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Bonney Bowman

After spending the first 18 years of my life in Chicago, I thought I was well prepared for Alaska’s climate. Then on my first day in Anchorage, I saw a moose and realized I may have underestimated just how different the last frontier really is!

Stories by Bonney Bowman

  • Fisheries

    Will Fish and Game open Fish Creek to dipnetting this weekend?

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 26, 20:30

    Dipnetting is serious business for Alaskans looking to stock their freezers ahead of winter. With the season quickly winding down, many are wondering if Fish Creek in the Mat-Su will open to subsistence dipnetting. It’s been closed so far, because the Alaska Department of Fish and Game says not enough salmon have passed through their […]

  • Outdoors

    Attu: A birding paradise

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 22, 19:23

    No one lives on the Aleutian island of Attu, but every year people pay thousands of dollars to travel to the remote location for one reason — the birds. “You can see species here that you can’t find anywhere else in North America,” said Marianne Aplin, visitor service supervisor for the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife […]

  • Alaska News

    How the Battle of Attu changed the island forever

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 21, 22:31

    World War II had an impact on islands all along the Aleutians — from the bombing at Dutch Harbor, to the military activity on the islands of Umnak, Adak, Kiska and all the way out to Attu, the furthest island on the chain. But it’s on Attu were one of the deadliest battles in the […]

  • Military

    Sailors lost in WWII recognized at Anchorage memorial

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 21, 21:32

    Fourteen sailors who died in the Aleutian Islands during World War II  were remembered Thursday. The USS Worden sank in January 1943 off the shore of Amchitka Island. The ship hit a rock and broke apart. Most of the sailors survived, but 14 did not. Thursday afternoon, a new memorial at the Alaska Veterans Museum […]

  • Alaska News

    Toxic cleanup on Attu: More work to be done

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 20, 23:29

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers worked to clean up two sites on the remote Aleutian island of Attu this summer. One was a former World War II-era ball field turned toxic pit, and the other was a dumpsite with drums leaking tar and fuel into the ground. The ball field cleanup was successful, but […]

  • Aviation

    Two planes damaged on Chinitna Bay beach

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 20, 16:45

    A Chinitna Bay resident is concerned someone will get hurt if flightseeing tours continue landing on an unregulated airstrip. Richard Hojohn said two planes went end-up in the soft sand Tuesday afternoon. No one was hurt, but Hojohn said the pilots were “pushing the limits” of what’s safe. The airstrip is on the beach and normally […]

  • Alaska News

    On Attu, toxic cleanup decades in the making

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 19, 23:11

    Seventy years ago during the battle for the Pacific, the military occupied the remote Aleutian island of Attu. During its time there, the military dumped barrels of toxic tar and fuel, buried under asphalt and left to leak into the soil. This summer, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) used $10 million in Formerly […]

  • Military

    Longest flying F-22 pilot takes his last flight

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 08, 21:02

    The longest flying F-22 Raptor pilot in the world took his final flight on Friday and the 477th’s Cmdr. Col. David Piffarerio said it was a bittersweet way to end a job he always wanted to do. “I’ve always loved fighters. I grew up around them. My dad was in the Air Force,” said Pifferario. “I […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    12-year-old cold case gets new look from Texas search and rescue group

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 06, 19:41

    A 12-year-old cold case might be heating up, thanks to the help of a nonprofit search and rescue group. Texas Equusearch has agreed to look into the Damon Bonds case. Bonds was last seen on March 27, 2004. Police found his truck abandoned at Delong Lake Park  in Anchorage a few days later, his keys, […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Thousands turn out for Anchorage Fourth of July Parade

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 04, 20:31

    Communities around Alaska celebrated the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence Monday. In Anchorage, a parade took over the Delaney Park Strip downtown. Thousands turned out to cheer on the dozens of organizations taking part. Current and former military groups led the parade, including the Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized). The group collects and restores […]

  • Military

    JBER Fisher House expanding to meet the needs of military patients and families

    by Bonney Bowman on Jun 28, 19:59

    The Fisher House on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson offers veterans, service members and their families a free place to stay if they have to travel to Anchorage for medical treatment. The house opened four years ago, but need has been so high, the organization is now planning to expand. House manager Jenny Hall said they can […]

  • Military

    Top command change coming to JBER

    by Bonney Bowman on Jun 27, 21:33

    In just two weeks, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson will have a new commander. Col. Brian Bruckbauer’s two-year post is coming to an end. He called Alaska a “dream assignment” and said leaving will be bittersweet for him and his family. As the so-called “Mayor of JBER”, Bruckbauer said when he first arrived in Alaska, handling the […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    More than 1,000 sign petition after death of Anchorage dog

    by Bonney Bowman on Jun 14, 20:17

    The death of an Anchorage dog has spurred more than 1,000 people to sign a petition urging the Anchorage Police Department to do more in animal cruelty cases. Tina Coulston and her family had to leave town suddenly in early May due to a medical emergency. They left their home and dog, Spencer, in the […]

  • Military

    Recovery efforts to find servicemen lost 64 years ago continue on glacier

    by Bonney Bowman on Jun 13, 19:49

    Fifty miles east of Anchorage in a slow-moving bed of ice, the remains of 20 servicemen still wait to be found. They died more than 60 years ago when their plane crashed on Colony Glacier, an incident considered one of the worst plane crashes in Alaska’s military history. The C-124 Globemaster crashed in bad weather […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Assembly passes ordinance clarifying pet citations

    by Bonney Bowman on Jun 08, 20:45

    The Anchorage Assembly passed an ordinance Tuesday night clarifying the wording of Title 17, the municipal animal laws, making it easier for animal control officers to write tickets for pet owners. A Superior Court ruled the wording of the law was unclear, and required animal control officers to prove an owner was negligent in breaking […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Family of National Guardsman Nephi Soper prepares to say goodbye

    by Bonney Bowman on Jun 07, 20:30

    For more than three months, the family of Alaska National Guardsman Spc. Nephi Soper wondered what happened to him. He disappeared while hiking from the Prospect Heights trailhead to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in mid-February. Saturday, searchers found his body, bringing closure to his family. “Some days we do good. Some days we cry,” said Soper’s […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Downtown Anchorage summer concert series kicks off

    by Bonney Bowman on Jun 01, 19:26

    The downtown Anchorage summer concert series kicked off  Wednesday in downtown Anchorage. The Anchorage Downtown Partnership (ADP) hosts the weekly Music in the Park concert series at Peratrovich Park, Wednesdays at 12 p.m. The series features local and traveling bands. Besides the music, the Anchorage Downtown Partnership also works to keep the area clean and […]

  • Aviation

    Despite early spring, flightseeing companies still waiting to take off

    by Bonney Bowman on May 31, 18:53

    Many outdoor industries got a jump on business thanks to spring’s early arrival, but there’s one still waiting to get off the ground. Flightseeing companies get the majority of their business from tourists. Lake Hood has been open to float planes and their business for weeks, the sounds of the aircraft taking off and landing echoing […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Anchorage Park Strip ceremony honors Alaska’s fallen

    by Bonney Bowman on May 30, 17:12

    Memorial Day is a chance to honor those who gave their lives serving our country, from those who died in the war for our nation’s freedom to those ensuring that freedom exists for others around the globe. The Municipality of Anchorage hosted the annual remembrance ceremony Monday, honoring the service of those who made the ultimate […]

  • Military

    Safety Fair teaches outdoor safety to new military members

    by Bonney Bowman on May 26, 20:15

    Memorial Day weekend means it’s time to get outside and enjoy Alaska, but without the right skills and equipment exploring the backcountry can be risky — especially for people new to the state, like many soldiers and airmen stationed at JBER. Thursday, the base held the 4th annual Occupational and Recreational Safety Fair. The goal […]