her thoughts, which lately almost […]

  • Local

    East Anchorage homicide sparks concern over foster care system

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 08, 21:43

    The death of radio host Marvell Johnson hits close to home, especially for the youth who once lived under his roof. Johnson, who hosted “Soul to Soul” on Alaska’s KSKA radio station for more than three decades, was also a foster parent for more than 15 years. The 64-year-old’s body was found Tuesday morning in […]

  • Local

    Veterans save historic totem poles in Anchorage

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 04, 18:46

    For nearly a year, Dennis Disshon with the American Veterans (AMVETS) Department of Alaska put all his effort into preserving memories. He knew if he didn’t do something, two historic totem poles that once stood outside the Kashim NCO Club on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson would be lost forever. “I was stationed out there in 1974, and I had quite […]

  • State

    Farmers in Palmer race to beat winter’s arrival

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 03, 21:20

    Some things you just don’t rush. Pam Bue would know, she’s been growing carrots in Palmer for 25 years. “We do everything by hand. It’s a long, long process,” Bue said. Her average harvest is about 400,000 pounds. There was chill in the air Friday, as fall is changing quickly into winter. Bue says she is […]

  • Money

    Will you be saving or spending your PFD this year?

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 02, 22:34

    Thursday was quite possibly Alaska’s most beloved unofficial holiday: PFD Day. Thousands of Alaska residents experienced a $1,884 boost to their bank accounts. The 2014 Permanent Fund Dividend boasted one of the biggest returns in the history of the payout. Local retailers and big box stores across Anchorage are offering PFD specials. It begs the question: […]

  • State

    Thousands of walruses come ashore in northwest Alaska

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 01, 17:55

    Thousands of walruses are gathering on a beach in northwest Alaska after an extreme retreat of Alaska’s summer sea ice. The walruses have nowhere else to go, so scientists say they’re hauling out at Point Lay to rest. The U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife says the waters of the north Pacific Ocean keep getting […]

  • Local

    Wasilla house serves as training ground for firefighters

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 28, 10:28

    Firefighters are known as everyday heroes, and in the Mat-Su borough, they are almost entirely on-call volunteers. It’s a lot of hard work for very little compensation. But once in a while, they get a gift that makes a big difference. Three months ago, a Wasilla man donated his house to the Central Mat-Su Fire […]

  • Local

    Help fulfill a dying soldier’s last wish

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 26, 21:56

    A Joint Base Elmenforf-Richardson soldier named Jennifer was recently diagnosed with serious, inoperable stomach cancer. The Army has moved her out of state to be close to family during her final hours. Now, Anchorage’s House of Harley-Davidson is helping fulfill one of her last wishes. On Saturday, September 27 at 1 p.m. House of Harley-Davidson […]

  • State

    Thursday’s earthquake rattled nearby Willow, Talkeetna

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 25, 22:22

    The towns of Willow and Talkeetna were two of the closest to the epicenter of Thursday’s earthquake. No significant damage or injuries were reported in either area. The thing about earthquakes, according to Willow resident Jim Huston, is you never expect it’s going to happen so close to you. Huston was pouring oil into his tractor […]

  • Local

    Stolen therapy puppy returned to owner in Anchorage

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 24, 19:43

    A puppy believed to be stolen from a local nonprofit Tuesday afternoon is home safe. A 4-and-a half-month-old Bernese mountain dog was taken from the parking lot of the Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) headquarters. STAR says the puppy, named Rory, was stolen from a locked car. The group spent Wednesday posting flyers around town […]

  • Local

    Anchorage elementary school adds greenhouse

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 23, 18:58

    Hard work is paying off at Airport Heights Elementary School thanks to the school’s garden club. Volunteers, parents, teachers and students took part in constructing a geodesic dome greenhouse that is 20 feet in diameter. The garden club, which has been around for five years, sells produce to raise money for field trips and donates fruit […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Alaskans hit the streets for National Voter Registration Day

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 23, 18:22

    Today is National Voter Registration Day, a campaign to prepare citizens to get out and vote. But residents can’t vote for candidates or propositions if they aren’t registered to vote. In 2008, 6 million Americans failed to vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register, according to the National Voter […]

  • Local

    Mountain View gets boost from new restaurant

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 20, 19:07

    The secret to a great hamburger has been pondered for generations. But Andy Kriner says the answer is simple — use the family recipe. Kriner’s family is in the food business. Saturday was the grand opening of Kriner’s Burgers and Pies, the restaurant he started with his son. “I’ve always wanted a hamburger restaurant since I […]

  • State

    New law banning synthetic drugs goes into effect in Alaska

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 19, 20:38

    The effects of synthetic drugs have proven so dangerous that lawmakers decided a statewide ban was needed. This week, Alaska’s new spice law took effect. It authorizes law enforcement to fine anyone who sells or possesses illicit synthetic drugs. The new state law was modeled after ordinances Anchorage and Wasilla passed earlier this year. The idea […]

  • Local

    Volunteers make quilts for Alaska veterans

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 18, 22:22

    Women gather, stitching piece by piece, binding and fastening seams until they are strong. They’re spending three days making quilts. And as Patty Livingston would tell you, a quilt has the power to mend. “It’s something that they can kind of cling to,” Livingston said. “I’m from a military family, my husband is a Vietnam veteran, my […]

  • Local

    Japanese exchange students visit Palmer

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 17, 19:29

    Standing out in high school simply comes easier for some students. Today, 16-year-old Shion Kamada is getting a lot of attention. He’s one of seven exchange students visiting Palmer from Saroma, a town in Japan. This is his first trip to the U.S. “Everything is bigger than in Japan,” said Shion. “The buildings, animals, everything.” The sister […]

  • Local

    Family, friends gather to remember Eagle River murder victim

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 16, 19:39

    The family and friends of an Eagle River teen who was murdered last week gathered Tuesday for her funeral. Police say 19-year-old Linda Anne Martz Bower was allegedly killed at the hands of her boyfriend. Bower’s mother, Sherry Martz, wrote that words can’t come close to describe the loss, pain and shock of losing her daughter. Family […]

  • Local

    Assembly approves new burglar alarm policy

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 13, 18:12

    The Anchorage Assembly is laying down new rules when it comes to burglar alarms. A new policy will save home and business owners some money, but it will actually cost the police. Before now, if you had a burglar alarm, you had to register it every year with the Anchorage Police Department. You received a fine […]

  • Local

    4-year-old Wasilla girl to receive heart transplant

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 10, 18:33

    Everyone who remembers what it was like to be a child knows that children like to play. Kennedy Miller-Robinson is no exception. The 4-year-old plays like any normal kid but, for Kennedy, it’s not as easy. “I need a break, sorry,” said Kennedy after jumping just three times on a trampoline. Her physical therapist Hilary Scheib says […]