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Shannon Ballard

I’ve always daydreamed about living here, so I jumped at the chance to be part of the new KTVA. Change is exciting and I feel so lucky to get to learn all about this community. Alaska is sure to be an adventure.

Stories by Shannon Ballard

  • Local

    Mountain View gets boost from new restaurant

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 20, 19:07

    The secret to a great hamburger has been pondered for generations. But Andy Kriner says the answer is simple — use the family recipe. Kriner’s family is in the food business. Saturday was the grand opening of Kriner’s Burgers and Pies, the restaurant he started with his son. “I’ve always wanted a hamburger restaurant since I […]

  • State

    New law banning synthetic drugs goes into effect in Alaska

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 19, 20:38

    The effects of synthetic drugs have proven so dangerous that lawmakers decided a statewide ban was needed. This week, Alaska’s new spice law took effect. It authorizes law enforcement to fine anyone who sells or possesses illicit synthetic drugs. The new state law was modeled after ordinances Anchorage and Wasilla passed earlier this year. The idea […]

  • Local

    Volunteers make quilts for Alaska veterans

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 18, 22:22

    Women gather, stitching piece by piece, binding and fastening seams until they are strong. They’re spending three days making quilts. And as Patty Livingston would tell you, a quilt has the power to mend. “It’s something that they can kind of cling to,” Livingston said. “I’m from a military family, my husband is a Vietnam veteran, my […]

  • Local

    Japanese exchange students visit Palmer

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 17, 19:29

    Standing out in high school simply comes easier for some students. Today, 16-year-old Shion Kamada is getting a lot of attention. He’s one of seven exchange students visiting Palmer from Saroma, a town in Japan. This is his first trip to the U.S. “Everything is bigger than in Japan,” said Shion. “The buildings, animals, everything.” The sister […]

  • Local

    Family, friends gather to remember Eagle River murder victim

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 16, 19:39

    The family and friends of an Eagle River teen who was murdered last week gathered Tuesday for her funeral. Police say 19-year-old Linda Anne Martz Bower was allegedly killed at the hands of her boyfriend. Bower’s mother, Sherry Martz, wrote that words can’t come close to describe the loss, pain and shock of losing her daughter. Family […]

  • Local

    Assembly approves new burglar alarm policy

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 13, 18:12

    The Anchorage Assembly is laying down new rules when it comes to burglar alarms. A new policy will save home and business owners some money, but it will actually cost the police. Before now, if you had a burglar alarm, you had to register it every year with the Anchorage Police Department. You received a fine […]

  • Local

    4-year-old Wasilla girl to receive heart transplant

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 10, 18:33

    Everyone who remembers what it was like to be a child knows that children like to play. Kennedy Miller-Robinson is no exception. The 4-year-old plays like any normal kid but, for Kennedy, it’s not as easy. “I need a break, sorry,” said Kennedy after jumping just three times on a trampoline. Her physical therapist Hilary Scheib says […]

  • State

    Prize-winning veggies donated to wild animals

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 06, 18:00

    Alaska is known for its record-breaking giant vegetables. Growers won bragging rights last week at the Alaska State Fair. But as the thrills of the fair become distant memories, what happens to all that produce? The answer is that it’s being eaten, but not by people. The Alaska State Fair has partnered up with the Alaska […]

  • State

    Grassroots movement grows free produce for the public

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 04, 18:38

    The growing season in Palmer is slowing down. As Jan Newman sifts through the garden beside the downtown Salvation Army, she sees a lot of crops that still need picking. “Lots of kale and collard greens, some cabbages,” said Newman, founder of Grow Palmer, a grassroots movement all about growing free food for everyone. A […]

  • Stories

    El Niño forecast cools off

    by Shannon Ballard on Sep 02, 18:01

    It’s a phenomenon that takes place thousands of miles away but has the potential to bring more snow to Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska. El Niño is the warming of equatorial water off South America that directly impacts the jet stream and Alaska’s weather. Earlier this year, scientists predicted El Niño to bring record-breaking warm weather […]

  • State

    Gathering Place brings native cultures, traditions to Alaska State Fair

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 24, 9:53

    This year, the Alaska State Fair has a new attraction — one dedicated to sharing, experiencing and celebrating Alaska’s rich native cultures. It’s called The Gathering Place. It features Alaska Native vendors like Elim artist Lenwood Saccheus and Bee Curtis, who said The Gathering Place is an opportunity to show fairgoers a rich slice of Alaska […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Need a ride to the fair?

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 22, 18:57

    Riding the train is a travel option you might not have thought of, and it’s just one of many that will get you to the Alaska State Fair this year. It takes a little longer to chug from Anchorage to Palmer, but riding the rails has its advantages. “We thought it would be fun for […]

  • State

    Alaska State Fair begins

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 21, 21:07

    Opening day is here and nothing says state fair like deep-fried food, carnival rides and vendors. Whether you like livestock, concerts, or food on a stick, the 2014 Alaska State Fair has something for you. Thousands lined up before the gates even opened Thursday to be among the first to check out the rides, exhibits, […]

  • Campaign 2014

    It’s go time for November ballot measure campaigns

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 20, 19:31

    The polls have closed but results from the primary election are still coming in from across the state. “It’s definitely not a record,” said Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai. “There still will be potential of several thousands of ballots to be counted over the next 10 days.” Voter turnout for Alaska’s primary election was […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Election workers help make your vote count

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 19, 18:04

    In the chaos of Election Day, hundreds of workers strive to make it easy to get out and cast your ballot. Cindy Medbery is passionate, to say the least, about her right to vote. That is why she spends every Election Day helping others practice theirs. “Your vote could be the deciding factor,” Medbery said. […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Ballot Measure 1 heats up last weekend before election

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 16, 18:10

    It’s the final weekend of campaigning before Alaska’s primary election and perhaps the most important for the campaigns for and against Ballot Measure 1. “We’re almost to the last 72 hours before the election,” said Willis Lyford, manager for the Vote No campaign. “Everybody is really feeling charged up.” There’s a lot of activity on the […]

  • State

    Willow, Caswell hire first fire chief

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 15, 18:24

    This week the Department of Emergency Services in the Mat-Su Borough took a huge step in its effort to keep you safe by hiring Mahlon Greene. Greene just signed on as the new fire chief for Willow and Caswell. He has no footsteps to follow. He is the first and only full-time fireman hired by […]

  • Local

    $22.5 million school opens doors to students

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 14, 18:07

    It may be a bittersweet day, but it’s one Esther Erickson has been working hard to achieve. “I seriously can’t wait, I’ve been looking forward to it,” Erickson said. Thursday is the final first day of school for the senior at Valley Pathways School in Palmer. After a summer away from the classroom she’s ready […]

  • Local

    Alaska-grown potato sales decline

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 13, 18:40

    On the last day of summer break in the Mat-Su Valley, some students are found in a field. It’s peak harvest season at VanderWeele Farm in Palmer. Mixed vegetables like broccoli and lettuce are in demand and sales have been good, but greens are just a third of what this farm produces. The real moneymaker […]

  • Local

    Palestine supporters protest in Anchorage

    by Shannon Ballard on Aug 09, 18:11

    Alaskans frustrated with the violence between Israel and Gaza took to the streets. They gathered in downtown Anchorage to call for the conflict to end. It was just one of many anti-Israeli rallies held recently around the world. It may be smaller than most, but the group, named Alaskans for Palestine, is just as serious about […]