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Kate McPherson

Stories by Kate McPherson

  • State

    Erin’s Law creator speaks out against new changes by Legislature

    by Kate McPherson on May 20, 7:05

    Updated Wednesday, May 20 at 10 p.m. Butch and Cindy Moore, whose daughter Breanna was killed in South Anchorage last year, once again testified in front of legislators in support of making sexual assault and teen dating violence awareness a mandatory class in schools. “We have a lot of different curriculums that are either free […]

  • State

    ‘Most dysfunctional Legislature in history,’ Backbone Alaska says

    by Kate McPherson on May 16, 19:45

    Alaska’s lawmakers are being called the most dysfunctional Legislature in state history. An unfunded budget and a multi-billion dollar deficit brought Vic Fischer and other prominent Alaskans together on Friday as part of a group called Backbone — and they didn’t hold back criticism of lawmakers. “They will not talk to each other, they will […]

  • State

    Alaska’s Medicaid expansion plans take a blow

    by Kate McPherson on May 14, 21:08

    Medicaid expansion is unlikely to be voted on this year after House Finance Committee co-chair Steve Thompson used his power to block House Bill 148 from a vote. “Hearings this week have made it very clear that Medicaid is a bigger problem than we knew, it is a highly complex system, facing significant challenges,” Thompson […]

  • State

    Medicaid rallies continue in Anchorage as vote appears more unlikely

    by Kate McPherson on May 13, 21:53

    Community faith groups continued to rally outside of the legislative offices Wednesday in Anchorage, calling on lawmakers to expand Medicaid. “Some of them are listening,” said Paul Oliva. ”Unfortunately, a lot of them have a political agenda that they want to push through, and that’s getting in the way.” Oliva knows what it’s like to live […]

  • State

    As budget talks continue, so does debate on Medicaid expansion

    by Kate McPherson on May 07, 21:33

    The House Finance Committee discussed the budget in Anchorage on Thursday. Many lawmakers have not taken a full vacation, despite the recess. They continue to hold meetings, particularly House and Senate leaders and those who are involved with the budget negotiations. The main arguments revolve around funding for education, union contracts and the ferry system. […]

  • Anchorage Mayoral Race

    Anchorage mayoral election breakdown: See map and numbers

    by Kate McPherson on May 06, 20:02

    Ethan Berkowitz’s win over Amy Demboski Tuesday night may have come down to perceived extreme conservative views, according to pollster Ivan Moore. “That’s what happens when you show up to public confrontations with your sign vandal, with a gun on your hip and when you have Joe Miller endorsing your campaign,” said Moore. “That’s the […]

  • State

    No budget deal in Juneau as some lawmakers head home

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 30, 21:22

    The House and Senate Republican-led majorities passed a resolution Thursday to recess until May 12. Gov. Bill Walker was less than impressed with the lawmakers who voted “yes,” but said he wouldn’t stop them from leaving. “I am not going to take further action to preclude what they are doing. There are moves that I could […]

  • State

    Alaska Legislature gavels in for special session

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 28, 11:17

    Gov. Bill Walker submitted a new budget Tuesday that is similar to the one that passed the House and Senate on Monday afternoon, though it restores more than $16.5 million to education funding. “We really need to fix this together, and again, it’s not a matter of who did what right and who did what wrong,” said Walker, […]

  • State

    Operating budget passes without full funding

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 27, 17:29

    The House of Representatives passed the state’s 2016 operating budget Monday afternoon. But there’s one big problem: There’s no money to fund it. “In failing to send the governor a budget that is funded, we have failed in our obligated duties,” said Rep. Dan Ortiz, of Ketchikan. Passed with a vote of 26 to 12, […]

  • State

    Still without an approved budget, extended legislative session continues

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 26, 20:58

    At the end of Sunday, day 97 of the legislative session, Alaska was still without a budget for fiscal year 2016. The Republican-led Senate and House Majorities reached an agreement on the operating budget, and a conference committee finalized it Saturday night without the support of the Democrat-led Minority in the House. The Senate and […]

  • State

    A handful of lawmakers negotiate while others wait

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 24, 7:42

    Friday marks the 95th day of the legislative session in Juneau, and many are hoping a budget deal can be made. Each extra day also means more than $13,000 is being spent on legislators’ per diem, on top of their salaries. Rep. Mark Neuman says he’s not surprised negotiations have gone into overtime. “This has […]

  • State

    Senate Finance members defend budget proposal, including education cuts

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 21, 23:06

    Budget items, including education, are still under negotiation in Juneau. Day two of the extended legislative session brought sunshine to Juneau for the first time in over a week, but it didn’t bring an end to negotiations on the state’s budget. “The cold hard reality is that we can’t print money and there is only […]

  • State

    Day 1 of extended session: Still no deal on education funding

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 20, 22:59

    If you were new to Juneau and walking though the halls of the Capitol building Monday morning, you’d be excused for thinking the session was over. The sound of packing tape, not session bells, could be heard on every floor as legislators and staff closed boxes of files and computers. “There’s this legislative insanity, which […]

  • State

    AKLeg: Erin’s law passes House

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 19, 6:30

    School boards are a step closer to having a mandatory program that teaches children about sexual abuse. Saturday, the Alaska House of Representatives passed HB 44, the Alaska Safe Children’s Act, which requires schools to teach K-12 students about sexual assault and prevention, as well as awareness about dating violence. The bill is referred to […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Project Citizen helps 8th graders learn to influence lawmakers, policy

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 11, 12:49

      Students at Gruening Middle School are learning how to influence lawmakers and policy decisions through a civics program called Project Citizen. “I think Project Citizen is important because it gets kids more involved instead of sitting there and just talking,” said eighth-grade student Michael Listman, who says he likes the idea of working towards […]

  • Alaska

    Last-minute bid by Alaska teachers’ union to sway lawmakers

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 09, 20:43

    A new radio commercial from the National Education Association of Alaska is urging the public to contact lawmakers in Juneau and tell them to reinstate proposed reductions to education. Though specific cuts in school districts across the state are not confirmed, the minute-long spot talks about eliminating sports and music, as well as bigger class […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    U-Med road project continues on despite opposition

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 09, 6:57

    The $20 million road through the U-Med District is moving forward despite some people in the community continuing a campaign to get the funding pulled. The northern access route will connect Elmore Road with Bragaw Street and construction could begin as early as this fall. “So, this is a big concern for our area, this […]

  • Alaska

    Chuitna coal project opponents continue water rights fight

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 07, 21:54

    A group of Alaskans who say they are fighting to protect salmon streams from a proposed coal mine submitted thousands of formal comments to the Department of Natural Resources in Anchorage Tuesday morning. “We can’t mine our salmon streams, we don’t eat the damn coal, we eat salmon; Alaskans depend on salmon for their freezer […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage housing gridlock turning Lower 48 workers away

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 06, 19:47

    The housing gridlock in Anchorage is stopping potential workers from moving to town, according to real estate experts. Leah Boltz with Bettisworth North Architects and Planners was a speaker at the “Make it Monday” forum, which focused on the housing challenges of Anchorage. “What was most frightening about her story is that she’s actually had people […]

  • Alaska

    Colorado skier dies in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

    by Kate McPherson on Apr 02, 22:44

    A Colorado man died Wednesday while skiing in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, according to National Park Service personnel. The NPS’ Alaska Regional Communications Center was alerted at 3:53 p.m. by Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson’s Rescue Coordination Center that a skier had fallen through an overhanging section of snow. The body of skier Peter Inglis, […]