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Shannon Ballard

I’ve always daydreamed about living here, so I jumped at the chance to be part of the new KTVA. Change is exciting and I feel so lucky to get to learn all about this community. Alaska is sure to be an adventure.

Stories by Shannon Ballard

  • Local

    Cemetery pushes for interactive, digital memorials

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 22, 16:59

    The Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery may soon turn headstones and name plaques into interactive memorials. While a name and life span etched in stone can only tell you so much about a person, a little square called a QR code can tell you so much more. With a barcode-scanning app, one needs only to hold […]

  • Local

    Paratroopers jump into training mode

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 21, 19:58

    More than 400 paratroopers filled the skies over Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson on Monday. It was part of a joint training event with members of the U.S Air Force from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. Two C-17s were sent up to Alaska to train with the 4-25 airborne combat […]

  • Local

    Cancer survivors spread awareness at Alaska Men’s Run

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 19, 17:50

    A race, like the Alaska Men’s Run, is perhaps the perfect symbol to show that life’s greatest challenges can be conquered one step at a time. “I had cancer, colon cancer, about three years ago,” said cancer survivor Mark Johnston. “I had finished my chemo and set a goal to start running.” On Saturday, Johnston […]

  • Local

    Goose Lake bear cubs heading to Texas

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 18, 19:29

    Just as the Alaska Zoo lost the Funny River Five it gained the Goose Lake duo. Two black bear cubs are adjusting to life without their mom after she was put down Thursday by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. It’s clearly been a stressful couple of days for the bear cubs, who are currently at […]

  • Local

    Camp Shriver inspires athletes with disabilities

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 17, 19:19

    What began as one woman’s dream and a fun backyard summer camp has grown into the Special Olympics. The global movement has changed lives and attitudes for more than 50 years. Each summer, Special Olympics Alaska continues the tradition of Camp Shriver. The camp highlights a different sport every day. On Thursday, the focus was softball […]

  • Local

    People Mover teams up with Google

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 16, 19:50

    People Mover has partnered with Google to make it easier than ever to plan a trip around Anchorage. “You can search by a certain address, landmark, business name or cross street,” said Christine Sondej, public transportation planning manager with the Municipality of Anchorage. The collaboration allows riders to check their specific routes online. The trip […]

  • Local

    Volunteens take on service projects across Anchorage

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 15, 19:48

    A transformation took place Tuesday. Every inch of the bridge at Pena Park was sanded. A fresh coat of paint was on the way. All this effort was to prepare the bridge for what’s ahead. “It’s actually my first week doing this, so it’s kind of new,” said 16-year-old volunteer Damaiya Ward. A similar transformation was […]

  • Local

    Troopers work to curb aggressive driving in Alaska

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 12, 18:34

    At least 35 people have died in vehicle crashes on Alaska roadways since the beginning of 2014. The latest addition to this alarming statistic happened near mile marker 88 just a few days ago, when a 34-year-old Wasilla woman was killed. Sgt. Michael Zweifel with the Alaska State Troopers responded to the scene. “When you get […]

  • Local

    Veteran advocate takes on new role at UAA

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 11, 21:23

    Nearly 2,100 veterans studied at UAA last year. One of them is Nichole Grunwald — a mother of two, an Army Reserve member and an advocate to all military veterans on campus. Veteran assistant is a new job for Grunwald, who graduated in December. What she does at UAA’s Military and Veteran Community Resources Center […]

  • Local

    State steps in to stop elodea invasion

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 10, 20:43

    A serious problem is rising to the surface near Scott Norman’s South Anchorage home. “You can see it all right here,” Norman pointed out. He’s a floatplane pilot and the weed taking over the lake in his backyard is a pain in his neck. “It wraps around the water rudders when they are down in […]

  • Only in Alaska

    Webcams give live look at Alaska brown bears

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 09, 18:08

    People from all over the world are visiting Alaska without leaving their desks. Webcams allow anyone with an Internet connection to experience one of the greatest gatherings of wildlife on earth. A live stream of brown bears fishing along the Brooks River is delivered right to your desktop from the folks at Katmai National Park and […]

  • State

    King Cove writes to President Obama for help

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 09, 17:31

    King Cove residents went directly to the president for help in getting what they say is a life-saving road. They wrote a letter President Barack Obama, pleading for his support in their effort to get a road built connecting King Cove to the all-weather airport in Cold Bay. They claim the road is the only […]

  • Local

    Assembly votes in favor of wetlands plan rewrite

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 08, 17:12

    Wetlands in the Anchorage Bowl are disappearing fast. Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly voted in favor of rewriting the plan that protects them. The unanimous vote was postponed several times while the Assembly and local community councils worked to understand what proposed revisions would mean for conservation. Some of the new wording has been controversial, conservationists […]

  • Money

    Sunshine helps Anchorage farmers’ markets flourish

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 06, 10:28

    The sun was shining bright Saturday in Anchorage, making it a perfect day to get outside and attend the local farmers’ markets. Farming has always been in Kyla Dinkel’s roots. And the farmers’ market is where she has always spent her summers. “We do nine markets a week as a family,” Dinkel said. “I have […]

  • Local

    Chili cookoff heats up family rivalry

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 04, 18:52

    The craft of making chili is not rocket science nor is it a mystery, but Ariel Burr would say it is an art. “I cook it with love and secret ingredients. Those can’t be divulged,” Burr said. The competition was stiff Friday at the chili cookoff in Downtown Anchorage. For Burr, there was also family […]

  • Local

    Boating safety urged on busy July 4 weekend

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 03, 21:26

    It’s easy to forget from one summer to another everything you need to know about keeping safe on the water. It’s what David Brubaker is an expert at. The volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliary member comes with his checklist. He says this is the best possible way to learn about potential violations of state and federal requirements. “It’s […]

  • Local

    Huskies in need of homes following owner’s death

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 02, 18:36

    If you look back at Alaskan history, you’ll find the key players who made this state what it is today. One of them is Walter Parker. He was a World War II veteran who helped get some of the first communication lines, roads and airports built in Alaska. He also The longtime activist would have […]

  • Local

    World Cup loss disappoints Anchorage fans

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 01, 21:25

    They gave it all they had, but Team USA’s run for the World Cup is over. America fell to Belgium 2-1 after the game went into extra time. It’s a disappointment to fans who certainly believed a victory was possible. They made up every excuse in the book to skip out on work and watch […]

  • State

    Volunteers grid search for missing Kenai family

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 29, 8:54

    If you don’t go looking you’ll never find anything, and all Lanell Adams wants is to find something — a small clue to the mystery of where her sister and nieces may be. “We just want to know that they’re safe,” Adams said. “We just want to hug them and love on them and just […]

  • Local

    Are downtown food carts safe?

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 27, 19:00

    If you’re a food cart vendor in Anchorage, downtown is the place to be. It’s where the tourists are — a lot of people wanting to try out our so-called Alaskan food. “I had to try it. I’ve had elk and deer, had to try reindeer,” said Brad Patton from Nevada. It’s a competitive business […]