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Megan Mazurek

Stories by Megan Mazurek

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Kathy Campbell

    by Megan Mazurek on May 08, 12:29

    Kathy Campbell has worked in active war zones and debriefed a four-star general in the United States Army, but she feels it’s in the classroom where she is making the most difference. “I feel like I’m making a difference in the world. I’m helping really truly to make citizens that every day I can see growth,” Campbell […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Asdid Derouen

    by Megan Mazurek on Apr 24, 13:41

    From a very young age, Asdid Derouen knew her heart belonged with kids. “I love what I do,” Derouen said. “This is what I was meant to do.” Derouen is a life-long learner and has taught kids from preschool up to 4th grade. She currently teaches 2nd grade at Swanson Elementary School in Palmer; a place that […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Travis Harrington

    by Megan Mazurek on Apr 11, 9:10

    Travis Harrington is giving back to his community. He was a Chugiak Mustang and grew up playing the trumpet. “It was always my goal to come back to the community,” he said. “Being raised in such an awesome place and give back to it.” This is Harrington’s 20th year teaching band at Mirror Lake Middle School. […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Stefanie Stacey

    by Megan Mazurek on Mar 07, 12:32

    Second-grade teacher Stefanie Stacey believes in hands-on learning. “I try to do more projects because it seems to be more engaging for them,” said Frau (Mrs. in German) Stacey, who teaches at Rilke Shule German School in Anchorage. “It’s more fun for me, too.” Her classes are taught entirely in German, and her students don’t miss […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Joanne Christian

    by Megan Mazurek on Feb 20, 10:53

    Tudor Elementary Kindergarten teacher Joanne Christian is starting her students off with the basics — sounding and spelling three letter words and putting together sentences. “They come in not knowing how to write their name, read their name,” Christian said. She loves being there for the start of a child’s education. “I just love that they come […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Rebecca Julian

    by Megan Mazurek on Feb 06, 11:48

    Rebecca Julian says she may be strict, but her students know she cares about them “They [students] know the expectations and we get a lot done that way,” said  Julian, a third and fourth grade teacher at Nunaka Valley Elementary School. Julian has been teaching at Nunaka for 18 years, and says the school feels like one big […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Kaity Williamson

    by Megan Mazurek on Jan 23, 13:42

    For Kaity Williamson, teaching is her dream job. “Every day is different,” she explained. “The kids are awesome.” Williamson is a biology teacher at Service High School and is helping her students explore careers in biomedical sciences. “Health care is definitely an up and coming need in this nation and our kids are hopefully going […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Marsha Williams

    by Megan Mazurek on Jan 09, 14:08

    Marsha Williams has always been a music person. She says there’s something about it that brings people together. “Anything we can do together to build community through music is my passion,” said Williams. She began teaching music at Williwaw Elementary after spending most of her career in special education. When a position opened up at the […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Randy Marsh

    by Megan Mazurek on Dec 12, 11:24

    He’s a math teacher by trade and aviator at heart. “It’s my hobby,” said Randy Marsh. “So you don’t say no to teaching your hobby.” Marsh is a math and aviation teacher at Clark Middle School. He uses model airplanes to go over math lessons and has students work on flight simulators during in-class exercises. […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Erika Crumley

    by Megan Mazurek on Nov 28, 12:20

    Erika Crumley tries to make school feel more like a home than a classroom. “Almost like a home school atmosphere where kids feel more relaxed and more comfortable,” Crumley said. “[They] have more ownership and direction in what they’re learning.” Crumley teaches first and second grade at Chugach Optional Elementary School. “The feel of the […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Thomas Pease

    by Megan Mazurek on Nov 14, 13:13

    Thomas Pease strives to get his students to be team players. He teaches language arts at Mears Middle School and structures his classroom to encourage interaction. “To be successful adults you have to learn to work together,” said Pease. “That’s a larger lesson I’d like my students to learn.” Pease is patient with his students and […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Brett Bissell

    by Megan Mazurek on Oct 31, 11:40

    Brett Bissell had a dream of being a naval officer, but it turns out life had different plans. “When I was 17 years old I found out I was color blind,” Bissell said. “I had wanted to go to the Naval Academy since I was 6 or 7 years-old. My dad was in the Naval […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Michele Whaley

    by Megan Mazurek on Oct 17, 11:38

    Michele Whaley has impacted thousands of students of the course of her career. She’s been teaching language in Alaska for more than 30 years and is up for National Language Teacher of the Year from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The Russian language has been her primary focus, but this year […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Dorothea Culbert

    by Megan Mazurek on Oct 03, 11:47

    Posters with phrases like, “math rocks” and “There’s no crying in math class!” are hung on the walls of Dorothea Culbert’s Mears Middle School classroom. She’s been teaching math for the past 27 years. “I initially was going to become a college professor of english literature, I have a masters in english lit, and then […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Temperance Tinker

    by Megan Mazurek on Sep 05, 12:32

    At the beginning of the school year, Temperance Tinker has each of her students write down an intention on a piece of origami paper. “It takes us a long time to get 30 people to fold origami at the same time,” Tinker said. The origami is folded into cranes, which hang overhead in her classroom. […]

  • Harvesting Alaska

    Harvesting Alaska: Fish, berries, veggies and me — all Alaska grown

    by Megan Mazurek on Jul 22, 8:38

    I was 7 years old when I caught my first fish. It was during a canoe trip with my family on the Swanson River, somewhere between Sterling and Nikiski. I remember my dad helping me drop a line in a shallow, calm pool. When I looked down I could see dozens of fish swimming; their […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Jennifer Derks

    by Megan Mazurek on May 16, 11:04

    Jennifer Derks has her students end the school day with the same lesson, every day. “We end by doing appreciation,” she said. “The kids don’t know who they have to appreciate. We just randomly draw names and they have to find something to compliment that person on.” The purpose of the exercise is to build […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Julia Withers

    by Megan Mazurek on May 02, 12:54

    Julia Withers is all about the numbers. “Math was probably always one of my stronger subjects,” Withers said. She teaches math and physical education at Highland Tech Charter School in Anchorage. The school has small class sizes, something that makes Withers feel right at home. “I like that it’s small. I really like that the […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Rodney Wild

    by Megan Mazurek on Apr 19, 8:43

    Rodney Wild isn’t one to shy away from competition. “When you get knocked down, you get back up. Not literally but figuratively.” Wild explained from his classroom. “When things don’t go well, you have options you have choices. You can quit or you can get back up, get back in the game and compete.” Wild […]

  • Teacher of the Week

    Teacher of the Week: Angi Alexander

    by Megan Mazurek on Apr 04, 12:41

    ANCHORAGE — This is Angi Alexander’s first full year of teaching, and she’s already being recognized for her ability to bring out the best in her second-grade students. She’s been teaching them on how to implement small acts of kindness with people in their community in a program they call, World Changers. “This week, they […]