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Shannon Ballard

I’ve always daydreamed about living here, so I jumped at the chance to be part of the new KTVA. Change is exciting and I feel so lucky to get to learn all about this community. Alaska is sure to be an adventure.

Stories by Shannon Ballard

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Berkowitz seeks Anchorage town square changes

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 30, 19:27

    Anchorage parks were designed for people to enjoy, but Town Square Park in the heart of downtown is not quite meeting its potential. Every city has its problems and in Anchorage many of them surface there. “We drove meth dealers out of here, crack dealers out of here because we don’t want it down here,” […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Matanuska River continues to overtake homes

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 28, 10:12

    When Aaron Provo bought this property 20 years ago, he had no idea it was in the middle of a flood plane. “My view has increased dramatically, but that isn’t really what I wanted,” Provo said. Provo’s nine acres near the Glenn Highway is now just two. Each year the mighty Matanuska River swallows up […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Assembly takes first look at zoning guidelines for pot businesses

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 23, 23:33

    Alaska’s new cannabis industry is one step closer to real storefronts, cultivation centers and labs in Anchorage. On Thursday night, Anchorage Assembly members took a first look at proposed zoning guidelines for the budding businesses. Right now the Municipality of Anchorage’s land code — called Title 21 — doesn’t have any rules for marijuana establishments and […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Chilkoot Charlie’s property to be sold to Bear Tooth owners

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 22, 23:23

    The folks who brought Bear Tooth Theatrepub and Moose’s Tooth to Anchorage are expanding their brand in midtown. They’re hoping to be the new property owners of the self-proclaimed world famous Chilkoot Charlie’s, also known as Koot’s. Current Koot’s owner Mike Gordon says his establishment has been losing money for years and he’s been trying to […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage transportation plan due for update, public weighs in

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 21, 23:20

    What should happen to the U-Med and Government Hill neighborhoods? The Municipality of Anchorage is considering two major construction projects in those areas that many residents feel would ruin the character of the place they call home. The signs protesters waved outside City Hall on Tuesday make it clear: They have a message for the city. They want […]

  • Alaska

    Alaskan athlete prepares to fly out for Special Olympic World Games

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 20, 22:50

    The clothes in his closet are the first giveaway — 24-year-old Garrett Stortz pulls out golf shirt after golf shirt. Clearly he is a guy who loves the green. But on Monday, as he packed his duffel bag, it was all about red, white and blue. Stortz is heading to his first Special Olympic World Games. It’s […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage police seize marijuana delivery cars

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 17, 7:19

    The owners of a new marijuana business in Anchorage are furious, accusing police of stealing from them. Wednesday night, a delivery driver with Absolutely Chronic Deliver Company — or ACDC — had his car seized by Anchorage police officers after making a drop at the Lakefront Anchorage, formerly the Millennium Hotel. “I came out and […]

  • Alaska

    Alaskans voice concerns after Washington state outlaws cannabis clubs

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 16, 8:41

    Alaska has looked to the Lower 48 as lawmakers craft marijuana regulations, but now a newly passed law in Washington state has some pot businesses concerned. Washington state has outlawed all private cannabis clubs. The ban caught legal pot advocates by surprise. “Of course that makes you feel a little concerned,” said Theresa Collins, co-owner of […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Controversial land trade sparks debate at Anchorage Assembly meeting

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 14, 23:20

    Public testimony got heated at the Anchorage Assembly meeting Tuesday night. For the first time, the Assembly heard from the public what they think of a controversial land trade between Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and the Municipality of Anchorage. Most of the people who gave testimony were opposed to the proposal. Of those, some told […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Volunteers fundraise to rebuild Willow

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 10, 22:27

    The Division of Forestry expects to release the cause of the destructive Sockeye Fire next week. As people wait for that, a group of volunteers is busy working to help people rebuild their homes but they need some help. Cammie Walker is discovering the more connections we make with those around us the more we […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Palmer teen heads to amputee camp

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 09, 22:25

    Anyone learning to play an instrument quickly realizes it takes practice, patience and — in 15-year-old Grace Miller’s case — a willingness to adapt. Grace was born without half of her left arm, but that has never stopped her from having a grip on life. “I just say I was born without a hand and […]

  • Fairbanks

    Unhealthy air quality in Fairbanks: Smoky haze lingers from wildfires

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 08, 19:34

    The air quality warnings for Fairbanks and North Pole were downgraded from hazardous to unhealthy on Wednesday. While that’s a big improvement, people are still concerned about smoke and particulates from fires burning near Fairbanks. In the center of downtown Fairbanks, at Golden Heart Plaza, Rob Swanson set up his hot dog stand. At his spot, he […]

  • Alaska

    Alaska issues first birth certificates to same-sex parents

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 07, 22:29

    Like most people who haven’t lived in Alaska long, Amanda and Pam Bowers learned quickly to get outdoors. On Tuesday they went for a walk around Kincaid Park. Amanda carried their 8-week-old daughter Ellie Lou Bowers strapped to her chest. “She was born in Alaska so we have to get her out there to see […]

  • Alaska

    Pot businesses continue operating despite cease and desist order

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 03, 20:13

    There’s been a lot of upset in Alaska’s new cannabis industry recently. Rule makers sent letters out to several marijuana businesses, advising them to close their doors. “We’ve spent a lot of money trying to say that we are legitimate,” Discrete Deliveries owner Rocky Burns told the newly formed Marijuana Control Board (MCB). His business is […]

  • Alaska

    1st day of Alaska’s new fiscal year means budget cuts take effect

    by Shannon Ballard on Jul 01, 21:01

    Wednesday, July 1, marks the first day of Alaska’s new fiscal year. All the new budget cuts are now in effect – Gov. Bill Walker says no sector of government is untouched. Millions of dollars were cut from the state budget, and Alaskans are going to start noticing. One noticeable change: There are less Alaska State Troopers […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Mat-Su Borough slashes M/V Susitna price tag

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 30, 21:49

    The M/V Susitna has been on the market for years with no buyer, so Mat-Su Borough officials are trying a new strategy. They hope knocking a couple million dollars off the price tag will be the answer. Borough manager John Moosey says the Borough is doing whatever it can to sell the M/V Susitna, which they […]

  • News

    Teens clean up Campbell Creek for baby salmon

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 26, 19:51

    With rain coming down, most teenagers might be concerned about spending all morning outside, but not 13-year-old Mia Elias and her friends at Trailside Discovery Camp — they had work to do. “We’re picking up trash and making sure the birds and the fish don’t eat it,” Elias said. Their work is part of a […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Invasive, quick-spreading weed found in Lake Hood

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 25, 21:47

    Elodea is the only known invasive aquatic plant in Alaska. It’s aggressive and on Wednesday researcher Heather Stewart pulled the first samples out of Lake Hood. “Every dot is where we found Elodea,” Stewart said pointing to a map of the lake. “Half these airplanes are a 10-minute flight out of there to Finger Lake, Big Lake, […]

  • Alaska

    Lawmakers, vets push back against new Veteran Choice Program

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 24, 21:13

    Alaska used to have one of the best Department of Veteran Affairs health care systems in the country. Different agencies like Indian Health Services, the Department of Defense, and community health centers all worked together to provide quality treatment for veterans. The system was so good at helping veterans that it became the model for a […]

  • Alaska

    Fire officials investigate human-start of Sockeye Fire

    by Shannon Ballard on Jun 22, 21:08

    After more than a week, the Sockeye Fire is now 80 percent contained and fire investigators closer to closure. From day one, fire investigators have been in Willow searching for clues leading to the start of the blaze. Fire officials knew early on that the more than 7,000-acre Sockeye Fire was caused by humans. There are […]