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  • US/World

    North Korea launches short-range ballistic missile, U.S. military says

    by CBS News on May 28, 19:06

    North Korea on Sunday launched a short-range ballistic missile, the U.S. Pacific Command said. The missile was tracked for six minutes until it landed in the Sea of Japan, the U.S. Pacific Command said. The White House said President Trump had been briefed on the launch. This is the ninth missile test North Korea has […]

  • Lifestyle

    Living on water: Welcome to Freedom Cove

    by CBS News on May 28, 19:02

    While many people have made a houseboat their abode, Lee Cowan has found a designing couple who’s taken the idea of waterborne living even further: Wayne Adams rarely sets a foot on dry land … not even when he makes his way home to his wife, Catherine King, because their home ebbs and flows with […]

  • News

    The hottest pepper in the world? Beware the ‘Dragon’s Breath’

    by CBS News on May 28, 18:58

    Farmers in Wales may have the world’s hottest chili pepper on their hands, according to British media reports. Mike Smith reportedly grew a chili pepper that smashes all previous heat records — all by accident. Smith said he never intended to breed a particularly spicy pepper and he doesn’t even like foods with heat, The […]

  • U.S. Politics

    On first day back, Trump lashes out at ‘fake news media’

    by CBS News on May 28, 14:44

    WASHINGTON — Hours after returning from his first trip abroad as president, President Trump tweeted Sunday morning about “fake news media” and White House leaks. “It is my opinion that many of the leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media,” Mr. Trump said in a series […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Report: Kushner proposed secret communications with Russia

    by CBS News on May 26, 20:16

    President Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kushner, proposed to the Russian envoy that a secret communications channel could be set up between the transition team and the Kremlin, the Washington Post reported Friday. This would involve using Russian diplomatic facilities to prevent the monitoring of conversations between top Trump officials and Russia, according to […]

  • News

    Senator releases report on Wounded Warrior Project spending

    by CBS News on May 26, 15:09

    WASHINGTON — Last year, CBS News met Erick Millette, one of dozens of former employees who shared concerns about Wounded Warrior Project’s spending and programs for veterans. “You’re using our injuries, our darkest days, our hardships, to make money. So you can have these big parties,” Millette said in January last year. Sen. Chuck Grassley […]

  • Sci/Tech

    This social media site ranked worst for mental health

    by CBS News on May 23, 12:25

    Instagram is the most detrimental social media platform to young people’s mental health, according to new research out of the U.K. Researchers from the Royal Society for Public Health in conjunction with the Young Health Movement published the report entitled #StatusOfMind, which looks at the positive and negative effects of social media on young people’s health […]

  • US/World

    North Korea fires medium-range missile in latest test

    by CBS News on May 22, 15:57

    SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Sunday fired a medium-range missile, U.S. and South Korean officials said, in the latest ballistics test for a country speeding up its development of nuclear weapons and missiles. One U.S. official said it appeared to be a successful test of the land-based version of North Korea’s sub-launched missile, […]

  • News

    Officials criticize family for ‘reckless behavior’ after sea lion grabs girl

    by CBS News on May 22, 15:39

    Officials have criticized the family of a young girl after a viral video showed a sea lion pulling her into the water from a dock in Richmond, British Columbia. Robert Kiesman, chair of the Steveston Harbour Authority, told Canada’s CBC News that there are several signs warning tourists not to feed wild sea mammals. “You […]

  • Health

    New fruit juice guidelines include big change for babies

    by CBS News on May 22, 11:15

    Kids love their juice, but new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advise parents to pull back on fruit juices of all kinds for children of all ages. It’s the first update to the group’s guidelines on fruit juice for kids in 16 years. One of the biggest changes is the recommendation that […]

  • U.S. Politics

    Core Trump supporters dig in while others grow nervous

    by CBS News on May 21, 12:41

    The ranks of President Trump’s strongest backers are a bit smaller today than when we last checked in with the Nation Tracker, as the weight of the FBI investigation appears to be taking a toll, and Americans’ optimism and confidence in his presidency have slipped. Meanwhile, the ranks of his most ardent detractors have grown, […]

  • US/World

    Trump signs $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia

    by CBS News on May 21, 12:33

    President Trump signed a multi-billion-dollar arms and economic deal with Saudi Arabia Saturday in a move intended to strengthen the U.S.-Saudi Arabian alliance against ISIS on the president’s first foreign trip. The agreement is worth $110 billion effective immediately and $350 billion over 10 years, in an effort to equip Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf […]

  • News

    Passenger detained after causing disturbance on flight

    by CBS News on May 20, 14:46

    A passenger was detained in Honolulu Friday after a disturbance during a flight from Los Angeles, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed in a statement. American Airlines confirmed in a statement that law enforcement officers board American Airlines Flight 31 due to a “passenger disturbance.” The flight landed safely at 11:35 a.m., American Airlines said. […]

  • US/World

    Tillerson hints at possible talks with Iran

    by CBS News on May 20, 10:28

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he’s never shut off the phone to Iran — or to any country that wants a “productive conversation” — in a joint press conference Saturday in Riyadh with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir. Tillerson made the comments moments after President Trump signed a $110 billion arms […]

  • Health

    In a first, moms in their 30s are having more babies than younger women

    by CBS News on May 18, 7:32

    For the first time, women in their early 30s are having more babies than younger moms in the United States. Health experts say the shift is due to more women waiting longer to have children and the ongoing drop in the teen birth rate. For more than three decades, women in their late 20s had […]

  • News

    Life expectancy with HIV nears normal with treatment

    by CBS News on May 13, 16:14

    Young adults with HIV who get treatment are living longer in North America and Europe, a new study finds. In fact, a 20-year-old with HIV who began antiretroviral treatment in 2008 or later and had a low viral load after a year of treatment has a life expectancy that’s close to that of the general […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Nations grapple with massive cyberattack as more threats loom

    by CBS News on May 13, 14:50

    LONDON — Teams of technicians worked around the clock Saturday to restore Britain’s crippled hospital network and secure the computers that run factories, banks, government agencies and transport systems in other nations after a global cyberattack. The worldwide cyberextortion attack is so unprecedented that Microsoft quickly changed its policy, announcing security fixes available for free […]

  • US/World

    North Korea fires unidentified projectile, South Korea says

    by CBS News on May 13, 13:54

    The South Korean military says North Korea launched an unidentified projectile early Sunday morning, according to Reuters. The news agency says the unidentified projectile was fired from North Korea’s west coast, citing a South Korean military official. The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that the object appeared to be a ballistic missile but the […]

  • Lifestyle

    The new Mother’s Day must-have gift: an experience

    by CBS News on May 13, 12:01

    America’s biggest generation is giving Mother’s Day a makeover. The traditional gift may have been a bouquet and fancy brunch, but millennial moms are the most likely age group to say they want a “gift of experience” to celebrate the holiday, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation. Spending on Mother’s Day is […]

  • Lifestyle

    This couple just got married on Mt. Everest and the photos are unbelievable

    by CBS News on May 12, 21:25

    Every couple feels on top of the world on their wedding day. But one California couple just made that metaphor a reality… by literally exchanging vows on top of the world. Ashley Schmieder and her husband James trekked for three weeks, threw on a wedding gown and tux, then got married at base camp on […]