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Charlo Greene

Stories by Charlo Greene

  • News

    ‘Spice’ outlawed across Alaska

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 16, 18:50

    “Spice” is now illegal across the state. Wednesday morning, Gov. Sean Parnell signed a law aimed at getting the substance out of the hands of Alaskans. Lawmakers and law enforcement said they hope signing Senate Bill 173 into law will initiate the end of a years-long game of chase. “It’s been like chasing smoke trying […]

  • News

    Families of dead inmates face off with prison officials

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 15, 19:20

    Ten to 12 inmate deaths a year is not cause for alarm, according to Joe Schmidt, the head of Alaska’s Department of Corrections system. The department’s refusal to answer any questions surrounding inmate deaths led Sen. Hollis French to call a special legislative hearing Tuesday where, still, many questions were left unanswered. “Yesterday he tells […]

  • News

    Alaskans react to Washington’s retail pot profits

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 14, 19:47

    More than $140,000 in taxes in just three days, courtesy of cannabis. “There were probably between 300-400 pounds of product out there during the opening day of sale and everybody is pretty much sold out,” said Philip Tobias, canna-business insider and owner/director of Sea of Green Farms, one of Washington’s first licensed cultivation facilities. News of […]

  • US/World

    Alaskan childhood friend of accused murderer Ron Haskell speaks

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 13, 18:39

    The man accused of killing two adults and four children last week in Texas has an Alaska connection. Ron Haskell is accused of forcing his way into the home of his ex-wife’s relatives, tying up all five children and two adults inside and shooting them, execution-style. Only one victim survived. The people who knew 33-year-old […]

  • News

    Woman arrested for sex trafficking in Alaska

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 10, 19:16

    A woman accused of managing more than 30 sex workers and nearly 800 clients has been arrested. Amber Batts is facing seven felony sex trafficking charges following an Alaska State Troopers investigation into a website they say she ran to promote her prostitution ring. In court Thursday afternoon, Batts told a judge that she was […]

  • Crime

    Widow to convicted murderer James Wells: ‘I hope you rot in hell’

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 08, 15:56

    ANCHORAGE – It began like any other day. “He grabbed his coffee, loved on his puppy and went to work,” Nicola Belisle said. Richard Belisle’s widow described the last moments she’d see her husband alive as she began her victim impact statement in federal court Tuesday morning. “As Rich left the house, same as he […]

  • Local

    Keeping Mountain View safe for generations to come

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 07, 20:58

    Go-kart races and rounds of miniature golf. This is how one Mountain View nonprofit is working to address neighborhood crime, while they say they can still make a real difference. “We get our kids involved more in these field trips, like the one you see now,” said Boys and Girls Club assistant manager Carnard Davis, […]

  • Local

    Patrols to increase for July 4 weekend

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 03, 21:47

    Twenty-eight drivers were arrested by Anchorage police for DUIs during the Fourth of July weekend in 2013. Eight of those arrests took place on the holiday. Those numbers are why the Anchorage Police Department is ramping up patrols beginning Thursday night. “Fourth of July, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend — obviously because the traffic […]

  • Crime

    Jury deliberations begin in 2010 Dimond Center murder trial

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 02, 18:03

    The fate of the man accused of shooting and killing an Anchorage man inside the Dimond Center in 2010 is now in the hands of the jury. During closing arguments, attorneys with the prosecution and the defense asked jurors to base their decision on either reality or perception. The prosecuting attorney said the reality is […]

  • Local

    Celebrating the life of Breanna Moore

    by Charlo Greene on Jul 01, 22:39

    “She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten” read a sign placed next to Breanna Moore’s picture at her celebration of life ceremony Tuesday night. Family and friends gathered to honor the life that was taken from them last week. Captured moments spanning 20 years of Moore’s life played before a gathering of broken […]

  • Local

    Assembly votes to recognize Polynesian Flag Day, postpones AO-37 action

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 24, 22:39

    The Anchorage Assembly gathered for a full agenda Tuesday tonight. Members also made time to honor an Assembly member who made municipal history. Everything from transportation and road construction, wetlands planning and bar break was discussed. The outcome of tonight’s Assembly meeting means a delay for a decision on controversial labor law AO-37 and a reason […]

  • Local

    Free pregnancy tests in bars an effort to curb Alaska’s FASD rates

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 20, 23:23

    Free pregnancy tests in bars? It’s a notion that’s thrust Alaska into the national spotlight. “It’s just an unusual conversation and unusual approach. It’s caught people’s attention,” said Janet Johnston with the University of Alaska Anchorage Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies. Alaska has a unique and alarming relationship with alcohol and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, […]

  • Local

    Witness takes the stand in 2010 Dimond Center murder trial

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 16, 17:04

    The Anchorage man accused of gunning down another man in the Dimond Center in 2010 is now on trial. Much of the witness testimony Monday morning focused on the events leading up to the deadly meeting between the victim, Edwing Matos, and defendant Terence Gray, who is now facing murder charges and a felony assault […]

  • News

    Veteran shares story of prolonged wait at Alaska VA

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 13, 8:51

    “I was unable to do anything for myself,” said U.S. Air Force veteran James Rhodes. “Even opening the door to go outside, I had someone to do everything.” It’s been 20 years of steady decline that Rhodes, who served in Operation Desert Storm, said was brought on by his will to serve his country and […]

  • News

    Tribal, national leaders gather to address violence against Alaska Native women and children

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 12, 6:50

    More than half of all children are exposed to some form of violence, crime or abuse, according to the Department of Justice. Evidence suggests those numbers are far worse for Alaska Natives. In fact, in both urban and rural areas of Alaska and the Lower 48, Alaska Native women and children are experiencing violence at […]

  • News

    Prison gangs recruiting on Anchorage streets

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 11, 7:06

    Anchorage has just been named the fifth most dangerous city in the entire nation by Forbes, following Memphis, Tennessee; Springfield, Illinois and Flint and Detroit, Michigan. The ranking is based on Anchorage’s rates of violent crime, forcible rape and drug use. “As we’ve been on the street, we’re consistently seeing more and more violence on […]

  • News

    Anchorage housing gridlock driving up rental costs

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 06, 19:40

    The Anchorage housing market is in gridlock, according to city leaders. They gathered Friday to address the current gridlock, in which the demand for housing has been outpacing production. That according to housing experts is driving rental rates sky high. Of the 25 most common jobs in Anchorage, only 7 pay enough for someone to […]

  • Local

    Civil suits filed in deadly DUI case

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 05, 16:56

    An Anchorage man facing charges for murder, manslaughter and DUI after allegedly killing two area teens last summer is now named in two civil lawsuits. Jordyn Durr and Brooke McPheters were walking home after buying school clothes on August 9, 2013, when police say Stacey Graham hit and killed them. They were 15 years old. […]

  • State

    Citizens pack Susitna-Watana Hydro open house

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 05, 6:55

    The Alaska Energy Authority is moving forward with plans it claims will create clean, reliable energy for the next 100 years. The Susitna-Watana Hydro project calls for the construction of a dam, reservoir and related facilities on a remote part of the Susitna River. It’s location is exactly why some Alaskans are speaking out against […]

  • Local

    Man who injured APD officer in wrong-way DUI receives sentence

    by Charlo Greene on Jun 02, 18:28

    On November 23, 2011, Gregory Fulling drove drunk on the Glenn Highway for 14 miles in the wrong direction, before eventually colliding with Anchorage Police Pepartment officer Randy Hughes’ patrol car. The injuries caused by Fulling’s wrong-way collision left Hughes with a crushed foot and metal hip and ended his career as a police officer. In […]