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Emily Carlson

I’m thrilled to be part of the new KTVA news team. Almost everything about us may be new, but we are doing things right. Look for solid news coverage from a crew that is excited to be here and tell you interesting, informative and well-thought-out stories.

Stories by Emily Carlson

  • State

    Overdue boater found alive, Coast Guard thanks partnering agencies

    by Emily Carlson on Aug 18, 10:14

    Update: The Sector Anchorage command center has confirmed that the missing boater, George Green, has been found “alive and well.” Green was found on the southern portion of the Little Susitna River at around 9:30 a.m. Monday, says Lt. Matthew Mitchell. “This case was not just a Coast Guard effort, but the Anchorage Fire Department […]

  • News

    Municipality begins new port improvement process

    by Emily Carlson on Aug 18, 8:25

    The Municipality of Anchorage is beginning a weeklong effort to fix the problems at the Port of Anchorage. Construction on the expansion project started nearly a decade ago. So far, city leaders say more than $300 million has been spent, but much of the work has to be torn out and redone. Earlier this year, […]

  • State

    Sally Jewell responds to King Cove’s letter

    by Emily Carlson on Aug 13, 22:06

    In the latest drama over a 10-mile road between two communities in the Aleutians East Borough, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell again told residents she is preventing it from being built. Jewell said she was rejecting the road back in December. But the community of King Cove wrote Jewell a letter asking her […]

  • State

    Murkowski criticizes Sally Jewell in letter about King Cove

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 23, 23:07

    Seven months after U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell rejected what residents call a life-saving road for King Cove, one of Alaska’s senators continues to fight. Sen. Lisa Murkowski sent a letter to Jewell, criticizing her for what Murkowski says is Jewell’s ongoing failure to protect the safety of the people of King Cove. The […]

  • State

    Murkowski visits Texas border town to assess immigration problem

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 18, 22:39

    Alaska’s senior senator says there’s not enough people advocating for the thousands of Central American kids illegally pouring across the U.S. border. Sen. Lisa Murkowski toured the border town of McAllen, Texas, this week and said she’s unconvinced the Obama administration is doing enough to resolve the situation. The issue is complex, she said, and […]

  • State

    Alaska explores partnership with Enbridge

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 10, 23:04

    The state of Alaska is exploring its options for a statewide natural gas pipeline. The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) says it’s in exclusive talks with a Canadian company that could help get the $7 billion project rolling. AGDC is partnering with Enbridge to see if they can get the pipeline built. Miles Baker with […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    After life-threatening fall, Matt Kenney takes on Mount Marathon again

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 04, 22:40

    The look of sheer determination on Matt Kenney’s face Friday said it all: I will summit Mount Marathon. “Perseverance, just to finish what I couldn’t start that day,” Kenney said. That day was July 4, 2012. He slipped and fell more than 30 feet on the mountain and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Doctors told […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Mount Marathon veteran stresses importance of knowing the terrain

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 03, 19:29

    It started as a bet between two sailors. Race 3,022 feet to the top of Mount Marathon and back down in an hour. The first attempt in 1908 was a failure. Today, hundreds do whatever it takes to survive the challenge. “We say if you get to the bottom and you’re not bleeding then you […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Mount Marathon racers, officials focus on safety

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 03, 8:08

    Seward’s Mount Marathon competition is one of the oldest and most challenging foot races in the country. Most years, racers come away with injuries like scrapes and bruises. But two years ago, one man disappeared, and another suffered a serious brain injury. Now, race officials and elite runners alike are working to make sure everyone […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    For Olympian Holly Brooks, Mount Marathon is everything

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 01, 19:27

    On the Fourth of July, the town of Seward will be jammed with thousands of runners, mountain lovers and spectators who gather for the iconic Alaska race: Mount Marathon. This year’s women’s favorite is Olympian Holly Brooks. But the reason why the elite athlete climbs the mountain may surprise you. When you’re an Olympic athlete, […]

  • Only in Alaska

    Bore tide attracts spectators, surfers from around the globe

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 20, 22:32

    Alaska has many beautiful features, but one of the most unique may be the bore tide. The powerful rush of water happens just twice a day — once every 12 hours. But those few minutes when the tide comes in attracts spectators and surfers from all over the world. Turnagain Arm’s bore tide was taking […]

  • Local

    Assembly member calls for watered-down version of AO-37

    by Emily Carlson on May 20, 21:02

    An Anchorage Assembly member who helped pass a controversial labor law is now calling for a watered-down version of the ordinance, which she calls a compromise. Assembly member Jennifer Johnston originally voted with Mayor Dan Sullivan to push through AO-37, the labor law that significantly reduces the power unions have negotiating their contracts. The Responsible […]

  • Local

    NTSB report offers new details about crash near Bethel

    by Emily Carlson on Apr 17, 17:32

    A report released Thursday offers new information on the final moments of Derrick Cedars and Greggory McGee’s lives. The two pilots died in a Cessna 208 Caravan crash about 22 miles southeast of Kwethluk on April 8. Forty-two-year-old Cedars and 46-year-old McGee’s plane went though several altitude changes before a “rapid, steep decent to the ground,” according […]

  • Local

    Despite hardships, Mackey mushes on

    by Emily Carlson on Feb 25, 22:15

    ANCHORAGE - Four-time Iditarod champ Lance Mackey has nerves of steel and endless determination. But his struggle to stay healthy and involved in sled dog racing nearly killed him. It’s not every day the loudest and most enthusiastic cheers of the race go to the musher in last place. Then again, it’s not every day you […]

  • Local

    Mushing community comes together for Mackey

    by Emily Carlson on Feb 25, 6:22

    ANCHORAGE – The mushing community gathered around one of the most famous mushers of all time Monday night. He’s won the Iditarod four times, but for all his fame and fortune Lance Mackey still can’t afford his medical bills. Mackey’s girlfriend, Sabe Flores, was one of the headlining performers at Tap Root Public House. She […]

  • Politics

    Pipeline value discrepancy settled in Supreme Court

    by Emily Carlson on Feb 20, 0:56

    ANCHORAGE – It was a huge victory for some Alaska communities after the Alaska Supreme Court ruled on how the state should determine the value of the trans-Alaska pipeline. For years Fairbanks, Valdez and North Slope boroughs have claimed the state was devaluing the pipeline, costing them hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes. […]

  • Local

    Anchorage mayor looks for millions in port money

    by Emily Carlson on Feb 19, 10:07

    ANCHORAGE - Hoping to secure millions in state money for the troubled Port of Anchorage, Mayor Dan Sullivan tried to convince lawmakers why the money is vital to the entire state of Alaska on Tuesday. The mayor told lawmakers that 90 percent of the goods you eat, drive and use every day go through the Port […]

  • Politics

    Parnell denies threatening punishment to Ketchikan

    by Emily Carlson on Feb 08, 16:46

    ANCHORAGE- The battle over education funding took a volatile turn Friday afternoon when Gov. Sean Parnell said Ketchikan residents could be punished because of a pending lawsuit. “It does kind of jade the perspective of legislators and myself when it comes to Ketchikan issues when Ketchikan asks for money, but yet the state might be […]

  • Local

    Haines: A pretty but tough place to live

    by Emily Carlson on Feb 07, 5:27

    HAINES - We all know Alaska is one of the best places in the world to live, but recently, one Southeast Alaska town has earned some major accolades. Executive Travel named Haines one of the best small towns in America. Residents, however, said it’s also expensive and tough to live in such a beautiful environment. Tucked […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Alaska group plays for the love of music

    by Emily Carlson on Jan 27, 7:16

    ANCHORAGE – If you watched the Grammy’s, you saw some of the best musicians in the industry. But there’s plenty of up-and-coming talent ready to break into the big time, including some groups from the Last Frontier. They don’t have the fanciest practice space, but Alaska Thunder Funk doesn’t need glamour to jam out. The […]