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Bonney Bowman

After spending the first 18 years of my life in Chicago, I thought I was well prepared for Alaska’s climate. Then on my first day in Anchorage, I saw a moose and realized I may have underestimated just how different the last frontier really is!

Stories by Bonney Bowman

  • Health

    Families in Alaska concerned over proposed Medicaid reforms

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 29, 21:05

    One year ago, Gov. Sean Parnell announced Alaska would not accept billions in federal dollars to expand the state’s Medicaid system. Instead, he set up a committee to reform it and make it sustainable and easy to use for providers and recipients. In a meeting with the committee today, dozens of Medicaid recipients and service […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Group steps up effort to get Alaska Natives to the polls

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 28, 18:34

    Alaska has the largest voting-age Native population in the country. But historically, turnout among Alaska Natives has been low. A local group called Get Out the Native Vote is working to change that. It’s a nonpartisan, nonprofit group sponsored by the CEOs of Alaska Native corporations. Today, the group bussed a group of employees from the […]

  • Local

    Child advocates respond to Anchorage doctor charged with sexual abuse

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 27, 22:19

    Child advocates are encouraging parents to always keep lines of communication with their children open after an Anchorage doctor was charged with sexual abuse. Clifford Merchant, 67, faces 15 felony counts of sexual abuse for alleged inappropriate contact with three young girls. Newly released court documents outline the sexual abuse that occurred periodically from 2001 until […]

  • Local

    Complaints lead to towing ordinance update

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 24, 18:46

    Anchorage residents who are angry over inconsistent and often exorbitant towing fees may soon see some relief. The Anchorage Assembly discussed a proposed amendment to the municipal towing ordinance Friday. The amendment would cap the price of non-consensual tows, such as when cars are towed from private lots, at $225. It also prevents towing companies from […]

  • Local

    Assembly debates software program audit

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 24, 18:06

    Anchorage Assembly members met Friday to discuss how to best move forward with the municipality’s troubled software overhaul. Members debated conducting an independent audit of the SAP program, which is designed to automate many aspects of government, including payroll. But the program is three years overdue and more than $20 million over budget. Assembly members […]

  • Local

    Troubled muni project receives more funding, audit

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 23, 13:32

    More than $30 million and two years overdue, the Anchorage Assembly voted to continue funding the SAP project. SAP is software designed to automate city government, like calculating payroll. Funding for the SAP project, however, is not a blank check. The Assembly approved increased funding by $3 million, along with an external audit to figure […]

  • Local

    JBER soldiers train in bomb disposal

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 22, 20:27

    Soldiers at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson conducted improvised explosive device (IED) training today, reminiscent of a scene from the movie “The Hurt Locker.” Members of the 716th Explosive Ordinance Disposal Company are keeping their skills sharp. In the exercise, the unit’s explosives robot has malfunctioned, so a soldier dons the blast suit and goes in to check out an IED. […]

  • State

    Parnell sheds new light on Alaska National Guard firings

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 21, 18:32

    The day after he fired three Alaska National Guard leaders, Alaska’s governor says more changes are coming. Gov. Sean Parnell says Guard members have expressed frustration over the timeline of the recent adjustments, that have all stemmed from a scathing report released in September. The report, conducted by the Office of Complex Investigations, showed that Guard […]

  • Local

    Search continues for Anchorage mother, missing for more than a week

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 20, 7:31

    Lisa Lake is sounding the call to action, asking volunteers to help bring 20-year-old Jael Hamblen home. Hamblen has been missing for more than a week after vanishing from her South Anchorage apartment last Saturday. Lake hopes pictures of Hamblen sparks someone’s memory. “Just trying to get the community out and get the word out […]

  • Local

    Battalion transfer at JBER brings new capabilities

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 17, 20:29

    Soldiers at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson said goodbye to one battalion and welcomed another. Today, the 425th Brigade Special Troops Battalion’s inactivation was followed by the activation of the 6th Brigade Engineer Battalion. The switch is part of the U.S. Army’s restructuring plan. The battalion will now be able to better support the infantry by bringing more […]

  • State

    Cordova residents voice concerns over Navy training in Gulf of Alaska

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 16, 22:12

    The U.S. Navy’s latest environmental impact statement has some Cordova residents worried. The Navy is planning to train in the Gulf of Alaska this summer, and people are concerned about what it will mean for fish and whales swimming those commercially vital waters. David Janka makes his living in the waters around the Gulf, taking tourists […]

  • Local

    Anchorage man celebrates 100th birthday with concert

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 14, 18:50

    An Anchorage man is ringing in a big birthday with the help of some local musicians. Marlowe Thomas is used to picking up his violin bow, setting the stage for a performance. But today, he’s in the audience, attending a special concert for a very special milestone. Thomas is celebrating his 100th birthday. “You know how […]

  • Local

    Changing times in Alaska: acceptance of marriage equality growing

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 13, 20:55

    It’s been 16 years since Alaskan voters approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. In that time, opinions about marriage equality have started to shift across the country and in Alaska. Sociology is the study of social behavior — examining the way society feels about issues and how those feelings […]

  • Local

    Iconic West High library torn down

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 10, 21:15

    It was the end of an era at West High School Friday afternoon. One of the oldest buildings in the Anchorage School District was torn down to make way for a new expansion. Former students and faculty watched as the high school’s iconic dome library started to come down. Among the spectators was Don Smith, who […]

  • State

    Local veterans group wants answers

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 09, 7:11

    A group of veterans wants to make sure those responsible for allowing rampant sexual assault and fraud in the Alaska National Guard are held accountable. Members of Veterans for Accountability say they want to know what Gov. Sean Parnell knew about the scandal and when he knew it. They say they’re not satisfied with the […]

  • Campaign 2014

    Police chiefs speak out against Ballot Measure 2

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 09, 6:39

    With the election less than a month away, Alaska’s police chiefs are banding together against Ballot Measure 2. Six chiefs of police from across the state stood together in Anchorage Wednesday. They’re sworn to serve and protect, but the members of the Alaska Association of Police Chiefs say they won’t be able to do their […]

  • State

    Parnell defends his actions; AK National Guard looks forward

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 02, 21:14

    Last month, Gov. Sean Parnell issued an apology in response to claims of sex abuse within the Alaska National Guard. At a press conference Thursday, he defended his actions. “I dealt with it every time I heard an allegation,” Parnell said in response to his actions regarding sexual assault claims within the Guard. Parnell says […]

  • Local

    Biometric testing helps troops with strength and speed

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 01, 21:53

    Physical fitness is a requirement for military members, but sometimes training can lead to sidelining injuries. Testing at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is helping soldiers and airmen stay healthy while reaching new fitness goals. Experienced runner Maj. Brian Mayer is participating in biometric testing. It starts with an intense run while wearing a mask measuring his breathing and […]

  • Local

    At JBER, tech-savvy soldiers train with live grenades

    by Bonney Bowman on Sep 30, 20:12

    Tuesday wasn’t a normal day in the office for a particular group of soldiers at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Normally, their work is done behind a desk, but today was a little more explosive for them. The 59th Signal Battalion’s afternoons don’t usually include hand grenades. “My normal Monday-to-Friday is usually dealing with customers, helping them […]

  • Local

    Alaskans celebrate National Coffee Day

    by Bonney Bowman on Sep 29, 18:32

    A cup of joe in the morning is a go-to for many people in Anchorage. Today is National Coffee Day. Every year, people around the world drink 400 billion cups of coffee. And in an area that boasts an abundance of coffee shops, stands and shacks, Anchorage is no different. As the owner of the Thanks […]