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Bonney Bowman

After spending the first 18 years of my life in Chicago, I thought I was well prepared for Alaska’s climate. Then on my first day in Anchorage, I saw a moose and realized I may have underestimated just how different the last frontier really is!

Stories by Bonney Bowman

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Night-drop kennels: A warm, safe place for stray animals

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 22, 15:58

    With the season’s first blanket of snow on the ground and temperatures dropping, a night outside is tough for lost pets. Anchorage Animal Care and Control (AACC) provides a warm, safe place if you find an animal and can’t take it home for the night. On the backside of the facility, the night-drop kennels are […]

  • U.S. Politics

    ‘I am so done with it’: Voters feeling fatigued this election season

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 20, 18:43

    With the final presidential debate wrapped up and the presidential election only 18 days away, the candidates have a short time left to win over voters. But do voters want to be won over? Or are they just over this election? Election fatigue is when people start feeling exhausted by non-stop coverage. The Pew Research […]

  • Military

    ‘Vigilant Shield’ tests US, Canada military partnership

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 19, 19:50

    Roughly 700 military personnel from the U.S. and Canada are training together this week, preparing to defend our homes. Lt. Gen. Ken Wilsbach said the annual exercise, called Vigilant Shield, is all about procedure: detect an enemy plane, evaluate the threat and respond. Detection starts at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the radar […]

  • Outdoors

    New start for Arctic Valley: Groomed slopes all season long

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 14, 19:41

    A new piece of equipment at the Arctic Valley Ski Area is promising smooth slopes all season long. In the past, conditions haven’t always been that great for skiers, but the facility’s manager says the installation of a new groomer will change that. John Robinson-Wilson says the groomer came from a resort in Park City, […]

  • Military

    9th Army Band brings military music to Anchorage

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 13, 20:54

    If you’ve been to a military ceremony in Alaska, chances are you’ve heard them play. The 9th Army Band will soon be making music all around Anchorage. Recently, the band moved from Fort Wainwright down to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, or JBER. The band was facing cuts when the army downsized last year, but it’s the […]

  • Military

    US Army Alaska 10-Miler team members set records

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 12, 18:49

    Alaska’s soldiers are proved they’re among the best of the best after tackling the U.S. Army 10-Miler run in Washington, D.C. over the weekend. The 14 members of the US Army Alaska team raced with 35,000 other runners through the streets of our nation’s capitol on Sunday. Spc. Chelsea Scheuerman was among them. She was […]

  • Military

    After 3 months, new ‘Mayor of JBER’ is more comfortable in the job

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 06, 21:03

    He’s in charge of more than 10,000 lives and 80,000 acres. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) Cmdr. Col. George Dietrich, the so-called “Mayor of JBER,” has been on the job for three months. He says a challenging first month, which included Arctic Thunder and a base-wide readiness inspection, made him more comfortable in the role. “Month […]

  • Alaska Politics

    Alaska voter registration deadline fast approaching amid efforts to simplify process

    by Bonney Bowman on Oct 05, 19:44

    Time is running out to register to vote in the November general election. In Alaska, voters must be registered 30 days before Election Day. The deadline is Sunday, Oct. 9. Ballots in November will include a measure that, if approved, would make it so Alaskans would be registered to vote when they apply for their Alaska […]

  • Crime

    Anchorage doctor who sexually assaulted young girls sentenced

    by Bonney Bowman on Sep 16, 15:12

    A former doctor who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing four young girls and possessing child pornography will spend at least 23 years in prison for his crimes. Alaska Superior Court Judge Jack Smith sentenced 69-year-old Clifford Merchant in Anchorage Friday. Smith gave Merchant 51 years in prison with eight suspended. Smith also specified Merchant must […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Pro-commercial pot campaign signs vandalized

    by Bonney Bowman on Sep 15, 21:04

    Less than three weeks before the election, the debate over a marijuana initiative in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough is getting contentious. Members of a Proposition B1 campaign say someone is vandalizing their signs. Green Jar CEO Caleb Saunders said the signs had only been up for a couple days, but someone spray-painted a sign along the Glenn […]

  • Anchorage/Mat-Su

    Thanks to you: Car fire victim back on the road

    by Bonney Bowman on Sep 09, 21:05

    Things have turned around for Peter Schutt. He’s the man whose car caught fire the same day he bought it. It was also the same day he arrived in Alaska. “My first experience with Alaskans was terrible, but my adventure started out with a bang,” Schutt laughed. He may be laughing today, but two weeks […]

  • Alaska News

    Numerous complaints against animal rescue spur calls for change

    by Bonney Bowman on Sep 07, 19:27

    Earlier this month, national organization Sanctuary Watch captured some disturbing video inside an Anchorage dog boarding facility. It showed crates of dogs, stacked up, many without water, some dogs in cages that were too small. Some of the dogs were standing in their own filth while others showed signs of injury. Sanctuary Watched filmed the […]

  • Problem Solvers

    Great Alaska adventure: Man doesn’t let car fire slow him down

    by Bonney Bowman on Sep 02, 20:13

    When life gets tough a good attitude can help you through it. One man, new to Alaska, is having a really tough time – but it’s not getting him down. Peter Schutt bought a car off Craigslist the same day he arrived in Alaska, which was Aug. 27. He only drove it a short distance […]

  • Sci/Tech

    UAF opens HAARP to the public

    by Bonney Bowman on Aug 25, 21:03

    A site long rumored to have the power to control the weather and even people’s minds is opening its doors to show the public what really happens. The University of Alaska Fairbanks recently took over the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, from the Air Force. The university decided to open the facility […]

  • Education

    Anchorage teachers go back to school

    by Bonney Bowman on Aug 17, 18:48

    Anchorage teachers are back in the classroom — Wednesday was officially their first day of school. They’re getting their classrooms set up ahead of students’ return next week. Some of the teachers at Kasuun Elementary School came back as early as Saturday to get everything ready. They have to unpack and hang decorations, get desks […]

  • Military

    AKNG works to implement new code with stronger ‘teeth’ in disciplinary action

    by Bonney Bowman on Aug 17, 17:36

    Alaska National Guard leaders are working to implement new disciplinary rules in the ranks. Gov. Bill Walker signed the new Alaska Code of Military Justice (ACMJ) into law earlier this month, giving Guard leaders a new tool in dealing with rule breakers. Col. Lee Knowles said before, he could only take administrative action but now […]

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Cyrano’s cleans out 35 years of theater history

    by Bonney Bowman on Aug 16, 19:39

    It takes a lot of stuff to put on a play — from actors and scripts to costumes and props — and in 35 years of shows, Cyrano’s Theatre Company has collected a lot of that stuff. Now staff and volunteers are going through it all, deciding what to keep and finding some hidden gems […]

  • Military

    Army vs. army: Alaska soldiers train for next war

    by Bonney Bowman on Aug 02, 20:32

    A large military exercise at Donnelly Training Area, just outside Delta Junction, is preparing Alaska’s soldiers for their next war. Roughly 5,000 personnel are taking part in Arctic Anvil, which focuses on army versus army fighting, rather than army versus insurgents. That’s who U.S. soldiers have been fighting for the past 15 years, but as the conflicts […]

  • Military

    Large exercise tests Alaska soldiers with real-life scenario

    by Bonney Bowman on Aug 01, 21:17

    The largest training exercise in Alaska in 15 years is happening at the Donnelly Training Area, just outside Delta Junction. Five thousand soldiers and support personnel are participating in a war exercise that’s as realistic as possible. The Alaska soldiers are playing the “good guys.” Among them is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Platoon from […]

  • Military

    Alaska National Guard Day celebration on JBER

    by Bonney Bowman on Jul 28, 21:26

    National Guard members and their families celebrated on base Thursday. Alaska National Guard Day is officially July 30. The legislature passed an act a few years ago declaring the day as a way to show their appreciation. Thursday’s event included food and fun for families, as well as National Guard displays. Organizers say it’s a […]