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Carlos Faura

Being able to forecast the Last Frontier’s dynamic weather at the new KTVA with its state of the art weather technology and newsroom and our seasoned team, and it’s a dream come true.

Stories by Carlos Faura

  • Weather News

    Hail? Think again

    by Carlos Faura on Apr 01, 22:46

    All at one time we had clouds, sun, rain, snow and … HAIL? I suspect that wasn’t hail but probably something called graupel. It is closely related to hail but forms differently. Hail forms as rain falls from a thunderstorm, gets pushed back up high into the cloud by an updraft and freezing temperatures, freezes, then […]

  • Weather News

    High wind advisory in effect for Matanuska Valley

    by Carlos Faura on Feb 05, 19:52

    The Matanuska Valley has a high wind warning for winds 60 to 70 mph through Friday night. Squeezed between the high pressure ridge that has brought all the sunshine and an area of low pressure to the south of us, wind gusts have already increased to over 70 mph in the Palmer area. Wasilla has […]

  • Sci/Tech

    What’s in a snowflake?

    by Carlos Faura on Jan 21, 22:57

    Snow. We haven’t had much of it this season, only a tenth of an inch so far this month. Normally, January is the third-snowiest month of the year in Anchorage, with an average 11.3 inches of accumulation. December commonly leads the way with 16.7 inches of average snowfall. Snow expected soon It looks like we’ll […]

  • Get Out

    September 25 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Sep 25, 21:04

    ANCHORAGE Arctic char are spawning in some local lakes. Fish inputs with leeches. Late grayling fishing is good on Sand Lake and a few others. Streams are good for rainbow trout. MAT-SU Lake trout are pushing into shallow water. Parks Highway streams are lowering and are clear. Rainbow trout and grayling fishing is good. Use […]

  • Get Out

    September 18 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Sep 18, 21:18

      ANCHORAGE Lakes are getting colder — that’s better Trout in streams are OK Check regulations for closures MAT-SU Parks Highway streams good for rainbows Water is a bit high, tough wading Clarity is fine Stillwaters getting better KENAI PENINSULA Kenai River - water is up a bit Rainbow fishing is good Some silvers to be […]

  • Get Out

    September 11 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Sep 11, 23:27

    ANCHORAGE Lakes are cooling, OK at best Trout fishing OK in streams Silvers running, but not fresh (spawned out, turning color) Check the regulations MAT-SU Rainbows are really good Grayling goodSilver fishing really slow Fish the lower end of rivers Pike fishing slow Stillwaters: cool water is good Use leeches, buggers or spoon lures KENAI […]

  • Get Out

    September 4 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Sep 04, 21:33

    ANCHORAGE Local lakes are getting better Silvers are slowing down Trout fishing in streams is good Check regulations for closures MAT-SU Rainbow fishing is really good Dolly varden and grayling fishing is good in certain areas Silver fishing is slowing down Stillwaters getting better KENAI PENINSULA Kenai River silvers are still coming in Kenai River […]

  • Get Out

    August 28 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Aug 28, 20:06

    ANCHORAGE Lakes are fishing fair. Silver fishing in streams is decent. Trout fishing in streams is good. Make sure to check regulations for closures Ship Creek silvers are winding down. MAT-SU Streams are getting better for rainbow trout. Silver fishing is still decent. KENAI PENINSULA Kenai River silver fishing is good. Russian River trout are […]

  • Get Out

    August 21 Fishing Report

    by Carlos Faura on Aug 21, 19:56

      ANCHORAGE Lakes are good. Streams are fair for silvers and trout, but make sure to check regulations. Ship Creek clean-up and BBQ Sunday at 10 a.m. MAT-SU Streams are OK for rainbow trout. Silver fishing is past it’s prime but still decent. Silver fishing on the Yentna River and Fish Creek is still good. […]

  • Get Out

    August 14 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Aug 14, 20:53

    Anchorage Ship Creek and Bird Creek are good for silvers and pinks. Streams are good (check regulations). Lakes are good. Mat-Su Streams in good shape. Silvers, chums, pinks and rainbows good. Deshka, Susitna, other rivers and sloughs are good. Clear Creek good for silvers and trout. Kenai Peninsula Sockeyes still around. Silvers showing up. Trout and […]

  • Get Out

    August 7 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Aug 07, 20:33

    Anchorage Ship Creek is good for silvers Lakes are OK Streams good, but check the regs Mat-Su Streams very good for trout Silvers picking up Larson Creek closed for reds Kenai Peninsula Kenai River pinks are in, silvers are starting and trout is good Russian River still has a few reds; trout good Seward Salmon […]

  • Get Out

    July 31 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Jul 31, 20:53

    Anchorage Lakes OK for rainbow and char. Ship Creek great for silvers. Pink and chum salmon are in. Streams and creeks are good. Mat-Su Rivers clearing up after recent rain. Chums, pinks and silvers in all streams. Lakes are OK. Homer Lots of action for silvers and kings. Halibut very good. Large rockfish. Lingcod sporadic. […]

  • Get Out

    July 24 fishing report

    by Carlos Faura on Jul 24, 20:58

      Seward:  Driftwood Bay and Day Harbor have been a silver salmon hotspot recently. Also try Pony Cove.  Halibut fishing is good east toward Montague Island.  Lingcod fishing outside of Resurrection Bay is good.  Homer:  Halibut fishing success has been fair to good.  Anglers are reporting increased catches of coho salmon near Point Adams.  Anglers […]

  • Get Out

    May 29 Fishing Report

    by Carlos Faura on May 29, 21:08

    This week, Carlos and Tony hit Ship Creek to see if the kings have arrived. They found new public-access improvements at this unique location and talked to the ultimate local fishing expert at this downtown hotspot for big salmon. When is the best time to go hook one of these giants? What kind of lures […]