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Shannon Ballard

I’ve always daydreamed about living here, so I jumped at the chance to be part of the new KTVA. Change is exciting and I feel so lucky to get to learn all about this community. Alaska is sure to be an adventure.

Stories by Shannon Ballard

  • State

    Diversity a theme at Walker transition conference in Anchorage

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 22, 18:42

    It would be easy to have a closed-door discussion about the critical issues that face Alaska, but Gov.-elect Bill Walker says the conversation should belong to all Alaskans. “We get the best input the more people we have involved in the process,” said Walker. There is some risk associated with doing that. The bigger risk […]

  • State

    Alaskan advocates optimistic about Obama immigration plan

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 21, 20:52

    Alaskans are reacting to President Obama’s controversial plans to take executive action on immigration. Obama’s plan offers temporary legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants, including thousands in the 49th state. It also protects undocumented parents of children born in the states. Republicans are questioning the president’s right to bypass Congress and act on his own. […]

  • Local

    High fire danger in Wasilla due to lack of snow

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 19, 21:05

    Fire danger isn’t something residents are used to hearing in Alaska at this time of year. Already this week, the state’s Division of Forestry responded to two grass fires in the Mat-Su Valley. The smaller of the two escaped a burn barrel. The second was caused by what was an initial house fire off Bogard Road […]

  • Local

    Assemblywoman asks Anchorage to opt out of commercial marijuana

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 18, 21:14

    Alaskan voters may have approved the plan to regulate marijuana for recreational use, but at Tuesday night’s Anchorage Assembly meeting, there was pushback. Part of Ballot Measure 2 is a choice for local control, meaning cities have the power to decide if they want marijuana businesses in their communities. Assemblywoman Amy Demboski, of Eagle River, […]

  • Local

    Anchorage School District buys 3,900 Chromebooks for state testing

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 18, 20:30

    Students throughout Alaska will take a new computer-based assessment this spring, thanks to the Anchorage School District spending nearly $2 million on 3,900 Chromebooks. The district’s information technology department will prepare them for the Alaska Measure of Progress (AMP), which replaces the Standards Based Assessments (SBA). Third grade through tenth grade are required to take the […]

  • Local

    Local nonprofits see low Thanksgiving donation numbers

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 16, 12:12

    People coming together happens daily outside the Brother Francis Shelter and at the tables inside Bean’s Café. The colder it gets, however, the greater the need for services. This time of year is the busiest, but management at Bean’s Café says, for whatever reason — maybe the lack of snow or the state of the economy — […]

  • Local

    Families grow on National Adoption Day

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 14, 20:12

    There are all sorts of reasons to have a party. The one held Friday at the First Baptist Church in downtown Anchorage has been in the works for a long time and means big change for many invited. It’s a celebration for children such as 3-year-old Caleb and his new sisters, 11-month-old twins Mary and […]

  • State

    Pavlof Volcano erupts

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 13, 18:34

    After a few months of quiet, the Alaska Peninsula’s Pavlof Volcano has started erupting again. Scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory are monitoring its activity, and they’ve increased the alert to an orange “watch” level. Currently, a plume of ash from the volcano reaches about 9,000 feet above sea level. Lava is fountaining from a […]

  • Local

    Anchorage police talk about cyberbullying with middle schoolers

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 12, 18:51

    The Internet can be a great tool but can also contain hidden dangers. Like many eight graders, Audrey Hickman has a cell phone and loves social media. “I have it on like all the time,” said Hickman. Cyberbullying has unfortunately become a common problem that children and teens face. Audrey has experienced it firsthand. She says she […]

  • State

    Local lawmakers plan for marijuana legislation in Alaska

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 11, 18:49

    Big decisions are looming for local lawmakers. Among them is determining what legal marijuana will look like in Alaska. “I wanted to have something prepared if the initiative did in fact pass,” said Rep. Bob Lynn of Anchorage. As soon as possible, Lynn plans to introduce a bill imposing restrictions on future pot shops. “I’m expecting […]

  • Local

    Anchorage kids re-enact fall of Berlin Wall

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 07, 20:47

    Even now, 25 years after its fall, many of us can remember where we were the day the Berlin Wall came down. “It’s emotionally still very fresh for people like myself,” said Peter Birmanns, a German immersion teacher at Rilke Schule German School of Arts and Sciences. When the wall was destroyed, his students weren’t […]

  • State

    Talking to your kids about pot

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 06, 21:19

    Alcohol, tobacco and now marijuana are all big issues parents are talking to their kids about. “It’s much more effective to have a conversation with your teen and include them and ask them questions as well,” said Katie Reilly, an adolescent health project coordinator for the Alaska Division of Public Health. She says teens that feel close […]

  • State

    Legalized Marijuana: What’s next for Alaskans

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 05, 21:01

    The Yes votes were triumphant in the Ballot Measure 2 race, with 52 percent (116,803 votes to No’s 107,179), according to unofficial results. However, there is still a long road ahead for marijuana advocates and the folks looking to cash in. Julie Martin, owner of Anchorage’s Southside Garden Supply stores, wants her shops to be where aspiring pot […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Anchorage voters repeal AO37

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 05, 7:36

    Call it a victory for unions that lobbied hard to get rid of AO37, Mayor Dan Sullivan’s controversial labor law. Tuesday night they did just that. Passed by the Anchorage Assembly in March, Sullivan introduced the labor law, saying it makes the contract process more uniform. Supporters of the repeal argued AO37 hampered unions’ abilities to […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Alaska votes to legalize recreational marijuana

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 05, 6:19

    Pot won at the polls. The outcome of Tuesday’s vote allows adults to possess and consume marijuana recreationally. Marijuana proponents expected a close count. Roughly 52 percent of voters said yes to Ballot Measure 2, according to unofficial results. Pot advocates say Alaskans will no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution for using a substance they […]

  • State

    Legalized Marijuana, Part 2: What Alaska can learn from Colorado

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 03, 23:07

    First, we showed you what’s working when it comes to marijuana legalization in Denver. Now, we bring you the other side. A lot of Alaskans are still on the fence about Ballot Measure 2, which, if passed, would tax and regulate the production, sale and use of marijuana. Meanwhile, the state of Colorado is blazing […]

  • State

    Legalized Marijuana, Part 1: What Alaska can learn from Colorado

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 03, 9:25

    All the arguing over pros and cons of Ballot Measure 2 can be confusing. Those in favor of ending marijuana prohibition claim the benefits far outweigh consequences. The opposition says don’t do it, lifting the ban will only make existing problems worse. So how are we supposed to make a decision? Colorado voted yes in 2012. We turn […]

  • Local

    Alaska police chiefs question out-of-state advocate of Ballot Measure 2

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 02, 11:08

    As the countdown to the general election continues, the efforts to get votes heat up. Out-of-state politicians and advocates are in Alaska supporting candidates and ballot measures. One of them is a former Seattle police chief named Norm Stamper. Stamper retired after 34 years in law enforcement but says his passion continues. He also shares the reason […]

  • Local

    Bean’s Cafe accepting leftover Halloween candy

    by Shannon Ballard on Nov 01, 18:28

    For those in town trying to figure out what to do with all their leftover Halloween candy, there’s good news. Bean’s Café, a nonprofit that provides meals and a place to stay for those in need, is seeking donations to share with the people it serves. The candy will be used as prizes for activities, […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Yes on 1 reveals new signage

    by Shannon Ballard on Oct 12, 11:28

    For those driving through Anchorage, campaign signs that line the streets may have them seeing double. This week, the Yes on 1 campaign, which advocates keeping Anchorage’s municipal labor law, revealed its new logo, and it looks almost identical to its opponent’s signage. The No on 1 campaign worries the similar AO-37 signs will confuse voters and […]