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Bonney Bowman

After spending the first 18 years of my life in Chicago, I thought I was well prepared for Alaska’s climate. Then on my first day in Anchorage, I saw a moose and realized I may have underestimated just how different the last frontier really is!

Stories by Bonney Bowman

  • Military

    Alaska National Guardsmen take part in presidential inauguration

    by Bonney Bowman on Jan 22, 11:30

    Forty-seven Alaska National Guardsmen took part in Friday’s presidential inauguration, representing our state on the national stage. Capt. Jason Walter, area security force protection officer with the 297th Regional Support Group, told KTVA it was a long day for the Guardsmen. They started at 1 a.m. and were on duty until after the parade. The […]

  • Inside the Gates

    Inside the Gates: Businesses off-limits to service members

    by Bonney Bowman on Jan 21, 11:43

    It may surprise you to learn, but there are some businesses in Anchorage where members of our military community are not allowed to go. The Armed Forces Disciplinary Review Board can make a business “off-limits,” making it a crime for a service member to go there. Col. Seth Deam, staff judge advocate for the 673rd […]

  • Military

    Inside the Gates: The importance of JBER’s sound system

    by Bonney Bowman on Jan 13, 20:29

    If you live near Joint Base Elmedorf-Richardson, you’ve likely heard the sounds of the military base in action; the guns firing, the planes taking off everyday like clockwork, and the base-wide sound system relaying everything from alert messages to the national anthem. The music and messages are broadcast all around the base by a network […]

  • Military

    Inside the Gates: A soldier serving on skis

    by Bonney Bowman on Jan 06, 21:34

    The National Guard has a biathlon team with a winning track record on the international stage. An Alaska National Guardsman is part of that team, serving his country on skis. Spc. Tadhg Nakada didn’t know biathlon was even an option when he signed up for the Guard until a commander saw him in action. “I […]

  • Outdoors

    Danger in Anchorage’s backyard: Forecasting avalanches in the Chugach State Park

    by Bonney Bowman on Jan 05, 19:27

    Sixteen people have died in avalanches at Chugach State Park since the 1970s. Three of those deaths happened on Alaska’s most climbed mountain, Flattop. Others have happened on well-used trails, like Powerline Pass and Little O’Malley Peak. Paul and Cindy Vanderweide were planning to climb Little O’Malley Thursday afternoon. They said they feel safe and […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Operating without a license: Legality of animal boarding facility unclear

    by Bonney Bowman on Jan 03, 19:27

    An animal boarding facility that lost its license back in October is still operating and Anchorage Animal Control Advisory Board member Kari Campbell says Anchorage Animal Care and Control (AACC) is breaking the law in the way it’s handling the case. AACC denied Coshok’s Canine Castle multi-animal license after an investigation revealed numerous violations of dogs […]

  • Military

    Inside the Gates: How military families cope with deployment

    by Bonney Bowman on Dec 30, 21:42

    Deployment is one of the biggest hardships military families face. At Anchorage’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, spouses missing their service members have support to help them through the separation. The Baker family has been away their airman for the last five months. Senior Airman Brian Baker is currently deployed in Afghanistan. It’s the first time he’s […]

  • Military

    Mission snow removal: How crews keep JBER runway free from snow, ice

    by Bonney Bowman on Dec 28, 19:23

    Snow removal on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) is serious business. The base has a fleet of more than 270 machines worth $55 million and a crew of 140 people to run them. Mike Nickles, the airfield clearing equipment operator supervisor, said it’s a lot of work. He’s in charge of keeping the 680-acre airfield clear […]

  • Military

    Despite Trump tweet, Alaska leaders ‘confident’ F-35s will come to Eielson

    by Bonney Bowman on Dec 13, 18:17

    Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly says he’s confident the F-35 program will take off in Alaska, despite recent criticism from the future president. President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday to sound off about the cost of the fighter planes. He tweeted, “The F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Tears, laughter and healing: Murdered teen remembered at Palmer vigil

    by Bonney Bowman on Dec 09, 22:23

    Hundreds of people braved single-digit temperatures to remember David Grunwald, the Palmer teen murdered almost one month ago. Family friends organized a candlelight vigil as a way to not just mourn the 16-year-old, but to take steps toward healing from the pain of his passing. “We just want to get back to the core of […]

  • Money

    Small business owners feeling the recession pinch

    by Bonney Bowman on Dec 06, 20:12

    If you’re budgeting less for Christmas presents this holiday season, you’re not alone. Local retailers say they’re feeling the effects of the recession. That’s no surprise to economic experts, like Bill Popp, who is president of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. He said consumers aren’t just worried about the drop in oil prices, but also […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Film festival kicks off with premier of last movie shot under tax incentive program

    by Bonney Bowman on Dec 03, 17:39

    The Anchorage International Film Festival kicked off Friday night, with the premier of a movie shot right here in our home state. “Sugar Mountain” was the last film made under the tax incentive program, which the state ended due to budget issues. “Sugar Mountain” was shot in Seward, and featured the town and its people. […]

  • Health

    Alaska observes World AIDS Day

    by Bonney Bowman on Dec 01, 20:31

    Thursday is World AIDS Day, a time to remember those lost and support those living with the disease and commit to preventing its spread. The Four A’s, Alaska’s AIDS support group, says it currently serves around 260 people in Alaska who live with HIV or AIDS. The group also works to educate people about prevention and the importance […]

  • Health

    Pro-choice groups challenge Alaska’s 40-year-old abortion laws

    by Bonney Bowman on Nov 30, 22:13

    Reproductive rights groups are suing the state because they think Alaska law unconstitutionally prevents women from having an abortion after the first trimester. It’s a challenge to rules that have been on the books for 40 years. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights laid out their challenge […]

  • Alaska News

    Alaska firefighters feel the heat battling Tennessee wildfires

    by Bonney Bowman on Nov 29, 19:23

    A group of Alaska firefighters is on its way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where a wildfire has killed three people. Zane Brown said he and his nine-man crew had been fighting fires near Knoxville, Tennessee. Monday night, he said his area saw 40 mph winds, which caused the fire to grow 1,600 acres. Brown described the […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Gift-wrap booth supports local teen center

    by Bonney Bowman on Nov 25, 19:12

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed wrapping all your holiday gifts, a group of gift-wrappers is here to help. Volunteers with the Parachutes Teen Club and Resource Center are raising money at their charity gift-wrap booth in the Mall at Sears. The group has held the booth for the past several years and for a donation, they’ll wrap your presents for […]

  • Crime

    Animal control investigates dog with mouth taped shut

    by Bonney Bowman on Nov 23, 19:35

    Anchorage Animal Care and Control (AACC) is trying to find the person responsible for taping a dog’s mouth shut. Someone found the dog running loose in South Anchorage Tuesday. They took a picture of the tape around the dog’s mouth and neck and down its back before taking it off. The animal has been reunited […]

  • University of Alaska

    New efforts to bring back crowds for GCI Great Alaska Shootout

    by Bonney Bowman on Nov 23, 18:42

    The GCI Great Alaska Shootout has been struggling to boost attendance for years, but this year, organizers say they’re trying some new things to bring in new fans. Much of the outreach effort is focused on bringing in younger fans, and University of Alaska Anchorage athletics director Keith Hackett thinks it’s working, based on the […]

  • Military

    Live fire: Winter weather brings new training opportunities to JBER

    by Bonney Bowman on Nov 22, 19:32

    Most of us wouldn’t want to work outside for hours in icy conditions, but for Alaska’s Arctic soldiers, it’s the perfect time to put their skills to the test. There are training activities they can only do during the winter. The 2-377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment held a live-fire exercise Tuesday. They’re the U.S. Army’s […]

  • Alaska News

    Coastal communities concerned about military training during salmon season

    by Bonney Bowman on Nov 10, 8:39

    Two years ago, communities along the Gulf of Alaska protested a military training exercise called Northern Edge 2015. Now, months ahead of Northern Edge 2017, the same communities are raising concerns once again. Northern Edge is a bi-annual exercise that brings the navy, army, air force and marines. Six-thousand personnel, 175 aircraft and two ships […]