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Heather Hintze

I’m a Montana girl, born and raised. Alaska was never really a place I considered working. Then, a job opening came up and I thought, “Why not?” I’m always up for an adventure and so far the Last Frontier has yet to disappoint.

Stories by Heather Hintze

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage nonprofit needs diapers, clothing to help families in need

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 21, 20:08

    When Pam Johnson, her partner, Josh Yates, and their two kids moved from Juneau to Anchorage so she could go to school, she didn’t count on another mouth to feed. “I didn’t know I was pregnant until I moved here, so I didn’t budget it into my budget to have a baby,” Johnson said. Her […]

  • Alaska News

    Iditarod demand for king crab keeps Nome fishermen busy

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 20, 19:34

    On a brisk and breezy afternoon, the stillness of the Bering Sea ice was broken up by the sounds of commercial crabbers, hard at work removing icy buildup from their crab pot openings. “We’re about four miles west of the Cape Nome. We’re currently set about 30 feet,” Greg Mendez explained. It’s part-time job for […]

  • Iditarod

    Musher deals with devastating news on the trail

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 17, 23:02

    Iditarod competitors were allowed to carry and use cell phones for the first time during the race. For one musher a call home didn’t go as planned. Minnesota musher Gunnar Johnson was at the Galena checkpoint when he caught up with our KTVA crew. He was enjoying life off of the grid. “Since I started […]

  • Iditarod

    Jason Mackey continues to strive for greatness

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 16, 23:18

    Many mushers have set personal records this year, finishing the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in their best times ever. That includes Nenana musher Jason Mackey, who shaved about 21 hours off his finish time from last year. Mackey finished just shy of the top 20, but had even higher goals for himself at the beginning […]

  • Iditarod

    Howard Farley details how the Iditarod came to end in Nome

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 16, 11:12

    “I came to Alaska as a butcher, the old guys who used to cut meat,” Howard Farley told a captivated audience at the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum in Nome. “Dog mushers liked butchers in those days because butchers always had lots of meat scraps.” As he told his tales from the trail, it didn’t […]

  • Iditarod

    In rare finish, Jessie Royer completes Iditarod with all 16 dogs

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 16, 7:58

    Jessie Royer was a dog musher before she even knew what mushing was. “I had goats for 4H so I used to hook up my border collie with my billy goat and that was my first dog team when I was ten years old,” Royer said. “I’d never even heard of the Iditarod before.” Flash […]

  • Iditarod

    Zirkle, King pass through Nulato, near site of 2016 snow machine attack

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 12, 18:01

    The nearly full moon was glowing through the clouds as Aliy Zirkle pulled into Nulato at 4:21 a.m. on Sunday morning. She stayed for barely a minute—just long enough to receive a packet of children’s drawings wishing her luck on her quest to Nome. “That’s kind of special,” she said. It was one year ago to […]

  • Iditarod

    Huslia hospitality: Village aims to reclaim best checkpoint award

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 11, 18:50

    It’s not just a tight race to Nome this year, but also a close competition for the Golden Clipboard Award. The village of Nulato won it for best checkpoint last year and Huslia the year before, when it was the village’s first time hosting. People in Huslia are doing everything they can to try to reclaim […]

  • Iditarod

    George Attla’s mushing program continues to educate kids in Huslia

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 10, 20:58

    The Iditarod halfway point of Huslia has a rich mushing history and people in town are working to make sure kids stay interested in the sport. Sprint racing legend George Attla started a mushing program for students in Huslia in 2012. What started as the Frank Attla Youth and Sled Dog Care-Mushing Program, is now […]

  • Iditarod

    Huslia elementary students welcome Iditarod mushers with handmade signs

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 09, 20:31

    The Iditarod trail into Huslia is lined with dozens of colorful, handmade signs created by elementary school students. On Thursday afternoon, Annette Moses’ second and third graders spent the day coloring poster board with encouraging messages like “Way to Go!” and “Halfway There!” “It’s a big thing for them to see something like this because we […]

  • Iditarod

    Sled dog injured in 2016 Iditarod snowmachine attack makes comeback in 2017 race

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 08, 21:09

    While there are more than 800 dogs in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, one in particular is standing out from the rest. Last year, a drunken snowmachiner attacked mushers Aliy Zirkle and Jeff King on the trail between Galena and Nulato. Those attacks resulted in injuries and one dog died — King’s lead, Nash. Crosby, […]

  • Iditarod

    Whack-a-Mole, Chupacabra and Merlot: Unique dog names dominate the Iditarod trail

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 08, 14:29

    As Nicolas Petit made his way into Tanana, he was pulled along by Anna and Kristy. Not the Berington twins who are also on the trail, but two of his dogs named after the women. Many of of his other dogs are also named after fellow mushers. “There’s a Jeff, a Libby, a Susie, an […]

  • Iditarod

    Extreme cold on the Iditarod trail met with mixed feelings from volunteers, mushers

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 07, 20:26

    Nearly all of this year’s mushers made it to Manley Hot Springs by Tuesday evening. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race checkpoint is likely to be one of the coldest stops along the trail this year. Temperatures plummeted to more than 30 degrees below zero Tuesday as mushers raced into the checkpoint. Through the frost and […]

  • Iditarod

    Iditarod fans ‘trailgate’ at the Nenana checkpoint

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 06, 22:48

    Being a spectator along the Iditarod Trail was a little easier this year with the route starting in Fairbanks. The sub-zero temperatures didn’t stop high-spirited fans from filing onto the ice at the Nenana checkpoint. Joshua Hensel and his friends traveled from Denali to cheer on teams. “It’s really cool to see it all come […]

  • Iditarod

    Meet the woman behind the iconic yellow Iditarod wreaths

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 03, 19:54

    At the end of the Iditarod, there’s always the iconic photo of the finisher on the podium with their lead dogs wrapped in yellow rose wreaths. That signature floral flair of the Last Great Race starts from humble beginnings in Tina Osmond’s dining room. She makes each one by hand, using copious amounts of hot […]

  • Energy

    Buildup of icicles might mean it’s time to weatherize your home

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 02, 19:33

    An excess of icicles hanging from your roof could be a sign you need to weatherize your home. Jimmy Ord, information manager with the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, explained that ice buildup means heat from your house is likely leaking into your attic. The warm air melts the snow and the water can freeze and […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Woodworkers make hundreds of bowls for Bean’s Cafe fundraiser

    by Heather Hintze on Mar 01, 22:23

    Woodworkers from around the state are pitching in to help Bean’s Café with one of its biggest fundraisers. About 50 members of the Alaska Woodturners’ Association have been making bowls since last May. Just two weeks before the Empty Bowl Project, they’d made almost 400. Bean’s Café board member Arnold Geiger said it was a way […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Fat Tuesday king cakes keep Anchorage bakery busy

    by Heather Hintze on Feb 28, 16:04

    King cakes are considered a Mardi Gras must-have at House of Bread in Anchorage. It’s one of the few bakeries in town where Alaskans can find the Fat Tuesday treat. “The purple represents justice, the green sprinkles represent faith and our gold represents power and that is very traditional for Mardi Gras,” manager Carson Baldiviez said, […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Coping with crisis: Training aims to help first responders provide emotional support during trauma

    by Heather Hintze on Feb 27, 21:38

    Police officers and firefighters are usually the first to respond to a traumatic event, but chaplains aren’t far behind to lend emotional support to the people involved. Chaplains say the deadly fire at the Royal Suite Lodge shows how important it is for people to have an outlet to share their stories. The morning of the […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Fur Rondy provides winter fun for locals and visitors

    by Heather Hintze on Feb 24, 19:38

    Are you ready to Rondy? The 2017 Fur Rendezvous winter festival kicked off Friday afternoon. Many who live in Alaska don’t find it unusual to take a Ferris wheel ride in the freezing cold, or run with reindeer through the streets of Anchorage. For people in the Lower 48, Fur Rondy is a chance to see […]