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Emily Carlson

I’m thrilled to be part of the new KTVA news team. Almost everything about us may be new, but we are doing things right. Look for solid news coverage from a crew that is excited to be here and tell you interesting, informative and well-thought-out stories.

Stories by Emily Carlson

  • Health

    Murkowski: Can’t repeal ACA without acceptable replacement

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 18, 18:49

    A pivotal decision by Alaska’s senior U.S. senator against voting to repeal Obamacare has her facing questions from officials with her own party in Alaska. The Senate’s bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act fell apart overnight Monday after three GOP senators — Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins of Maine and Shelley Moore Capito […]

  • Harvesting Alaska

    Harvesting Alaska: Shrimping in Prince William Sound

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 17, 8:08

    When you think of harvesting from the ocean this time of year, most people think of fish like salmon and halibut. However, for many people in Prince William Sound, it’s all about the shrimp. At first, it was an excuse for Emmie and Mark Swanson to get out on the water. Mark is a retired […]

  • Marijuana News

    Onsite marijuana consumption one step closer to reality

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 14, 9:54

    Alaska marijuana regulators are on track to approve onsite use of marijuana in retail cannabis shops. On Friday, they passed proposed rules to allow people to smoke marijuana after they buy it. Board member Nick Miller says they moved forward a very similar draft to the one they’ve looked at in the past, with minor […]

  • Alaska News

    New extreme event will cause Seward Highway delays Saturday

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 14, 9:48

    A warning if you’re driving the Seward Highway this weekend: expect delays. The inaugural Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon is Saturday. It starts in Seward with a 2.6-mile swim from Lowell Point to downtown. Then, swimmers will transition to the bike and ride 112 miles from downtown Seward to the Seward Highway and end up at the […]

  • Energy

    Some in oil industry skeptical despite news oil could rise 25% this year

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 12, 21:52

    Financial magazine Barron’s has some news that will perk up many Alaskans ears: it’s predicting oil prices to hit $60 before the end of the year. That’s a 25 percent increase over the current North Slope price of $47.92 and good news when you consider 90 percent of Alaska’s revenue comes from oil prices. However, some […]

  • Energy

    Training the next generation of TAPS workers

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 23, 10:57

    Alaska kids can’t escape childhood without a tale or two about the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Eirik Henry heard the stories. He knew he was going to be a welder before he could walk. “I think it’s a lot of fun to put something together that someone else can’t.” Henry says he may not have understood the […]

  • Energy

    The women who built the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 22, 11:33

    It took a small army to build the Trans-Alaska pipeline. Seventy-thousand workers flocked to Valdez and all the way up to the rugged North Slope to bring oil to market and wealth into state coffers. Just 1,000 of those workers were women and some of them faced down sexism and tough working conditions to do […]

  • Energy

    Alyeska Pipeline is trying to engineer their way out of low oil flow in TAPS

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 21, 9:12

    June 30 is a big anniversary for one of the most famous pipeline systems in the world. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is 40-years-old. However, age and decreased oil flow are presenting problems that threaten to shut it down. KTVA traveled 800 miles from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez to show you how operators are trying to engineer […]

  • Energy

    TAPS faces new challenges on its 40th anniversary

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 20, 7:39

    To say that Alaska depends on oil is a gross understatement. Oil revenue makes up 90 percent of the state’s budget, which lately, has been billions short. That’s because oil production is declining rapidly. Tuesday is the 40th anniversary of the Trans-Alaska pipeline or TAPS. Eight-hundred miles of pipeline pump life into Alaska’s economy. Forty years […]

  • Harvesting Alaska

    Harvesting Alaska: Using technology to grow rural Alaska

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 19, 15:50

    You love to download apps on your phone, but did you know there’s one that connects you with gardeners across the state? Oftentimes, as Alaskans, we feel like we’re disconnected from the things that happen outside our community. A staff member at University of Fairbanks is working to bring Alaskans back together. “Gardens were really […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Why we’re closer to understanding earthquakes in Alaska

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 15, 19:48

    There’s a big science experiment going on in Alaska. In fact, it’s one of the most important on earth according to Popular Science Magazine, and it’s revolutionizing the way scientists can read earthquakes. Right now, there is a whole team of them in Alaska installing tiny devices every 50 square miles, across the state. “This […]

  • Energy

    Zinke signs order to evaluate resources in NPRA, ANWR

    by Emily Carlson on May 31, 18:16

    Wednesday, the Secretary of the Interior declared the war on North American energy to be over. Secretary Ryan Zinke signed the first secretarial order in Alaska Wednesday afternoon at the Alaska Oil and Gas Association’s annual conference. The order helps evaluate how to develop resources in two locations on the North Slope: the National Petroleum […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    DeeDee Jonrowe reacts to Sockeye verdict

    by Emily Carlson on May 12, 22:11

    Victims of the sockeye fire are trying to process what the verdict means. Two years later, the property around musher DeeDee Jonrowe’s house still shows signs of the fire. DeeDee’s house was one of the 55 destroyed by the fire. Lost in the flames– 40 years of memories– including pictures of her mother, who died a month […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    With another port lawsuit settled, Anchorage one step closer to possible big payout for botched plans

    by Emily Carlson on Jan 26, 20:54

    Updated at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28 Another Port of Anchorage settlement is bringing the municipality closer to the biggest possible payout. The Municipality of Anchorage will get $3.75 million from one of the contractors who worked on the failed port of Anchorage expansion project. Municipal attorney Bob Owens says Integrated Concepts and Research […]

  • Health

    Wylie’s birth story: The strength of premature babies and their moms

    by Emily Carlson on Nov 18, 9:26

    Tabitha Voeller and her husband have a higher tolerance for mischief than most parents. They laugh as their 2-year-old son Wylie gets his hands into everything. They have seemingly endless patience for the toddler. That’s because Wylie wasn’t supposed to turn two. It’s thanks to his mom’s persistence that he was born at all. “He was […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Hot Seat: Mike Gordon and Harriet Drummond for House District 18

    by Emily Carlson on Nov 03, 21:33

    A well-known Spenard area businessman hopes his popularity helps him take over an Alaska House seat that hasn’t been red in nearly a decade. If money is an indication in this race, then Mike Gordon has an advantage. According to the most recent campaign finance reports, Gordon raised $158,000 this campaign cycle. That’s the fourth most of […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Hot Seats: Vince Beltrami and Cathy Giessel for Senate District N

    by Emily Carlson on Nov 02, 20:18

    It’s been called the “heavy weight title fight” of the state election races this year. New financial disclosure reports out Nov. 1 show both candidates for Senate District N — Vince Beltrami and Sen. Cathy Giessel — have each raised over $200,000. That’s among the top campaign fund amounts for a state race in Alaska history. […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Hot Seats: Matt Claman and Marilyn Stewart for House District 21

    by Emily Carlson on Nov 01, 21:17

    She’s a veteran and he’s a former acting mayor of Anchorage. Both of the candidates, want your vote on Nov. 8 — the West Anchorage state House race between Marilyn Stewart and Matt Claman could come down to the wire. This year, being an incumbent is tough. People are not happy with how lawmakers ended […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Hot Seats: Lance Pruitt and Harry Crawford for House District 27

    by Emily Carlson on Oct 31, 20:36

    Taking out the incumbents — six state lawmakers were knocked out of office during the August primary. One of the candidates in an East Anchorage House race hopes that trend continues in the general election. “Hi there how are you? I think I’m doing well. My name is Harry Crawford and I’m running for the […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Harsh words for candidates, criminal reform bill at ARWC debate

    by Emily Carlson on Oct 11, 22:02

    Criticism for the governor and scathing reviews of the criminal justice reform bill — Senate Bill 91 — were the two big topics of discussion during Tuesday night’s state candidate debate at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The event was hosted by the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club (ARWC) and featured four Senate candidates and nine […]