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Heather Hintze

I’m a Montana girl, born and raised. Alaska was never really a place I considered working. Then, a job opening came up and I thought, “Why not?” I’m always up for an adventure and so far the Last Frontier has yet to disappoint.

Stories by Heather Hintze

  • Alaska News

    Goodbye Juke: Unalakleet family bids farewell to their service dog

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 24, 16:04

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. One Unalakleet family needed more than that for their son. Donna and Jeff Erickson’s youngest son, Logan, is severely autistic. For the past six years his service dog, Juke, has been by his side, bringing comfort to Logan and peace of mind for his mom. […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Smashburger adds to South Anchorage development

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 23, 21:10

    Not one, but two new burger joints opened in Anchorage in just one week. BurgerFi expanded to a second location in East Anchorage on Monday. Alaska’s first Smashburger will host its grand opening on Wednesday. Owner Mark Larson said he chose the location across from Cabela’s on 100th Avenue and C Street because he wants […]

  • Harvesting Alaska

    Harvesting Alaska: Blueberry picking brings back fond memories in Unalakleet

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 22, 12:33

    The tundra outside Unalakleet stretches for miles, blanketed in blue. “There are just berries everywhere this year. They’re so abundant,” said Davida Hanson. On a sunny Friday evening, she and her family headed for the hills near the Norton Sound village to fill their buckets with blueberries. “To bring the kids out here to teach […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Bartlett students face back-to-school road construction on Glenn Highway and Muldoon Road interchange

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 19, 18:06

    Students heading back to class at Bartlett High School will have to battle the road construction at the Glenn Highway and Muldoon Road interchange Monday. “Crews are working double shifts to try to get this done,” said Department of Transportation (DOT) spokesperson Shannon McCarthy. “The first couple days, no matter what it’s going to be […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Wasps, yellowjackets keep exterminators busy

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 18, 21:56

    Updated at 9:15 a.m. on Friday, August 19 An influx of insects is keeping exterminators busy this summer. “The volume is incredible,” said Randy Beuter, owner of Eagle Pest Control. “During the peak of the season we were probably getting 60 phone calls a day.” Palmer resident Gary Jones went out to mow the lawn […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Odom Corporation plans new $40 million beverage distribution center in Anchorage

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 16, 19:37

    The Odom Corporation plans to build a new $40 million beverage distribution facility off International Airport Road. Executive Vice President Bill Odom announced the plans on Tuesday. The 240,000-square-foot building will be constructed at the Odom Corporation’s land across from the Chugach Power Plant. “This shows people who have guts to move forward, who have the […]

  • Alaska News

    Alaska’s population on the decline

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 12, 18:51

    More than 35 years of the Moran family’s memories are being wrapped up and packed. Stacks of cardboard boxes fill their once homey living room. “I bought this couch with my first paycheck from college. It’s been with me for 40 years. So I couldn’t leave it,” Ellen Moran said. She and her husband Liam […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    From social media to storefront: How the internet is helping small businesses expand in Alaska

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 10, 19:20

    Sweet Caribou has been a staple at the Mall at Sears Farmers Market since the company started two years ago. Owner James Strong said they tried opening a stand at the downtown Saturday Market but wanted to set up some place that would bring in locals not just one-time tourists. “When we started I didn’t […]

  • Health

    Olympics spark interest in cupping

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 09, 7:11

    Olympics fans can’t miss the latest medicine craze hitting the summer games in Rio — cupping. Swimmer Michael Phelps, as wells as some of the male gymnasts, are sporting circular bruises on their shoulders and backs. The technique is practiced at several places around Anchorage. As an athlete, acupuncturist Kristen Wood found relief in Oriental medicine […]

  • Harvesting Alaska

    Harvesting Alaska: Ranchers try to meet demand for yak meat

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 08, 8:26

    Hand-raised yaks, not in the Himalayas, but the heart of Alaska. “Trina!” Barbara Fithian called out. She knows almost every one of her animals at the Circle F Ranch by name. “Woebegone gets fed with a bottle because his mom didn’t have enough milk,” she explained. Another steer, Drifter, is special to the Fithians. “He’s […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Turnagain Arm Trail reopened after McHugh Fire

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 05, 19:55

    Scenic and scorched. That’s what hikers will find along the newly reopened Turnagain Arm Trail. The McHugh Fire burned about 780 acres and closed the trails along Turnagain Arm, McHugh Creek and Rabbit Lake for weeks. “We will probably want to come and evaluate everything that’s within immediate strike distance,” Chugach State Park Ranger Tom […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Bosco’s cited for child labor law violations

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 04, 19:12

    The Department of Labor fined Bosco’s comic book store in Anchorage for violating child labor laws. Investigators found several infractions during an audit. Bosco’s was cited for two of its 15-year-old employees working outside allowable hours. Children under 16 can only work three hours on a school day and can’t work past 7 p.m. during […]

  • Harvesting Alaska

    Harvesting Alaska: Embracing summer’s end with a taste of bountiful berries

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 04, 16:46

    As summer slowly comes to an end, the fireweed climbs higher on the stalk, the days get a little shorter and the hills and tundra around Alaska come alive with berries. Most weekends in July and August, you’ll find me in the mountains picking blueberries. After work last Friday, my coworker Daniella Rivera and I […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Humpback whale hits boat near Seward

    by Heather Hintze on Aug 01, 18:57

    What started as a quiet day on the water in Seward turned into a scary, up-close encounter with a humpback whale for one family. Anchorage dentist Guy Burk said he was in Resurrection Bay with a friend and some family members when they decided to stop and do some fishing. He said they’d seen a […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Neighborhood Fix-It aims to improve Fish Creek Trail

    by Heather Hintze on Jul 29, 10:06

    Two parks in the Spenard and Turnagain neighborhoods are getting a makeover. Anchorage Parks and Recreation workers are constructing new “tiny houses” at the Barbara Street Park, near West 32nd Avenue and Barbara Street. Another crew is working to level the ground at the Kiwanis Fish Creek Park, on East Turnagain Boulevard, for a new […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Economic outlook shows declining consumer confidence, expected job losses in Anchorage

    by Heather Hintze on Jul 27, 20:08

    Consumer confidence in Anchorage is at an all-time low, according to the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s (AEDC) three-year economic outlook. AEDC randomly surveyed 350 households in Anchorage which rated their optimism on a scale of 1 to 100. In the second quarter, for the first time since AEDC started the survey in 2011, consumer optimism […]

  • Money

    Business accelerator program aims to help small businesses flourish in Alaska

    by Heather Hintze on Jul 26, 18:22

    After two years in business, Heather Kelly has seen the demand for more healthy options when it comes to backcountry camping food. That’s the concept behind her startup, Heather’s Choice: dehydrated meals made with Alaskan ingredients like smoked salmon. “We’ve steadily grown. Today we’re sitting at $31,000 through our website which is our best month […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Dog owner warning others after beaver attacked dog at University Lake Park

    by Heather Hintze on Jul 21, 13:05

    On Sunday, Jennifer Minderlein was walking her dog, Nose Goes, on the east side of the University Lake off-leash dog park trail when a beaver attacked the dog. “She had two decent bite marks and one was really, really deep,” Minderlein said, pointing out two shaved areas on the dog’s right side that were shaved […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage restaurants try to meet demand for outdoor dining

    by Heather Hintze on Jul 15, 19:14

    Businesses around Anchorage are trying to meet the demand for outdoor seating as Alaskans and tourists try to soak in the sunshine. The Healy-based 49th State Brewing Company took over the former Snow Goose Restaurant and opened on July 4. Both its decks were packed just an hour after it opening. “We have a line out […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    200 tons of marine debris barged to Anchorage for sorting

    by Heather Hintze on Jul 14, 15:55

    A group cleaning up marine debris around Prince William Sound recovered 200 tons of trash from about 12 miles of Alaska’s coastline. Gulf of Alaska Keeper (GoAK) is a nonprofit dedicated to picking up debris around the state. This summer, the crew spent a month at Montague Island and two weeks at Kayak Island. [Related: […]