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Emily Carlson

I’m thrilled to be part of the new KTVA news team. Almost everything about us may be new, but we are doing things right. Look for solid news coverage from a crew that is excited to be here and tell you interesting, informative and well-thought-out stories.

Stories by Emily Carlson

  • Alaska Politics

    Harsh words for candidates, criminal reform bill at ARWC debate

    by Emily Carlson on Oct 11, 22:02

    Criticism for the governor and scathing reviews of the criminal justice reform bill — Senate Bill 91 — were the two big topics of discussion during Tuesday night’s state candidate debate at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The event was hosted by the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club (ARWC) and featured four Senate candidates and nine […]

  • Alaska News

    Ahtna conducts exploratory drilling for natural gas near Tolsona

    by Emily Carlson on Oct 10, 20:38

    Kristal Bengtson can’t remember a day in her life she hasn’t had to stuff her wood stove with logs. Like a puzzle piece, she moves the logs around to fit as many as she can. The more she puts in, the fewer times she has to come back and refill the stove. “The less you […]

  • News

    Warm Springs Bay: A secret gem locals would like to keep secret

    by Emily Carlson on Sep 27, 23:46

    In Warm Springs Bay, the clouds and ocean mark the time. Herring pounce on giant salmon, swallowing them in one gulp. Fishermen travel hundreds of miles out of their way to bathe in the public baths fueled by the nearby hot springs. At the Alaska Whale Research Center, biologists’ lives revolve around the ever-changing wind. […]

  • Alaska News

    How humpback whales are causing conflict in Southeast Alaska

    by Emily Carlson on Sep 26, 22:56

    Once hunted to the brink of extinction, the humpback whale is making a comeback. Researchers in southeast Alaska estimate the number of humpbacks has quadrupled in the last 20 years. However, that increase comes with a cost. Maeve O’Connell lives for data. The more she has, the more she understands what’s going on beneath the ocean. […]

  • Alaska News

    State worker accidentally tweets about rape, Trump on DHSS account

    by Emily Carlson on Sep 26, 20:35

    We apologize, some recent tweets were inadvertently posted to our account by a DHSS staff member who was logged into the wrong account. — Alaska DHSS (@Alaska_DHSS) September 27, 2016   ANCHORAGE — The state Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) is apologizing to Alaskans after one of their employees tweeted about rape and […]

  • Outdoors

    Humpbacks thrive and adapt in southeast Alaska

    by Emily Carlson on Sep 26, 10:52

    Earlier this month, most of the world’s humpback whales were removed from the endangered species list. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says nine of 14 humpback populations have returned to healthy numbers after they were hunted to the brink of extinction. However, their rebounded numbers are causing them to do something they have never […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Gov. Walker reflects on 2 years in office, looks ahead

    by Emily Carlson on Aug 19, 17:38

    Updated at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, August 22 Gov. Bill Walker was sworn into office nearly two years ago. In December 2014, he did something no Alaskan had done — with a Democrat at his side, the former-Republican was elected the first Independent governor in Alaska. However, it hasn’t been easy. After a session filled with […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Alaska delegates disrupt Republican National Convention after claims their party miscounted votes

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 19, 11:42

    ANCHORAGE — Donald Trump secured the Republican Party’s nomination for president at the Republican National Convention (RNC), but not without some drama from Alaska’s delegation, which disrupted the convention after they claimed their votes were recorded wrong. Tuckerman Babcock, the chairman of Alaska’s Republican Party, was at the microphone set to announce how our state’s […]

  • Outdoors

    Over the Edge: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska hosts high-rise fundraiser

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 15, 21:11

    If you’re a little wary of heights, you probably don’t want to glance behind you before the person holding your harness tells you to straighten your legs and lean your body over the side of the 15-story building you’re standing on. “Over the Edge” is not for the faint of heart, but it is for […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Snow on Mount Marathon peak could prove tricky for runners

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 03, 11:43

    In Seward, it was rainy the day before the Mount Marathon race, but there’s another weather condition that’s worrying many competitors. At the peak of the mountain, 3,022 feet above Seward, there’s a large snow field. Racers say they haven’t seen these conditions in at least 5 years. A lot of people were practicing the […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Women in the prime time: The advantages of racing last

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 02, 17:53

    You could say it takes a certain craziness to hurl your body down a very steep mountain littered with hazards and unforgiving to mistakes. But 35-time Mount Marathon finishers Patti Foldager and Ellyn Brown say they’re not crazy, they’re in love. “I signed up like an hour before the race and I had no idea […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    The Birdman: The man, the myth, the crowd favorite at Mount Marathon

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 01, 21:52

    There’s a lot of characters that run the grueling, punishing and sometimes bloody slog up and down Mount Marathon. Some would say, you have to be a touch crazy to endure the 3,033 foot climb. However, the most popular racer may be the creature known as “The Birdman.” “Birdman is the guy who has his […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    From mushing to Mount Marathon: The Seavey family rivalry

    by Emily Carlson on Jul 01, 8:25

    Any time the Seavey family gathers, it somehow turns into a competition. They’re known for mushing, but this weekend, their focus is on Mount Marathon — and the youngest brother has been scheming for months. “I have a plan to take Dallas out of the race. He should recover from it within a few months. […]

  • Mt. Marathon Race

    Friendly rivalry fuels women to attempt to break Mount Marathon record

    by Emily Carlson on Jun 29, 22:45

    In Alaska, the mountain racing community is small. So when powerhouse Najeeby Quinn felt an unfamiliar stride creeping up on her during a race a few years ago, she was immediately intrigued. “She almost passed me and I held her off by a second and I was like, ‘who are you?’” she said. That was […]

  • Alaska News

    New tool helps biologists keep Copper River salmon healthy

    by Emily Carlson on May 17, 20:05

    Copper River fishermen have mixed feelings about the first catch of the season. While they’re seeing record prices at the dock, their salmon are the smallest they’ve been in years. On Monday night, the price per pound was $6.50 for reds and $9.50 for kings. Normally, Copper River reds go for about $2.50 on average […]

  • Outdoors

    First Copper River reds make their way from the water to dinner plates

    by Emily Carlson on May 17, 9:51

    The Copper River red salmon are in and some of the first fish caught are headed to dinner plates across the U.S. Monday night, the Copper River Queens, welcomed about 500 commercial fishing boats into the Cordova Harbor. The season opener lasted 12 hours, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Here they are! Some of […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Looking for the next big quake: Seismologists attempt to create earthquake warning system

    by Emily Carlson on May 16, 23:09

    The head of the Alaska Earthquake Center worries Alaskans won’t be ready for the next big quake. “Time and time again in this state we are fortunate,” said geologist Mike West. “We dodge a bullet every time a vast majority of the time because earthquakes happen somewhere we are not.” In January, a 7.1 magnitude […]

  • Outdoors

    Couple tells a story with their Cordova commercial fishing business

    by Emily Carlson on May 16, 7:03

    There’s a movement going on in Cordova to get you to think differently about what you eat for dinner. It starts with a story. “I want people to feel they can come aboard. I want to bring them in, make them feel like they’re a part of it and (so they) can feel connected to […]

  • Health

    The Clean Air Challenge and the ride for Nancy

    by Emily Carlson on May 05, 22:01

    When Nancy Ferrell found out she had lung cancer, she didn’t complain. The emergency room nurse smiled through cancer and looked classy during radiation. But nagging at the back of her mind; one fear that daughter Dana McDonald said, she just couldn’t shake. “I remember my mom wasn’t one to cry. The only one time […]

  • News

    Beheaded and trampled: Artist finds healing after vandals hit her installation

    by Emily Carlson on Mar 31, 1:40

    An Anchorage park that has transformed into a place of healing the past few months was disturbed by violence. An art installation with a message of hope for those suffering from mental illness is itself suffering from the work on vandals. The sculptures are a haunting reminder of humanity’s weakness. They’re made of straw and […]