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  • US/World

    Obama: U.S. and Cuba will resume diplomatic relations, open embassies

    by CBS News on Jul 01, 16:41

    President Obama announced Wednesday that the U.S. and Cuba have reached an agreement to open embassies in Havana and Washington, marking a major step in ending hostilities between the longtime foes. “Today I can announce that the United States has agreed to formally re-establish diplomatic relations with the republic of Cuba and reopen embassies in our respective countries,” the […]

  • US/World

    U.S., Cuba to announce embassy openings Wednesday

    by CBS News on Jun 30, 22:05

    President Barack Obama will announce Wednesday that the U.S. and Cuba have reached an agreement to open embassies in Havana and Washington, a senior administration official said. The announcement marks a major step in ending hostilities between the longtime foes. “We will formally announce tomorrow that the United States and Cuba have reached an agreement to re-establish formal diplomatic […]

  • US/World

    Panic, frustration as Greece nears debt default

    by CBS News on Jun 29, 17:38

    The world financial markets took a major hit Monday from the debt crisis in Greece. The Dow lost 350 points. The S&P was down more than two percent, as was the NASDAQ. Greece can’t pay creditors and will likely go into default tomorrow. Greeks will vote this weekend on whether to accept strict austerity in exchange for a bailout […]

  • US/World

    Obama clears the way for hostages’ families to pay ransom

    by CBS News on Jun 24, 16:12

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is clearing the way for families of U.S. hostages to pay ransom to terror groups without fear of prosecution, as the White House seeks to address criticism from those whose loved ones have been killed in captivity. The hostage policy review to be released Wednesday will also state that the U.S. […]

  • Health

    Deadly trend among backseat passengers

    by CBS News on Jun 24, 12:42

    New concerns over backseat auto safety surfaced in May, when Nobel Prize winner John Nash and his wife died in a taxi crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. They were both riding in the back and neither wore a seat belt. Experts are calling examples like that a deadly and mind-boggling mistake, reports CBS News […]

  • US/World

    How skinny jeans landed a fashion victim in the hospital

    by CBS News on Jun 23, 21:21

    Jeans that feel vacuum-sealed can suck the life out of the body. A woman in Australia was brought to the hospital unable to walk and with severe swelling in both lower legs, after squatting in skinny jeans for much of the day. This is the first instance of skinny jeans causing damage to the lower […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Scientists grow new limb in a lab

    by CBS News on Jun 05, 17:57

    A rat in Boston received what scientists are calling the first lab-engineered replacement limb. The “bio-artificial” rat forelimb is the result of a research experiment published online in the journal Biomaterials. Starting with the framework of a donor limb, scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital then brought to life using the recipient’s own cells. The newly regenerated […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Nepal earthquake left Mount Everest slightly shorter

    by CBS News on Apr 30, 16:58

    The first good view of the aftermath of Nepal’s deadly earthquake from a satellite reveals that a broad swath of ground near Kathmandu lifted vertically, by about 3 feet (1 meter), which could explain why damage in the city was so severe. The data also indicate the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, got […]

  • US/World

    20 years later, wounds remain from Oklahoma City bombing

    by CBS News on Apr 17, 18:20

    Timothy McVeigh was executed for bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City 20 years ago this weekend. 168 people, including 19 children, were killed. It was the deadliest act of homegrown terror in U.S. history. Nearly 700 were hurt. Some suffered the kinds of wounds that never heal. The scenes from April […]

  • US/World

    ‘Royal treasure’ lost in shipwreck 2 centuries ago returned to Hawaii

    by CBS News on Apr 09, 19:59

    A museum in Hawaii is preparing to open a treasure-trove of artifacts from the shipwreck of a royal yacht sunk off the coast of Kauai 191 years ago. Richard Rogers, a Hawaii shipwreck chaser, worked with scientists from the Smithsonian Institution to dredge up the findings from the ship owned by King Kamehameha II, aka […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Pedophiles finding a safe haven on the ‘dark net’

    by CBS News on Apr 09, 17:10

    Sweetie looks and sounds like a young girl from the Philippines. “My name is Sweetie,” she says. “I’m 10 years old.” There are thought to be hundreds of children like her in Southeast Asia, working in front of live Internet webcams, paid to perform sex acts for pedophiles. But Sweetie isn’t real. She’s a digital […]

  • US/World

    Archaeologists fighting to save what ISIS destroys

    by CBS News on Apr 01, 17:39

      GAZIANTEP, Turkey – Among the tragedies of the conflict between the two branches of Islam is the destruction of irreplaceable art in Syria, a nation that was once one of the world’s great museums of antiquity. A seventh-century mosque is blasted by a shell. The ancient city of Apamea, dating back some 2,300 years, is […]

  • Health

    “Very high levels of arsenic” in top-selling wines

    by CBS News on Mar 19, 9:11

    Following recent warnings about the amount of arsenic in apple juice and rice, a proposed class action lawsuit is being filed Thursday in California that claims some of the country’s top selling wines have high levels of the element: up to four and five times the maximum amount the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows for […]

  • US/World

    Deadly rampage at Tunisia museum

    by CBS News on Mar 18, 9:14

    Last Updated Mar 18, 2015 12:10 PM EDT Tunisian officials said two gunmen stormed a famed museum near the country’s parliament in Tunis Wednesday, killing 17 foreign tourists, a police officer and a Tunisian civilian before being killed themselves in a police raid. Prime Minister Habib Essid said in a live televised news conference that […]

  • US/World

    Obama: New protections coming for college borrowers

    by CBS News on Mar 10, 15:20

    The 40 million Americans who have borrowed for college, including those who are struggling with their loans, could soon find it far less frustrating to repay their student debt. In a memorandum signed today, President Barack Obama instructed the U.S. Department of Education and other government agencies to work together to create a considerably more […]

  • Sci/Tech

    Would you buy a cellular plan from Google?

    by CBS News on Mar 02, 13:55

    Google will soon be offering cellular network plans in a bid to bridge the gap between the realms of Internet services and mobile device software it dominates. Vice President Sundar Pichai says Google, the leading Internet search engine and mobile software provider, is working with unnamed network operators on developing a cellular plan. “You will […]

  • US/World

    Venus, Mars, moon set to dance in night sky this weekend

    by CBS News on Feb 20, 22:20

    Mars, Venus and the moon will meet up in a particularly beautiful cosmic display starting Friday. If you’ve been watching the evening twilight sky over the past few weeks, you will have seen the brilliant planet Venus gradually moving away from the sun, setting slightly later every evening. At the same time, the planet Mars has been gradually moving […]

  • US/World

    West Coast port slowdown could cost U.S. economy billions

    by CBS News on Feb 12, 16:19

    Along the West Coast some of the world’s busiest seaports are virtually shut down. Shipping companies locked out union dockworkers from Seattle to San Diego today. The container ships anchored off Long Beach have been waiting for days to unload, caught in a labor dispute that has left the Coast Guard to manage a floating traffic jam. […]

  • US/World

    Congress approves Keystone XL bill Obama plans to veto

    by CBS News on Feb 11, 16:54

    The Republican-controlled Congress approved a bill Wednesday to construct the Keystone XL oil pipeline, setting up a confrontation with President Obama, who has threatened to veto the measure. The House voted 270-152 to send the bill to the president, endorsing changes made by the Senate that stated climate change was real and not a hoax, and oil sands […]

  • US/World

    20,000 foreign fighters flock to Syria, Iraq to join terrorists

    by CBS News on Feb 10, 17:07

    Foreign fighters are streaming into Syria and Iraq in unprecedented numbers to join the Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or other extremist groups, including at least 3,400 from Western nations among 20,000 from around the world, U.S. intelligence officials say in an updated estimate of a top terrorism concern. Intelligence agencies now believe […]