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Charlo Greene

Stories by Charlo Greene

  • State

    Voters consider best interests of youth in Ballot Measure 2

    by Charlo Greene on Sep 09, 21:46

    In Alaska’s war on drugs, it turns out marijuana possession accounts for the majority of arrests, especially when dealing with kids. The Alaska Judicial Statistical Analysis Center (AJSAC) released a report Tuesday that says since the year 2000, marijuana arrests account for nearly two-thirds of all drug arrests in Alaska. It’s new information to stoke […]

  • State

    State police force numbers low, troopers try to recruit early

    by Charlo Greene on Sep 03, 18:50

    While Anchorage has more police per citizens than the national average, a report from the University of Alaska Anchorage shows that the rest of Alaska falls well below that number. A fact sheet compiled by UAA’s Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center presents data spanning 30 years — from 1982 to 2012 — on state and […]

  • Local

    Enstar employee strike ends, union says fight continues

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 28, 18:52

    After 17 days on strike, more than 100 Enstar Natural Gas Co. employees returned to work Thursday. During the past two weeks, Enstar employees took to the streets, picketing for their cause. Everything was back to business as usual Thursday, without a single picketer in front of company headquarters. United Association Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Local […]

  • State

    The cost of a day at the Alaska State Fair

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 25, 6:58

    Between amusement rides and festive foods there’s tons of fun to get into at the Alaska State Fair — if you can afford it. Off the bat, it cost a total of $91 for a family of seven. That includes $5 for parking, $15 per adult and $10 per child. And if you’re in the […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Hip hop artist aims to use event to shift public opinion

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 21, 17:41

    Muldoon Manny is a man on a mission. As one of Alaska’s premier hip hop artists, Manny believes he has a responsibility to pave the way for other Alaskans navigating through the local music scene, which Manny says has its own unique challenges. “We don’t have these big record labels here or anything like that,” […]

  • Local

    Missing boater rescued after day and a half spent in Knik Arm

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 18, 16:22

    A race against time is how officials describe the search for anyone missing in Alaskan waters. Rescuers from the U.S. Coast Guard, Anchorage Fire Department and Alaska State Troopers say they worked together nearly non-stop to find George Green, 41, who had been missing since Saturday night. Monday morning, their efforts paid off. AFD Battalion […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Anchorage Baptist Temple combines church and state with campaign event

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 17, 19:19

    All campaigns were invited out for one last push as Anchorage Baptist Temple combined church and state at an event called “Candidate Sunday.” The event provided voters with a closer look at the candidates and issues on the August primary ballot. With just two days left before the August 19 primary, campaign representatives say they […]

  • State

    Health experts stress suicide prevention, awareness in Alaska

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 12, 17:18

    The apparent suicide of comedian Robin Williams has opened a national dialogue on the topic of suicide. As the days draw shorter here in Alaska, mental health experts say the number of suicides rises dramatically. Experts say that is due in part to what is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, a kind of depression […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Republican Senate candidates face off at Sunday debate

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 11, 7:41

    When it comes to exercising his right to vote, Lester Atkinson goes in with an open mind. “You got to get in there and sift through,” Atkinson said. “That’s going to be the challenge for all the voters.” He said that’s why debates like Sunday’s — when Republican Senate hopefuls squared off at the Wendy […]

  • Crime

    Alleged serial rapist Clifford Lee’s victim count could be up to 7 women

    by Charlo Greene on Aug 06, 23:14

    Over the course of five weeks, five women reported similar sexual assaults with a similar description of their rapist, who police identified as Cifford Lee. They arrested him on July 31, but police believe his alleged crime spree went on for months before his capture. Within the past 24 hours, the Anchorage Police Department said […]

  • Local

    210 days later, charges still pending in bicyclist death case

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 31, 19:51

    More than 200 days ago, Eldridge Griffith was hit by a car and killed while riding his bike across a street. Eight months later, his case is still being actively investigated, as are the deaths of two more bicyclists hit and killed this year, police say. Griffith was killed on Jan. 2, Ashley Xiong was killed […]

  • State

    Cutting through confusion surrounding ballot measure to legalize marijuana

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 29, 21:21

    Potential revenue More than $250 million in just one year with $20.4 million of that money in tax revenue, courtesy of cannabis. That is how much money the Alaska Cannabis Institute expects the marijuana industry to bring Alaska during the first year of recreational sales. The opposition, however, predicts only $5 million in tax revenues. […]

  • Local

    Pro-marijuana legalization ads hit People Mover busses

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 28, 18:58

    It’s what the “Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2″ campaign warned about: Pro-pot advertising has hit the streets of Anchorage. “We should all be concerned that this is exactly what will happen in a commercialized industry,” said Kristina Woolston. “Their message to our youth is that it is safe to use marijuana.” Woolston, […]

  • News

    Arctic Thunder air show inspires next generation of pilots

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 28, 6:29

    Aerobatics in an Edge 540 aircraft and the voice of a woman, Melissa Pemberton, coming from the pilot seat: For kids like Ailene Osborne, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. “I think it’d be cool to be up in the air,” Ailene said. “It shows that girls can do anything they want […]

  • State

    Supreme Court decision favors same-sex couples

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 25, 18:45

    A landmark decision was handed down Friday by the Alaska Supreme Court in favor of same-sex couples. The victory, however, is a bittersweet one, waged by one woman, Deborah Harris, fighting in the memory of her murdered life partner, according to her attorney Eric Croft. “Today, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled in favor of Debbie Harris […]

  • News

    ‘Spice’ outlawed across Alaska

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 16, 18:50

    “Spice” is now illegal across the state. Wednesday morning, Gov. Sean Parnell signed a law aimed at getting the substance out of the hands of Alaskans. Lawmakers and law enforcement said they hope signing Senate Bill 173 into law will initiate the end of a years-long game of chase. “It’s been like chasing smoke trying […]

  • News

    Families of dead inmates face off with prison officials

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 15, 19:20

    Ten to 12 inmate deaths a year is not cause for alarm, according to Joe Schmidt, the head of Alaska’s Department of Corrections system. The department’s refusal to answer any questions surrounding inmate deaths led Sen. Hollis French to call a special legislative hearing Tuesday where, still, many questions were left unanswered. “Yesterday he tells […]

  • News

    Alaskans react to Washington’s retail pot profits

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 14, 19:47

    More than $140,000 in taxes in just three days, courtesy of cannabis. “There were probably between 300-400 pounds of product out there during the opening day of sale and everybody is pretty much sold out,” said Philip Tobias, canna-business insider and owner/director of Sea of Green Farms, one of Washington’s first licensed cultivation facilities. News of […]

  • US/World

    Alaskan childhood friend of accused murderer Ron Haskell speaks

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 13, 18:39

    The man accused of killing two adults and four children last week in Texas has an Alaska connection. Ron Haskell is accused of forcing his way into the home of his ex-wife’s relatives, tying up all five children and two adults inside and shooting them, execution-style. Only one victim survived. The people who knew 33-year-old […]

  • News

    Woman arrested for sex trafficking in Alaska

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 10, 19:16

    A woman accused of managing more than 30 sex workers and nearly 800 clients has been arrested. Amber Batts is facing seven felony sex trafficking charges following an Alaska State Troopers investigation into a website they say she ran to promote her prostitution ring. In court Thursday afternoon, Batts told a judge that she was […]