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Lauren Maxwell

People sometimes seem surprised when I tell them I have worked for KTVA for 27 years, but only for a minute. Usually they pause and say “That’s great, I knew I’d been watching you for a long time!” Sharing stories about the people who live in our community and the place they call home is a privilege.

Stories by Lauren Maxwell

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Expansion project will give Anchorage drivers new east-west route

    by Lauren Maxwell on Apr 01, 22:16

    A project that will give Anchorage drivers a new way to get around town is taking shape. Construction crews have begun putting in place the huge steel girders that will support an overpass on Arctic Boulevard. The West Dowling Extension Project will connect the east side of town with the west side. Phase two, the […]

  • State

    Community speaks out about proposed public broadcasting cuts in Alaska

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 31, 19:33

    A proposal to eliminate state funding for Alaska’s public broadcasting system got some reaction Tuesday from people testifying in a statewide public hearing. Emily Cross is a board member for public radio station KNBA. Cross told members of the Senate Finance committee that she understood the state was in a difficult budget position but that cutting […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Bean’s Cafe clients pitch in for cleanup

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 27, 17:43

    The area around Bean’s Café and the Brother Francis Shelter is looking a lot brighter after clients picked up 420 pounds of garbage Friday morning. The clean-up included removing a few items left on Karluk Street where people have been camping on the sidewalk for months. Police said most of the campers had moved on […]

  • Alaska

    70 wood bison, so far, have arrived to Shageluk’s 65-resident community

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 23, 22:53

    An operation to return 100 wood bison back into the wilds of Western Alaska is going smoothly. By day’s end Monday, more than 70 animals had arrived by cargo plane to their new home in Shageluk. The bison are being released into a large pen that is several acres in size. The plan is to […]

  • Alaska

    Wood bison on the move: From Wildlife Center to the wilds of Alaska

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 22, 18:41

    Moving is never an easy job, but what if your move involved flying 100 bison to a new home in Western Alaska? The big move started Sunday morning at the Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. Over the next few days, the wood bison will be boxed up in specially made crates at the center, then […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    World Down Syndrome Day: Chugiak family shares its story

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 21, 18:38

    Saturday is World Down Syndrome day, a day when people unite across the globe to raise awareness about the genetic disorder. It’s also a day for people to celebrate the voices of people who have Down syndrome, as well as those they live and work with. The day is special for one Chugiak family. Angie […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Man wins new car in United Way sweepstakes

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 20, 18:17

    A local contest saw one of five finalists drive home with a new car Friday. Each contestant got a key to a brand new car but only one of those keys would turn the engine,  and only one person would walk away a winner. That was the scene Friday afternoon at Alaska Sales and Service […]

  • Alaska

    Unusual weather patterns may be to blame for lack of Arctic ice

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 19, 23:12

    Satellites that take pictures of ice in the Arctic are showing the lowest amount of sea ice ever recorded, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado. Mary-Beth Schreck with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration here in Anchorage said unusual weather patterns may be to blame, including jet streams […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage man who proposed Kincaid moose hunt says he’ll keep trying

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 18, 19:15

    An Anchorage man says he’s not going to give up on the idea of a moose hunt in Kincaid Park, even though the State Board of Game tabled the proposal earlier this week. Ira Edwards is a former State Park ranger and an avid athlete who has used the trails in Kincaid Park for many […]

  • Iditarod

    Female inmates continue tradition of caring for dropped Iditarod dogs

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 17, 19:23

    Iditarod dogs are heading to Nome, but not all of them will make it that far down the trail. Race officials say it’s not uncommon for mushers to drop hundreds of dogs along the way. Most dropped dogs are flown into Anchorage where handlers pick them up, but dogs that need to spend the night […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    2 charities benefit from Subaru’s ‘Share the Love’ event

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 16, 20:27

    Two local charities got two big checks on Monday, an unexpected surprise thanks to Continental Subaru and its customers. Continental Subaru’s “Share The Love” event donated a portion of each Subaru sold in part of November and all of December to several charities. Customers got to choose where their money went. The Eva Foundation plans […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    East Anchorage trailer fire sends man to hospital; basset hound OK

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 16, 18:25

    An afternoon trailer fire, located off of Boniface Drive, sent an Anchorage man to the hospital Monday. The unidentified man was treated for smoke inhalation. Firefighters think an electrical issue may have sparked the blaze, which started underneath the aging trailer. Chris Keen with the Anchorage Fire Department said the man was injured when he […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    UPDATE: Man killed while unloading equipment at Port of Anchorage identified

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 13, 12:47

    A man was killed at the Port of Anchorage on the morning of March 13, officials say. Charlie Tom “WD” James Jr. was an employee of Sea Star Stevedore Company, and was helping to unload military equipment off a ship and onto a rail car so it could be taken to Fairbanks when the incident occurred. “So […]

  • Iditarod

    Dropped Iditarod dogs head to Anchorage

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 12, 20:17

    Some sled dogs didn’t make it far on the Iditarod trail and have started to show up in Anchorage. The first load of dropped dogs was flown into town on Wednesday and arrived at the Iditarod headquarters at the Millennium Hotel on Spenard Road that afternoon. Dog Drop Coordinator Kate Swift said mushers drop dogs […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Wasilla woman hopes for match with bone marrow drive

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 11, 19:02

    A Wasilla family is facing cancer for a second time, hoping for a better outcome. Pat and Kelly Marre’s son, Logan, died from leukemia 16 years ago when he was 11 years old. Five months ago, Kelly Marre learned that she also had leukemia. It wasn’t the same type that her son had. In fact, doctors […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage man turns injury into opportunity to move forward

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 10, 21:58

    For avid outdoorsman Arlen Fisk, this winter has been a tough one. He’s only been able to ride this snowmachine three times. But despite the fact that Fisk is packing up his sled for the season, he still feels lucky he could ride at all. Seven years ago this May, Fisk was in a serious […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage crews begin to tackle potholes around town

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 09, 19:56

    Anchorage’s cold, dry weather is helping city crews get a head start on patching potholes. It’s a problem that happens every spring, and this year, spring seems to have come early. Workers are encouraging people to report potholes when they see them, even small ones. “If they are just starting off, we can usually get them […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Producer: ‘Hunter Killer’ not dead, just postponed

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 06, 11:07

    The producer of a major motion picture that was supposed to film in Whittier this spring said the movie project isn’t dead it’s just been postponed. Scott Lumpkin is executive producer for the film “Hunter Killer,” a U.S.-Russian spy thriller featuring submarines. Lumpkin confirmed the movie will be shooting heavily outside the state, but he […]

  • Alaska

    University sends out climate survey on sexual assault

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 05, 19:44

    The University of Alaska is asking some very personal questions of more than 15,000 students, staff and faculty. The so-called “Climate Survey” was sent out by email on Monday to students at every campus around the state. The anonymous survey asks specific questions about whether the recipients have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault on […]

  • Alaska

    Wood bison set to return to the wilds of Alaska

    by Lauren Maxwell on Mar 04, 22:13

    The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is getting set to return a wood bison herd to the wilds of Alaska. Wood bison were native to the state up until about 100 years ago when over-hunting took its toll. In 2003, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage received about a dozen of the animals […]