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Kate McPherson

Stories by Kate McPherson

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Project Citizen helps 8th graders learn to influence lawmakers, policy

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 11, 12:49

      Students at Gruening Middle School are learning how to influence lawmakers and policy decisions through a civics program called Project Citizen. “I think Project Citizen is important because it gets kids more involved instead of sitting there and just talking,” said eighth-grade student Michael Listman, who says he likes the idea of working towards […]

  • Alaska

    Last-minute bid by Alaska teachers’ union to sway lawmakers

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 09, 20:43

    A new radio commercial from the National Education Association of Alaska is urging the public to contact lawmakers in Juneau and tell them to reinstate proposed reductions to education. Though specific cuts in school districts across the state are not confirmed, the minute-long spot talks about eliminating sports and music, as well as bigger class […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    U-Med road project continues on despite opposition

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 09, 6:57

    The $20 million road through the U-Med District is moving forward despite some people in the community continuing a campaign to get the funding pulled. The northern access route will connect Elmore Road with Bragaw Street and construction could begin as early as this fall. “So, this is a big concern for our area, this […]

  • Alaska

    Chuitna coal project opponents continue water rights fight

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 07, 21:54

    A group of Alaskans who say they are fighting to protect salmon streams from a proposed coal mine submitted thousands of formal comments to the Department of Natural Resources in Anchorage Tuesday morning. “We can’t mine our salmon streams, we don’t eat the damn coal, we eat salmon; Alaskans depend on salmon for their freezer […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage housing gridlock turning Lower 48 workers away

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 06, 19:47

    The housing gridlock in Anchorage is stopping potential workers from moving to town, according to real estate experts. Leah Boltz with Bettisworth North Architects and Planners was a speaker at the “Make it Monday” forum, which focused on the housing challenges of Anchorage. “What was most frightening about her story is that she’s actually had people […]

  • Alaska

    Colorado skier dies in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 02, 22:44

    A Colorado man died Wednesday while skiing in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, according to National Park Service personnel. The NPS’ Alaska Regional Communications Center was alerted at 3:53 p.m. by Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson’s Rescue Coordination Center that a skier had fallen through an overhanging section of snow. The body of skier Peter Inglis, […]

  • Local

    City releases emails relating to Coffey and AO37

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 02, 8:05

    Emails relating to Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey and the city’s controversial labor ordinance, AO37, were released Wednesday afternoon, revealing not much of a connection. Nine pages of documents and emails were filed in court as part of an ongoing legal battle between Anchorage municipal unions and the city. The court ordered the Municipality to […]

  • Crime

    Guilty plea for meth, mail fraud ringleader

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 01, 8:44

    The leader of a mail theft ring pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud, identity theft and drug dealing just days before his trial was set to begin. “We were looking at one point at 50 to 60 witnesses,” said Erin Bennett, a special assistant U.S. attorney who was preparing for Jonathon Escalante’s case. Bennett […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Drone development in Alaska still on track

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 30, 23:23

    Funding cuts to the University of Alaska system threatened the state’s unmanned aircraft development program, but a Senate subcommittee restored the nearly $1.9 million needed for fiscal year 2016. There are still a number of steps in the legislative process before the funding is confirmed, but staff and engineers with the Alaska Center for Unmanned […]

  • Alaska

    Choose Respect campaign on chopping block

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 27, 9:56

    As communities across Alaska rallied Thursday supporting the Choose Respect campaign, the Senate Finance subcommittee on the Department of Public Safety recommended eliminating what was left of the budget. Former Gov. Sean Parnell initiated the program in 2009 with the aim of putting an end to domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska. Gov. Bill Walker is […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey speaks out about controversial conversation

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 23, 21:34

    Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey says he would like the public to hear the controversial conversation he had back in 2008. It wasn’t the topic Coffey says he wanted to focus on during the Anchorage Chamber’s “Make it Monday” forum, but he dedicated his opening remarks to the issue. “If I had the tape today, […]

  • Alaska

    Judge dismisses Tongass timber sale lawsuit

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 20, 21:40

    A logging project in the Tongass National Forest is one step closer to commencing. A district court judge in Alaska dismissed a lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service Friday. Last year, the Forest Service approved the sale of 6,000 acres of old growth trees for logging as part of the Big Thorne timber project, located on Prince […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage mayoral candidate threatens to sue media

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 20, 0:02

    Mayoral candidate Dan Coffey has stated he doesn’t want the public to hear a private conversation he had with current Anchorage Assembly member Bill Starr back in 2008.  The conversation with Starr  was recorded onto an answering machine. Coffey said Thursday he hired Anchorage lawyer Thomas Amodio to “look into the issue” — referring to whether […]

  • Alaska

    Alaska Satellite Facility crucial for new NASA mission

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 19, 14:26

    Scientists and engineers at the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) in Fairbanks are part of a NASA mission that will reshape our understanding of water on Earth. Two 11-meter dishes on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus are now receiving unique data from the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) observatory launched in late January. “Active” refers […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Officials: Community policing good in theory but not possible in Anchorage now

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 18, 7:10

    A senior Anchorage police officer says some of the shootings and other violent crimes that have plagued the city this year could have been prevented if the Anchorage Police Department had an effective community policing program. “And the reason I think it would have is perhaps we would’ve had the intelligence given to us before […]

  • Fairbanks

    Fairbanks adopts community policing, aims to reduce crime

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 17, 7:17

    The Fairbanks Police Department has implemented a new community policing program with the goal of reducing crime in certain neighborhoods. Chief Randall Aragon calls it a philosophy — one that he’s implemented successfully in other states, including North Carolina and, most recently, Texas. “You can’t build an effective rapport with the community looking through the windshield […]

  • Local

    Powerful national group funnels funds into Anchorage mayoral race

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 06, 7:11

    The President of Americans for Prosperity, Tim Phillips, says he visited Alaska this week to work with the local chapter as they try to persuade the Legislature not to expand Medicaid. Phillips also used his visit to speak about his group’s decision to get involved in the Anchorage mayoral race. “We think it’s a good role […]

  • Alaska

    CSI: Cyber Alaska?: Foreign threats keep FBI Cyber Squad busy

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 04, 23:38

    FBI Special Agent Betsy Bartko doesn’t know how many times a day computers are hacked in Alaska, or across the country, but she says it’s more than she could guess. “We are constantly battling those nation states that are attacking our interests here,” said Bartko, who is part of the Cyber Squad based in Anchorage. […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage proposes sale of Solid Waste Services’ collection unit

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 03, 22:10

    The Municipality of Anchorage is proposing to sell the collections division of Solid Waste Services (SWS). A resolution was introduced on behalf of Mayor Dan Sullivan at Tuesday night’s Anchorage Assembly meeting. Assemblyman Paul Honeman said the idea needs to be analyzed to make sure it’s in the best interest of the rate payer. “We […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Home builders say over-regulation in Anchorage is slowing growth

    by Kate McPherson on Mar 03, 8:31

    City planning officials say Anchorage is not on track to meet the housing demand over the coming decades. “Looking at the building permits issued in 2013 and 2014 they are not meeting the benchmarks,” said Jerry Weaver, director of Community Development with the municipality. A report prepared for the municipality in 2012 says Anchorage needs 18,000 […]